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While there is a course fee for TM instruction in order to sustain our non-profit teaching activities, it is our wish that anyone who wants to learn can do so.
Such high EEG coherence along with deep relaxation and other physiological markers of restful alertness have consistently been recorded only during practice of the TM technique.
Research studies show that the unique style of physiological functioning typically gained during TM practice is a state of rest much different from ordinary, eyes-closed rest — a distinct mind-body state not reported from research on mindfulness or other meditation or relaxation methods. But TM is so simple — can it develop consciousness and the full awakening of human potential? In order to perform successfully on the task memory, focus, attention, and impulse control is required.

Such practices are not designed for effortless transcending and have not been shown by scientific research to produce the deep physiological rest and extensive benefits gained from TM practice. Meditation practices that keep the mind actively attentive in the waking state have not been found to consistently produce this deep, coherent state of relaxation. The TM course includes personalized instruction and a series of classes structured in a convenient way. Most people who learn the TM technique report the experience oftranscending within just a few days. In this initial meeting wea€™ll explain what TM is, how it works, how ita€™s differs from other techniques of relaxation and meditation, and how you learn TM.

After the course, you can take advantage of a lifetime of free follow-up and support, available at TM Centers throughout the U.S.

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