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Depressioncanbefun is an initiative of Helen McNallen who has suffered from Clinical and Bipolar Depression and wants to help others and spread the word. I am interested in receiving the same kind of treatment as Helen because I have an lifelong addiction to shopping that I can’t control.
Legs dangling out the windowsill into the unforgiving cold of Beijing’s winter, I sat in a trance, wondering what happened to me. Anybody who knows me thinks of a funny, outspoken loud mouth who loves a good laugh a drink and a party.

Some personal lessons in dealing with depression, learnt over long years (see my story posted elsewhere). We all feel fed up sometimes but these feelings usually last for a couple of days or weeks at the most. Read extracts about Depression and Anxiety from Marisa Peer's new book, 'Ultimate Confidence' exclusively here. While the anxiety is under control along with the depression thanks to medication, Steraline.

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