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Today we will learn about tratak sadhana or tratak meditation which is a popular yoga technique.
These yogas, apart from spiritual advancements, also help in physical and mental development. The experts believe that eighty per cent of our energy is wasted in thoughts that is absolutely not necessary. If we channelize these thoughts by calming the mind and focusing in the right direction then we can be benefited immensely.
As you keep practicing this you will soon realise that ability to look at the point is only increasing.
In Tratak just concentration is not all you will also have to perform pranayam to get the desired results.
Tratak on a black dot should be the first exercise that a person should do while following fixed eye gazing meditation methods.
Select a place which seems to be serene and filled with positive vibrations to you, make sure that no one will be able to disturb you while doing this meditation. Make a black dot as shown in the top in a blank paper (do it with neatness) , make it according to your comfort but about 4-6cm diameter would be fine and hang it on the wall the way that it should be straight in front of your eyes.
Sit in padmasana(lotus position) or  sukhasana, if you are not comfortable in these postures you can also prefer to sit in a chair but padmasana is what we would suggest for best results. Before starting to focus on the black dot close your eyes and take a  few deep breaths and become aware of your body and thoughts.. Keep gazing the black dot and make sure that your attention is completely on that black dot, not only just gaze but concentrate! Your mind will wander here and there, do not bother a lot about it, just become aware that you are distracted and bring back your attention towards this black dot.
The shape and color is not changing in real but it is appearing like that, it is said that after mastering this technique a person can alter the shape and color using his own will! Thank you for reading,share your views and opinions with us by commenting in the box below. This entry was posted in Meditation and benefits and tagged bindu tratak kriya, concentration meditation, focus meditation on November 21, 2013 by HARI S NAIR. According to Ancient texts on Ayurveda the process of tratak is very helpful in various problems of eye, in removing the dullness and lethargic attitude.
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Earlier we have discussed introduction to Tratak Meditation, Bindu Tratak and , Mirror Tratak  . As we know Tratak Meditation is a very powerful meditation for increasing concentration and awareness whereas  it is also helpful for awakening of Kundalini force when practiced persistently for years.
It is advised to practice Candle Tratak or Diya Tratak in proper guidance after mastering the basic Tratak methods.
You can use diya (oil lamp) or candle for meditation but place it in proper position or height, so that you could focus on the flame with your spine and neck erect. It is best to sit for meditation in early morning hours between 4-6 am because quieting the mind is much easier during those hours.
Do not fight with thoughts nor entertain them, just let go and bring your attention back to the flame. After sometime (Initially 5-10 minutes, then increase the time with practice to maximum of 30-40 mins), slowly close your eyes and focus on the inner image of the flame until it vanishes. Infact like the Patanjali yoga which has eight divisions, hatha yoga has six components and they are mentioned below. The first four are exclusively meant for purification of the body and the last two are meant for the attainment of spiritual powers.
The removal of these unwanted thoughts will ensure that we move towards more peace and salvation.
In this sadhna the object or focus concentration is within you, what you need to do is concentrate on the third eye. You must do this for twenty one days regularly and the duration should be for fifteen minutes a day. There are some precautions that you must take while you practice tratak sadhna and they are those who are suffering from heart diseases and weak eye should not try to do tratak. In Tratak karma a minute point of target is seen continuously and with concentration till there are tears in the eyes.

The tip of the nose, a black point in the centre of a white paper can be taken as the object.
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In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. In the first twenty one days you will be able to understand how well you can do the sadhna.
I hope by now you have got a clear idea of what tratak is and what are its numerous benefits.
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One of the easiest process is to make a small black point on the wall and should concentrate on that point. Those with a bilious nature should always go for inner tratak, external tratak is suggested to those with windy nature and those with phlegmatic nature should practice middle tratak.
Now, with the modern communication techniques, distance learning is made easier, provided the text has been prepared by wonderful teachers. We hope this will help you to understand this meditation technique better and you will be able to get the best results. Initially one may feed headache and some irritation in the eyes but with practice of few days everything subsides.
This process helps in improving the eye sight and is also helpful in some of the eye troubles. This is because you are not supposed to blink. You can close your eyes if the irritation becomes too much and then start the sadhna again. The distance of the object from your eyes must be at least twenty inches this is ideal for your eyes. This tratak sadhna improve the ability to concentrate and can also remove mental disorders if done well.

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