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This season ender doesn’t have the power of “The Wheel” but it does have the best scene so far when Pete confesses to Peggy that he loves her and she tells him it’s too late. It was utterly gripping and it was this scene (following on from her scene with Father Gill) that has convinced me that Elisabeth Moss is playing Peggy very well indeed. Father Gill: Hell is serious and very real and unless you unburden yourself you cannot know peace. Betty spends the whole episode telling everyone she doesn’t want the baby to no avail although the much missed Francine has more advice than most.
When Don comes to see Betty at the stables I was in two minds about whether I wanted her to say “it’s okay” or to say what she did say. Back the Sterling Cooper, Pete meets with Duck to confess that he’s lost the Clearasil account. That evening, Don sits in his hotel room watching President Kennedy’s first public speech about the Cuban Missile Crisis on TV (this dates this episode to around October 22, 1962).
A short time later, Don goes to see Roger, where he learns that Sterling Cooper has been sold. Harry spies a memo on his desk, which asks each department head for the breakdown of people in their departments.
Back at Sterling Cooper, Ken, Sal and Paul are huddled over a radio listening to the news (do these guys ever work?). Back at Sterling Cooper, the meeting is underway between the senior partners of Putnam, Powell and Lowe and Sterling Cooper. Bert asks who will run the new company, to which Saint John Powell says that, because he knows both companies, Duck Phillips will be the new president. Saint John turns the meeting over to Duck, who claims to have nothing prepared, but nevertheless launches into his vision of the future. Are we to assume that Duck will be forced to Sterling Cooper, because he lost his temper over Don’s lack of a contract? Is it any wonder I find it more difficult to like the Don Draper character as this series continues? As I recall, Roger and a good number of the staff was there when Don lost his temper with Rachel Menken. I was recently asked by a reporter from a national magazine basic good practices for beginning meditation.
Exploring different meditation and mindfulness techniques is recommended, Tich Nhat Hanh is a great resource. Breath-Watching is a simple mindfulness practice of counting your breaths from the number 1 to 10, then returning to one again.
Meditation is not easy, no matter how many pictures you see of monks smiling and perfect young women without pores who look like they’re experiencing cosmic bliss. Allow yourself a few minutes after your meditation practice to transition to the rest of your day.
It is not surprising how much research has developed actually proving the healing and healthy effects of meditation and mindfulness training.
Sue McGreevey of MGH writes: “Previous studies from Lazar’s group and others found structural differences between the brains of experienced meditation practitioners and individuals with no history of meditation, observing thickening of the cerebral cortex in areas associated with attention and emotional integration.
What can this research proving Meditation Literally Rebuilds The Brain do to support people dealing with challenges related to relationships, dating,  sex, fear, anxiety, physical injuries, stress, depression, painful memories, trauma, PTSD, education, additions, ect.? Father Gill is doing his job but I was so relieved that Peggy wasn’t falling for his fearmongering despite the imminent apocalypse.
As he walks through the office, it seems like everyone has a radio turned on to get information about the crisis.
Several of the girls talk about the rumors flying around – Russian troops in Key West, the feds closing the interstates. Peggy is obviously upset by the thought of nuclear war, and Father Gill picks just that moment to play hardball with her.
I’m not letting them change the channel, because watching the news makes me sick, and they can see it. Tellingly, Don, Roger and Bert are on one side of the table, while Duck, Saint John Powell and Alec Barton are on the other.
As an explanation, Roger says that they (Don, Roger and Bert) are close friends, and never thought that they needed a formal contract.
The kids are in bed, Betty is cleaning up, and a radio is once again describing the situation in Cuba. I’ve only seen documentaries and a few movies about it (like the Kevin Costner film Thirteen Days).

We saw what a sexual time bomb she was in season 1, and Don’s cheating just gave her the excuse she needed. I mean, he was going to be handed the presidency of the new Sterling Cooper… and he pissed it all away when he found out that he wouldn’t be able to fire Don! Thomas Merton was also beneficial in my early training. Insight Meditation Society does good work with beginning meditation training. For those of you that do not follow sports, Shaquile O’Neal was a basketball player who was fouled often and shot many free throws, more than any other player in history. I’ve trained individuals and groups in meditation since the early 90s and continue to do so today. People who are stressed or having trouble with relationships find meditation very helpful and effective in supporting their need to be well and balanced. This new Harvard study proving Meditation Literally Rebuilds The Brain feels like a breakthrough, but really to those of us doing this work for decades, it feels long overdue. They seem somewhat obvious; our sages from ancient and indigenous cultures have known this for thousands of years. But those investigations could not document that those differences were actually produced by meditation.”  Until now, that is. Don’t, don’t you understand that this could be the end of the world and you could go to Hell? Don’s letter was a marvel and the moment when Joan tells Don that Betty wants him to come home made my heart leap. He also says that he’s waiting on a call from North American Aviation about a possible new deal. He reminds Don that he simply disappeared, and that, as he can’t drive, he had a hell of a time getting to meetings. Francine decides that she’s had enough, and orders everyone to keep quiet in front of her daughter. Only the TV’s not working, and Harry breaks it completely after Sal has futzed with it. Don offers to take them to the movies or get Chinese food, but they opt instead for room service (and what kid wouldn’t?).
Don stands, and tells everyone that he sells products, not advertising, and that if there isn’t a nuclear war before then, they can talk on Monday. I spent around 50 minutes searching through dozens of websites to find out that yes, it did in fact rain in New York City on October 23, 1962.
Because Pete doesn’t have a receipt, the clerk only allows him to get a store credit.
He was like a godparent to me, and the ensuing legal disputes (after my father did everything biblically prescribed to avoid that route) destroyed our whole congregation and did me a good bit of harm for a year or so before we found a new church home where I could heal.
If you are looking for a local beginning meditation teacher, I encourage you to research how many years or decades they have practiced and taught beginning meditation.
For meditation to be successful, one needs to be alert and not dozing off during meditation sessions. In fact, if it comes easy to you in the beginning, chances are you’re not investing enough into your practice. Over the next few years my meditation practice kept increasing till I reached 45 to 60 minute sessions. One would assume since he was a trained, professional athlete and wanted to master his craft, Mr. I enjoy the opportunity to support people in their need for health and peace through beginning meditation and mindfulness practices. What’s inspiring is that the scientific community has stopped fighting against learning about how meditation literally rebuilds the brain! Aldrich apparently works out of his home, and when he leaves the room for a moment to go find a portable heater (so that Betty can undress for the examination), Birdie picks up her coat and purse… and leaves.
Duck also says that he will be president of the merged company, and that he wants Pete to have his old job.
Marie storms off, creating a moment of silence, which Betty uses to tell Francine than she’s pregnant.
And just like the average citizen during the Missile Crisis, the employees are getting only bits and pieces of information. Speaking of which, while Betty was off cheating, Don was busy writing Betts a letter while the kids watched Leave It To Beaver on the TV. Pete walks up, just as Harry tells the guys that they should all remain neutral during the merger.

In this episode of Mad Men, we see people huddling over radios, newspapers and TVs for bits and pieces of information. It’s obviously not romantic in any way, but I think that they see the world in a similar light.
Of course, people in medieval times drank gallons of beer a day and managed to reproduce, so maybe we’re just getting a bit too paranoid. Betty is a good person at heart, and I think she would have waited forever for Don to come around… until she found out about Bobbie Barrett. So Duck loses with Don no matter what… but then he threw his entire career away just because of that?
The fact that Don, a minor partner but a partner all the same, had no contract should have set off alarm bells somewhere in PPL. We could have a Mad Men channel, where wwe could tune in any time of the day… would that be awesome or what?
Because she has never admitted to the truth about the second pregnancy, I don’t know if this question came before or after. Morning is also helpful since it gives the opportunity to clear and focus our mind beginning our day. If you find your mind wandering along the way, just return to one and begin again with no judgment.
O’Neal would excel at free throw shooting, or at least be proficient based on the amount of practice and repetition. He says that Peggy knows him, and that he knows her, and that he thinks she’s perfect. At least Betty waited until she was already pregnant to cheat on Don, so at least we know whose baby it is.
Their home at the time would have been either Birmingham, Alabama (!), or possibly Chicago, depending on when in 1961 it happened. As a beginner, I suggest starting on a comfortable chair with a firm back that you can put your feet flat on the floor. Truthfully, there is no aspect of my life that meditation has not affected profoundly, my counseling practice is just one example.
She then gives him an envelope with several hundred dollars in it, to use to pay a taxi to drive him to Delaware if there is a nuclear war. She leads him into his office, where he spies a giant stack of mail, which Joan says is only half of what came in during his absence. Don says that he doesn’t have a contract (implying that he can get a job at any other agency). Only, in their case, it lasted two weeks and everyone thought a nuclear holocaust was going to happen. While I can imagine a small business owner in a bad neighborhood carrying a handgun, I can’t imagine anyone keeping a rifle in their office today!
Some people find beginning meditation practice at a meditation center like Providence Zen Center in Cumberland, RI helpful. After maybe six months or a year, expanding the practice to 30-45 minutes is great, but 10-15 minutes in the beginning is enough. This practice of not judging or criticizing ourselves for what and how we think we are doing translates well into our regular life. I certainly am more competent and skilled than when I started, but mediation practice is a practice and not a perfection, at least that is my experience, and it informs my teaching.
Don asks her to assemble his team as soon as possible, then call Roger in 30 minutes to tell him he’ll be at his office in 30 additional minutes. We learn to acknowledge thoughts and feelings that come-up, start again with whatever we are doing as an active mindfulness practice. As for Duck, Don brushes him off, saying that he might run into him in the men’s room.
She says that she could have had him, that she could have shamed him into being with her, but that she didn’t want to.
I know that meditation and mindfulness are often marketed as relaxation techniques, and they can be. I find meditation and mindfulness most helpful in reprogramming and training our mind to be present during the other 23 hours of our life!

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