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Please note that all the submitted posts are moderated and it may take 3-5 business days for it to appear on the site. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This overview of the many features and uses of COMbricks illustrates how you can unleash the power of its flexible modular backplane to address your existing networking issues or create new innovative network topologies and applications.
Every COMbricks system has exactly one Head Station, which is the red module you see on left of every system.
Snap modules together to build a COMbricks system for one or more of these applications and run them simultaneously! COMbricks takes many of the powerful features of ProfiTrace and allows you to access them remotely using a web-browser from anywhere in the world.
In addition, COMbricks repeaters can be assigned to one of four networks through simple dip-switches on the face of the unit.
The advanced bus redundancy of the repeater modules can also allow you to build redundant backbone networks. COMbricks’ new PROFIUBS PA Coupler module represents the first major advance in this type of device in nearly 20 years. COMbricks provides free CommDTM software for use with FDT 1.2 based asset management tool like FieldCare and PACTware.
COMbricks’ CommDTM internal masters auto-detect the baud rates of the networks, so no configuration is necessary.
Overall, the COMbricks product family provides an innovative system for PROFIBUS DP, PA and PROFINET communications. For more information and to see some of the COMbricks interface we have put together the video demonstration below. Jakes provides knowledge on how to align your actions with your instincts, and we are all created with a purpose, role, and set of gifts to contribute to the world. Along with being pastor, Jakes is an entrepreneur who has built a multimedia empire from film productions to publishing.
Jakes’ life experiences and connections with world leaders, corporate executives, prisoners on death row, and visits to homeless shelters shape his actions and instincts. The book builds upon these experiences, and connects readers to their purpose and destiny within. Visit Instinctthebook to help find out who you are and better discover how you best effect change.
When asked how one knows their passion is God’s plan, in the face of constant hurdles that delay the process, Jakes shares “there are constant hurdles in everything and if you allow the hurdles to intimidate you, you will never discover who you were meant to be.

Many of the most successful people are in their positions, because they did not allow obstacles to deter them. Jakes explains how people are not in an environment that is reflective of the gifts that they have and the instincts that they have been given.
3.  Turn your printer over and locate the small dip switch panel on the underside of the printer.
The Head Station is the control unit of the system and has the connections for power supplies, Ethernet connectivity, and USB.
This version of ProfiTrace, called ProfiTrace OE (over-Ethernet) is optionally available and runs from the Head Station. Since all segments are electrically isolated, each segment needs its own oscilloscope to check the signals on that segment.
This could be used to trip a light tower, start a back-up system, sound audible alarms, etc. By using more segments, common cabling and electro-magnetic field (EMF) interference problems are isolated and their impact minimized. Again, the power of the backplane gives COMbricks a leg up on other solutions by giving you up to 10 parallel network cables! Fortunately, COMbricks comes to the rescue again and gives network designers a unique and flexible platform for fiber optic deployment. It works by providing an Ethernet pass through to access PROFIBUS devices that are connected to the COMbricks repeater modules.
This product family is not standing still as many new features and modules are planned for 2013 and beyond.
He had a purpose for us from the very beginning, even for people who are not necessarily converted”, says Jakes. This site contains quizzes, personality evaluations and assessments and you may also preview the book.
If your printer has been set for a static IP, TouchBistro needs your printers configured for DHCP. The panel sometimes is screwed on very tightly by the factory and can take some effort to unscrew.
Set the dip switches back to their original position (that is the opposite of what they are currently). Moreover, these functions can be combined and run simultaneously from a single COMbricks system!

This gives you the power of monitoring up to 4 PROFIBUS networks through a single COMbricks Head Station. This is accomplished through the use of SCOPE modules, which can act as repeaters when used in combination with other modules.
If more relays or Digital outputs are needed, there are COMbricks modules for that as well – just snap in a module and they are available for use with event triggers. COMbricks’ powerful backplane allows for up to 10 hot swap repeater modules with 1 or 2 channels to be inserted (up to 20 galvanic isolated transparent segments). The module provides power to the attached PA devices and forwards telegrams from the backplane.
It is very important you have the right sized screw driver to prevent damaging the screw head when applying effort. COMbricks is the only product in the world gives you the ability to check the telegrams for interference and reflections using a web browser from anywhere in the world. Problems such as low bus voltage, retries, syncs, master lost, diagnostic messages etc can be used with event triggers. Every channel can handle 31 devices and maximum 1200 m cable length (depends on the baudrate). You can also mix fiber modules with Copper modules to drop off to segments with DP or PA devices. Jakes makes the point that we study everything from Socrates to hip-hop to gain a better understanding of our lives but we rarely take the opportunity to study ourselves. Now you cannot only monitor your installation remotely, but you can do some troubleshooting as well, and direct technicians at the plant in locating problems. All other COMbricks functions, including ProfiTrace and other features continue to work simultaneously with the CommDTM.
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