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Sigmund Freud is definitively the greatest and one of the most famous psychologists of all time. According to Freudian psychoanalysts, the unconscious is the cornerstone of reality, it’s the true psychical reality, the innermost nature that is unknown to us, it is masked by the data of consciousness and the external world. Repression is to push away from conscious mind any instinct or pleasure related with erotic drive or with destruction.
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Disclaimer:This web site and its agents make no promises, guarantees, representations, or warranties, expressed or implied,and assume no duty or liability with regard to the information contained herein or associated in any way therewith. Your unconscious mind is far more powerful than your conscious mind, so when there is a conflict between the two, your unconscious mind wins. In my work as a dream interpreter and alchemist I have had the privilege of working deeply with countless people, uncovering their unconscious beliefs by examining their dreams and helping them transform these beliefs through alchemy exercises. Another way to read your unconscious mind is to notice a recurring situation or feeling in your waking life, and ask yourself specific questions about it.
I'm Jane Teresa Anderson, dream analyst, dream therapist, mentor, author, and frequent dream expert guest on radio and television.
By most accounts,  the unconscious mind carries 90-99% of our thinking activity or ability, with our conscious mind delivering the balance. At the Brisbane Festival, an extravaganza of the arts that takes hold of the city each year, I had the opportunity to tap into part of my own reservoir. The artist, sculptor, and structure designer, Vanessa Stanley, who created the exhibit called it a “breathing space”.
The experience reminded me of a story about George Prince, one of the early founders of Synecticsworld, and the small tent he had in his office back in the mid 1980’s. My fascination with this today is in continuing to discover ways of increasing one’s ability to tap into the unconscious and intuitive minds.
So how else can we better learn to tap into and converse with our unconscious mind – especially if we don’t have a teepee handy? Blind Dictation — The next time you have something thoughtful to write, try something a little different. The Brisbane teepee, George’s tent, Edison’s nap trick, Blind Dictation, and In & Out Listening are just a few attempts to better tap into the power of our unconscious minds.
Hundreds of books were written by him just to set up the foundations of dynamic unconscious processes, which he describes in length through his works.
The unconscious on Freud is a synonym of those events that we have forgotten, repressed from conscious memory recall, those events, feelings and or thoughts that are inhibited and suppressed.

It is a defense mechanism (the most important) of the ego to avoid internal conflict and pain, because the superego is always striving for moral aims, censuring what the Id wants.
In academic psychology you learn about social psychology, cognitive psychology, physiological psychology, and mental health conditions. We have the privilege of working with many best-selling authors, motivational speakers, life-coaches, and psychologists who are spending their knowledge, time, and resources to make the life of people, you for example, happier. No medical or other professional services are being rendered and nothing is intended to provide such services or advice of any kind.
Just how much can other people read behind the scenes of what you say and do, how you respond to life, who or what you spend time with or focus on, who or what you attract into your life, the state of your health, the things that trouble and frustrate you? When things don’t turn out the way you planned, your unconscious mind is the likely culprit. Then they close their eyes and vocalize what they see for a few minutes (no matter how random or strange the images may seem) and a partner or voice recorder takes notes. The unconscious cannot be brought to the forefront of consciousness voluntarily, it needs special paths because there are forces(defense mechanisms) that will not allow to reveal the unconscious because it is too painful and thus is rejected. He learned that through hypnosis that some of these repressed thoughts emerged to consciousness. He realized that interpretation of dreams through free association (he asked patients to say the first thing that come to their minds, even dumb or silly images) were a method to set free the traumas that are the essence of the unconscious. It is closely related with shame, moral and repulsiveness working as motors of the unconscious.
The Id is related with primitive basic needs and feelings and its governed by pleasure principle( irrational, the Id is all unconscious and is seeking constantly to satisfy our two primitive instincts: pleasure or destruction). This repressed sexual drive cannot be destroyed because it is expressed in the form of energy, thus it is transformed into neurotic symptoms(anxiety, depression, psychosomatic illnesses).
Psychology is the study of the brain and its functions and the science of the mind and human behavior. The inclusion of external hyperlinks does not constitute endorsement, recommendation, or approval of those sites or their contents. In this example, you may have noticed a recurring feeling in your life of being weighed down, drained of energy.
He was not the first to discover the mechanisms of the unconscious, but he surely developed new methods for its verification. He promptly learned that the past events or experiences are the cause of present conduct and that some traumatic events in our childhood, emerge in present life as different symptoms. This way, dreams are some sort of metaphor, a figurative representation or dramatization of the unconscious. Freud soon realized that the unconscious manifest itself not only through dreams but also through slips of the tongue or through neurotic symptoms (paralysis, obsessive behaviors, manias or nervous tics).

He states that sexual energy(libido) and tanatos(anhiliation and destruction of the self, for example through drugs or risky behaviors) are the real motivations of human behavior. Repression is necessary and normal at some degree in any individual, someone who doest have defense mechanisms will behave as a psychopath and will be a harm to society, however there are degrees of repression. However, most of our society are poorly educated about the applications of these studies in their daily life.
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He also learned that when patients where under hypnotic-type states they tend to enter in cathartic(liberation) states where they revived forgotten traumatic states that had a corrective emotional experience through involuntary discharge acts such as tears or movement of paralyzed limbs (cure of the symptoms). He explains that the individuals are driven from birth by the desired to acquire and enhance bodily pleasures. Freud defines the human nature as essentially sexual, thus, through child development repression arises and constricts this impulses into constructive ways such as education and work. Those who visit or use this web site, links, or any other information assume all risks associated therewith. When was the last time you made a big effort with something, or someone, along these lines? He may fear putting in all the effort it takes to move only to end up in a similar situation. Therefore, psychoanalysis became an art on transforming the unconscious into consciousness. The ego, is governed by reality principle(the need to postpone or inhibit pleasure principle).
Imagine climbing a tree nearby and looking ahead, seeing a wonderful future for the elephant just around the corner.
The ego is related with consciousness processes such as attention, memory, perception or will. Imagine taking a photograph of that place, and scrambling back down the tree to show the elephant. Finally the superego are all the moral, values and mandates that were thought to us since childhood as a norm to behave(the way we are supposed to behave, interiorized by most humans). All civilization arises from a compromise between the Id(pleasure and destruction wishes) and repression of the superego, creating a balanced Ego. Imagine the elephant making the effort to get up, and then finding his feet lightened by the knowledge of what he is walking towards.

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