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You just have to allow yourself quiet, allow yourself time, allow yourself the right and listen, feel and look. It wasn’t until 1982 that physicists Alain Aspect, Jean Dalibard and Gerard Roger of the Institute of Optics at the University of Paris succeeded in verifying the twin particle test that had been outlined by Bell.

We have also found that, at the quantum level, all particles are also waves.  Thus, all of physical reality is essentially nothing but interference patterns. This is not to say that our physical existence is unreal.  However, it is helpful to understand it simply as a secondary reality. Physical reality does not interact with itself in some unknown fashion to cause consciousness to come into existence. Look with your eyes closed as the amazing images the universe can give you if only you give it the space it needs to speak to you. It allowed me and taught me how to develop a quality site.I hope that you find this site educational.

The most Important thing to remember is that,Conscious Mind or your Mind is Now, You are a part of it.

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