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We cana€™t turn a corner without seeing a magazine stating meditationa€™s benefits and if youa€™re intrigued, here are some types of meditation you can use.
Just as there are many types of flowers and types of engines which take a lifetime to master, there are just as many types of meditation that take a long time to grasp. We should not blindly follow anyone that says they teach meditation, but should be selective in the types of meditation we spend our time learning. Ultimately, ita€™s your own judgment call when it comes to trusting a spiritual counselor, and while the techniques are subjective, the results are scientifically proven. Meditation has been found to calm your bodya€™s central and parasympathetic nervous systems, which in turn can help to create clear thinking, overcome mental obstacles and help reduce anxiety, as well as inflammation in the body. It offers a reminder that we are not disconnected from each other, but more connected, in ways that the 10% of our brain that we use cannot quite comprehend. Focusing on the chakras is an abstract way to look at where we may be imbalanced in our lives and can be very helpful.
Shamanic meditations are popular among working class individuals and people living in remote areas. This can help you see things symbolically and tap into archetypes that the logic brain does not have access to.
Shamanic healers developed in many cultures, and of course, the term a€?shamana€™ was not always prescribed to them. This ancient Chinese breathing technique should only be done with an experienced practitioner.
By the end of the session we had so much energy from the oxygen that most of the people in the room were crying and I personally felt like an anime character with energy shooting out my hands.
There are many teachers of Qi Gong, variations of techniques and videos about the practice. If you are new to meditation, it is often easier to begin learning by taking a group meditation class at a local yoga studio. Dona€™t be surprised if you have trouble focusing at first, and youa€™ll probably fall asleep. Keep in mind, meditation is more effective when you also eat a clean diet and exercise regularly.
There are retreats that offer free ten day silent meditations that require ten hours a day of silence.
If you want to try to meditate silently at home, bring a journal with you to write down any realizations you may have. For people that feel they are ADD or just have trouble focusing, I recommend this type of meditation, because it gives your mind a task.
Each guided meditation will be different and they are aimed to help us feel a deeper spiritual connection, which cana€™t really be put into words until it is experienced. Studies are still coming out about how much these affect us, but getting outside for fresh air, sunlight and putting our feet in the dirt is a great way to reconnect our minds to our bodies and get out of the mental space. This therapeutic type of everyday meditation can actually help us enjoy daily tasks much more. This type of meditation involves specific types of a€?kriyaa€™ meditations with movements, breathing techniques and mantras. You will notice your creative energy greatly increased by this type of meditation and it is advised to only do this with a trained professional as it has such as strong effect on the body and mind.
Tantric meditation originated in India and is a ritual type of meditation, and one of the most unique ones.
Dona€™t be surprised if you are told to look into the eyes of a stranger for ten minutes without talking and dona€™t be surprised if it makes you cry. Meditation has scientific backing, and you dona€™t have to believe in a higher power to get the benefits of it. There are ways to increase the chemicals that are produced from meditation, which include drinking water that doesna€™t have fluoride, and eating a raw food diet. My next article will just be telepathically written, since we will all have decalcified pineal glands after we start meditating. Shannon is a contortionist and yoga teacher that loves to inspire people to lead empowered and healthy lives. Transcendental meditation (TM) is 5000 years old but is starting to seep into the collective consciousness of the modern day public – perhaps following the path of yoga.
TM is considered to be the ‘user-friendly’ form of meditation requiring much less commitment and practice than the other forms I will discuss in posts to follow. There is an excellent detailed article in recent GQ magazine that provides greater detail on this topic. ABOUT IKKUMA LIFE6 years ago when faced with the life threatening diagnosis of a dear friend - not yet in his 50's - Gary LeBlanc realized that something was fundamentally wrong with the health of Western society. When his partner Brian Coones approached Gary with the idea of creating a company based on the tenets of his research; Ikkuma (Inuit word for 'fire') was born!
Transcendental meditation, known as TM, teaches you to transcend or go beyond your thoughts to the source of your thoughts.
In this state, the electrical activity of the brain becomes synchronized between the front, back, left and right quadrants, something not seen with other practices. Studies have shown the TM enhances creativity and is very helpful in terms of stress management.  Regularly putting the brain into a blissful state dissolves deep rooted stress and tension, and enhances your ability to recover from the stresses of day-to-day living more quickly. TM courses are intensive one-on-one programs that run for many months and include lifetime follow-up programs to ensure you remain centered and stress free.
Studies have shown that group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs, including Yogic Flying, can foster harmony in society and reduce crime, war and other negative tendencies. Numerous studies have shown that individuals with high blood pressure show significant drops in blood pressure when they engage in frequent meditation sessions.
As you meditate you can explore inner emotions and by doing so you will discover they are not as overpowering as you fear. Habits are driven by a desire to feel something different than what you are currently feeling.

Through deep meditative introspection you will recognize why you do what you do and in the process gain the awareness to make different choices that align with you you want to be. Researchers reported results in the Journal of Personal and Social Psychology (Alexander et al., 1989) that found older people who practiced meditation had improved cognitive and behavioral abilities . Not only does this study suggest you will live longer if you meditate, but you will also stay more mentally sharp in your golden years. The landmark research for our technology was first presented in a 1973 issue of Scientific American by a biophysicist named Dr.
Before one practices transcendental meditation, you have to reach the transcendental platform. But all these are done are automatically simply by the chanting of the hare krishan mahamantra.
By chanting this transcendental vibration, we can cleanse away all misgivings within our hearts.
There are seven major states of consciousness, of which the first three are commonly known. 4.Transcendental Consciousness is said to be a fourth major state of consciousness, distinct from waking, sleeping or dreaming. 7.Unity Consciousness, the seventh state, is said to be the perception that all aspects of life are nothing but expressions of Being, or pure consciousness.
Its applicability to treat PTSD was established by the University of Colorado neurophysiologist Dr.
If you suffer from PTSD, the practice of TM twice daily for at least two months to see if it starts to decrease your symptoms. Maybe She Didn't Know Too 9 Ways How NOT To Handle A Breakup Do You Make Excuses For Men That Aren't Into You? Ita€™s important that when you are opening your mind to work on yourself you look at the background of any organization selling meditation to understand what their belief systems are and what their goals are. There are, and ita€™s no surprise, people teaching meditation who will misguide you to make money. Some meditation practices focus on an individual, while some focus on a mantra, sounds, colors or the purpose of healing. Meditation is helpful for people who live in a very busy and fast paced life or are healing from a tough experience. If you look at Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Mayan, Toltec, Aboriginal, Mongolian, Celtic cultures and others, you will see similarities.
This meditation can greatly change the way you see life, can help you feel peaceful and can become a positive habit that replaces a negative one.
The chakra system is based on Indian healing modalities that refer to energetic centers in the body that are associated with nerve centers. The chakra system relates certain emotional qualities to each energy center and teaches they can be either overactive or underactive.
Just as with anything else, meditation should be done in moderation with the other things we need to live a balanced life. Other shamanic meditations commonly include a steady drum beat or a shaken rattle that help put the mind into a different brainwave state. There are many people that have benefited from this new way of relating to natures elements and connecting to their inner voice.
It was really interesting to feel how the energy in the body can be controlled with techniques. Each group meditation will be different, depending on what type of meditation the teacher has studied or how much LSD they did in the 60a€™s.
The physical postures of yoga are said to only be meant to make the body strong enough to meditate for long periods of time.
Allowing it to rest allows your heart rate to go down, allows your primal alert system to relax and can help reduce inflammation in your body that is caused by an acidic chemical produced by stress caused cortisol.
You are on a journey through an imaginary world which gives your mind a break from planning, analyzing and focusing on negative things. People really love this type of meditation and I find it a perfect starting point for those that have not meditated before. I recommend doing it barefoot as long as youa€™re not in a city, so you can ground yourself to the earth like a lightning rod does. It can help us remember to take care of our bodies with proper food, water and exercise, and remind us of the full experience of what it is to be human. If you start to look at mundane tasks as a great time to clear your mind, you can begin to enjoy every part of your day that much more and essentially kill two birds with one little zen stone, so to speak.
It is meant to move the energy through your nervous system and connect you to deeper spiritual truths. There are many variations of tantric yoga, such as White Tantric, which is an annual event in LA. If youa€™re interested in learning about the ancient yogisa€™ experiences with meditation, I recommend reading the book a€?Autobiography of a Yogia€™, which accounts famous saints and sages that were meditation masters with some interesting skill sets. I was just joking, thanks for reading and sharing this article, I would love to see your comments below, and stay posted for more grounded advice on how to levitate here on YouQueen. She writes practical advice for health and gives real world insights to empower women emotionally.
Prior to recent times, meditation and TM was considered to be for hippies or contained inside Bohemian circles. You simply allocate 20 minutes of quiet time daily and use a mantra to liberate your mind from conscious thought and trigger meditation. A place referred to as pure awareness where your brain and body are in deep rest and stillness.
Our brains are naturally programmed for this rejuvenating state, is as easy to achieve as falling asleep. In order to have the influence, research has shown the size of the group needs to exceed the square root of 1 percent of the population of a given area. This is good news if you’d like to do away with blood pressure medications – with the consultation of a physician of course.
You will also discover that by putting awareness on emotions that influence your behavior that you gain the power to change and eliminate them.

But it will teach you how to focus and calm your mind in order to prevent those emotions from distracting you. This also includes a reduced likelihood of depression and mental deterioration often associated with aging. So, by transcending the bodily concept of life, transcending the mental concept of life, and transcending the intellectual concept of life, you come to the real, spiritual platform, which is called the brahma-bhuta? stage.
The basic principle of all such misgivings is the false consciousness that I am the lord of all I survey.
Through repeated practice, the nonchanging state of Being in TC becomes permanently maintained along with waking, sleeping and dreaming. All of the diversity in life, from the gross to the subtle, is seen as the self-interacting dynamics of Being. The Journal of Clinical Psychology in 1989, for example, compared the efficacy of different relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety. James Austin, who documented through MRI brain circuits and reconnecting the trauma TM cable to the anxiety of a peace of mind. Close your eyes and relax each separate part of your body starting with the feet, working on top of his head. Concentrate on feeling the connection with life itself, while mentally repeating your mantra for about 20 minutes. Today we have meditation techniques that fit our modern lifestyle (because we may not be able to, or feel it necessary to meditate in a cave) and they will continue to evolve. Meditations that focus on chakra clearing are aimed to help pinpoint and remove emotional blocks as well as physical ailments. Some of these trance-like states have been facilitated by the use of entheogens which are more commonly referred to as hallucinogens. We lay on the floor and did about 15 minutes of what was called warrior breath (breathing hard through our nose). It is an ancient health care system that is considered a€?alternativea€™ in America because it includes movement and breathing instead of medication. There is not a clear and defined outcome of meditation, it is often just to counteract or hit reset for the scrambled minds we have after doing a lot of rushing around and stressful tasks. Ita€™s a great technique and Deepak Chopra or Eckhart Tolle have great guided meditations available on audio or video. We are inundated by fluorescent light, recycled air and electromagnetic frequencies generated by our computers, TVa€™s and cellphones. When we keep our body active our mind is able to be more creative while our logical side is preoccupied. Meditation is probably the most valuable thing I have found in my life to stay balanced and healthy.
Now many current and extremely successful barons of industry, celebrities, and entertainers, openly discuss and recommend this practice as an essential part of their success.
You are initially given a mantra to repeat, a meaningless word or sound that helps you reach this state of awareness.
The Transcendental Meditation technique is practiced for twenty minutes twice a day while one sits with the eyes closed. Thought becomes quieter and quieter, until the mind is no longer bound by thoughts or perceptions but experiences awareness awake to itself alone.
Contrary to what some believe, TM is not a religion or based on any religious teaching that requires a particular set of beliefs.
In addition, a pilot study published in the June 2011 issue of Military Medicine are military veterans experienced a 50 percent reduction in symptoms of PTSD after only eight weeks of practicing TM.
When distractions come to mind, or if he forgets his mantra, quietly let you go back and refocus on his mantra. These techniques are developed based on experiences that have been documented for thousands of years all the way back to the time of the first written language.
He was a yogi from India and the technique involves mantras (usually a chant or aphorism) said twice a day for about 15 minutes. You will ask that guide a question and they will lead you to someone that will answer it with an item or token that represents the answer. One of my favorite books on meditation is called a€?Kriya Yogaa€™, and I found it at Barnes and Noble. When one is on the transcendental platform, the brahma-bhuta? stage, his symptom is that he's always joyful.
By practical experience also, one can perceive that by chanting this maha-mantra, or the Great Chanting for Deliverance, one can at once feel a transcendental ecstasy coming through from the spiritual stratum. Counting breaths, inhale to the count of six, hold your breath for four seconds, exhale, and held back on four counts, done over and over again.
In the material concept of life we are busy in the matter of sense gratification as if we were in the lower animal stage. A little elevated from this status of sense gratification, one is engaged in mental speculation for the purpose of getting out of the material clutches.
A little elevated from this speculative status, when one is intelligent enough, one tries to find out the supreme cause of all causes—within and without.
And when one is factually on the plane of spiritual understanding, surpassing the stages of sense, mind and intelligence, he is then on the transcendental plane.
This chanting of the Hare K???a mantra is enacted from the spiritual platform, and thus this sound vibration surpasses all lower strata of consciousness—namely sensual, mental and intellectual. There is no need, therefore, to understand the language of the mantra, nor is there any need for mental speculation nor any intellectual adjustment for chanting this maha-mantra. It is automatic, from the spiritual platform, and as such, anyone can take part in vibrating this transcendental sound without any previous qualification.

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