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The assignments in my basic newswriting course in college had to be turned in on time—almost to the minute—or I would receive an automatic “F” for the piece. So when I came to SPU, you can imagine what a blessing it was for me to work as a Graduate Assistant on the editing process for a professor’s book.  Much of the autumn and early winter saw me at a computer, music in my earphones, hunched over the screen, formatting the book manuscript for the typesetter. I look back fondly on those edit sprees—the choral music and soft techno, becoming extremely familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style, giving a new, orderly shape to the material the professor had already written, helping to get it ready for coming to life in book form. And to my former professors on the East Coast: if I misplaced a decimal, I’m truly sorry—but you can’t take away my diploma.
Open your document using Microsoft Word; click on the Review tab, highlighted in red in the example below. Once the Track Changes feature has been disabled, you can use the Accept, Previous, Next, or Reject buttons to toggle from one correction to another. The following screen shot shows that the phrase which is circled in red has been seamlessly added to the document.

To Accept All Changes in Document without reviewing the proposed changes, click the drop down arrow below Accept . February 21, 2011 by Barbara 1 Comment This feature of Excel is designed to track changes made by users or yourself. This function is primarily made to track changes made to workbooks by shared users on a network, so if you want to highlight the changes you have made only then there are are a couple of features you must also turn on— workbook sharing and change history. A dialog box appears- make sure the track changes while editing box is selected, select the highlight changes on screen option then click ok.
As you can see every change can be either seen by holding the cursor over the dialog box on the left or can be seen on the History Worksheet Tab at the bottom of the workbook.
Sign Up For My FREE Excel Tips Newsletter and receive your own E-book of my Top 50 Excel Tips. Once the Track Changes icon has been activated, your revisions will be visible both within the copy itself and tracked to the right-hand side.

Learn how to insert comments into a Microsoft Word document, or find detailed instructions on how to remove track changes from an edited Microsoft Word document. If you do not see the Track Changes button on your toolbar, you will need to open the reviewing toolbar. Note that you may be accustomed to viewing all of your documents in a consistent way, either in Print Layout or Normal (options under View on the top menu).
Your revisions will be tracked to the right-hand side once the track changes icon has been activated.

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