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The last four weeks I’ve had the productive and unproductive pleasure of sipping my way through some of my favourite caffeine corners. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
For me the most pertinent discussion focused on the idea of setting up routines that fit your lifestyle and your work style. With that said, this week I have been following a new routine that (three days in, mind you) seems to be working well. That routine usually takes me from about 7 in the morning to 10 or 11, at which point I take my first significant break of the day to get outside, maybe go for a run, take a shower and have lunch.
Many other topics peaked my interest in this show – like time-traveling tweets, a discussion on ‘Start Here’ pages and site layout, and even an afternoon nap vs.
As a health professional, I have an obvious interest in the relationship between lifestyle habits and their impact on health. As I am someone who likes to track and monitor everything, I decided to use some of the data I capture on myself to conduct a basic case study. Activity – I also used the FitBit to monitor my steps and activity throughout the day.
Productivity – Being an office based worker, productivity is traditionally difficult to measure. An inverse correlation between how many times I awoke during the night and my productivity. Not surprisingly there was also a link between the length of my work days and my productivity.
While this was only a short term case study with one subject, it did highlight the importance of health and lifestyle factors on your work productivity. It is also worth noting that I am of good general health and fitness, so the impacts on productivity would likely be more dramatic for people of poorer health. It was interesting that the number of times I woke up during the night had a greater impact on my productivity than the amount of sleep I had. Comments are turned off after 45 days, or if a particular entry is being targetted by spammers.

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Many days that means heading out to a coffee shop – the social interaction and ambient noise (not to mention the caffeine!) can be very energizing.
By starting my day with lots of writing and a complete sketchnote (before email, Facebook, Twitter, or anything else) I feel both a sense of accomplishment and usually a good amount of momentum to propel me through the rest of the day. This is critical in Connecticut which mandates that employers tell employees about certain electronic monitoring under most circumstances. Where other areas of of the law seemingly exist more on sheets of paper than in reality, employment law depends heavily on the interpersonal relationships between employers and employees. It is not intended to provide specific legal advice to your individual circumstances or legal questions.
I came across his recent post about the relationship between his sleep and productivity, and thought it was really great example of how to do a meaningful personal analytics experiment.
As I specialise in the delivery of workplace health programs, this interest extends to the link between lifestyle, health and work productivity. The goal was to see if there was any relationship between my sleep habits, activity throughout the day and work productivity.
However, this analysis focussed on my activity during work hours and did not include my morning run. However I have used RescueTime for quite some time to monitor what I am doing on my computer and rating my level of productivity. This means that the more interrupted my sleep was, the less productive I was during the day. This indicates that poor sleep impacted my whole day, not just the afternoon when the tiredness may have been exaggerated.
This indicates that you generally have good or bad days, as opposed to just an unproductive afternoon. However, I am probably not the best subject in this case as I have minimal variation in my daily activity levels.

However, this is to be expected given that the benefit of sleep is largely associated with those deeper sleep stages, and regular interruptions limit your ability to spend time in these stages, regardless of your sleep volume. It provided me with some individual benchmarks I want to achieve in order to maximise my productivity by focussing on good quality sleep. For me, coffee is always a good idea, and all the more so when this happiness in a cup is enjoyed amidst the hip, happening and visually pleasing cafe interiors that Melbourne does so well.
I can’t quite place my finger on why I have such a cafe obsession, but whatever it is, my need to photograph such places is only intensifying. In the past I have found routines that I enjoy, but within a week or two I tire of the current routine and feel the need to switch it up.
The rules governing these relationships are limitless, but it is my job as an employment lawyer to take complicated (and confusing) laws and break them into understandable concepts. While not completely accurate, it provides a good indication and as the same method was used for the period of my analysis it offered standardisation. The reason being is that my run is daily and I was more interested in the incidental activity I undertake during the day. I used the daily efficiency rating in RescueTime as well as looking at both morning and afternoon efficiency independently. This relationship was also true for the number of hours worked, so the more times I woke during the night, the less hours of work during the day.
Naturally, a photo leads to a cup sampled and I find myself wrapping my hands around the cup thinking, “I want this moment to never ever end”. Readers of this information should not act upon any information contained on this website without seeking professional counsel. All can be said to be apt descriptions of Daniel Schwartz, partner at Shipman & Goodwin LLP.

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