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What all these people have in common is toxicity – they are unpleasant, draining and just hard to spend time with.
Like many things in life, being forewarned that someone is potentially a toxic person to deal with is forearmed.
Toxic people are so busy thinking of themselves that they’ll rarely show any concern for others. In a friendship, this could mean asking you to babysit their children even if it’s not convenient for you, expecting you to change your plans to meet them, or putting you down by criticising your looks, personality or mothering skills. In the workplace, a toxic person may demand that you work late, knowing you need to collect your child from nursery, they’ll present you with an urgent project just before lunch, or prevent you from getting a promotion because they need you in their department. If you recognise that someone is trying to control you, it’s not worth appealing to their better nature, because the chances are they don’t have one! Toxic people are so thin-skinned that they can’t stand the thought they might ever be wrong. Whatever the reason, you’ll often find that a toxic person thrives on drama, and will dwell excessively on any negative experience that befalls them – cementing their victimhood and sucking the positive energy from those around them.
Most of us have found ourselves telling a white lie at some point in our lives, but if you discover that someone is deliberately misleading you, withholding or twisting information, or just downright lying, then watch out! And as we’ve already mentioned, a toxic person is happy to twist, obscure and reinvent the truth to hide or pursue their other personality flaws.
Relationships take time to build, and an emotionally healthy person recognises that you need space.
Not anticipating or appreciating the feelings or needs of another is a big warning sign of a selfish person, and even possibly a narcissist. It’s easy to find things about pretty much everyone that annoy us (just as others can easily find faults in us). So if you ever come across someone who is happy, even gleeful, to run other people down, be careful. A truly awful experience that is not their fault is like gold dust to a toxic person, so why should they want to move past it?
So if you ever come across anyone who seems unable to give you a straight answer, who makes the most straightforward project seem convoluted, who hogs and sabotages every meeting, or who changes the subject whenever you ask for something, the chances are they’re toxic.
The clearest way to get a sense of someone’s real character is to watch how they treat others, especially people who aren’t useful to them, and never will be. If you want to find out whether someone may be toxic or not, just observe their relationships with people who mean nothing to them, and watch how polite, kind or thoughtful they are (or not). Know your boundaries and stick to them – don’t let a toxic person erode your boundaries for their own gain. Keep a record of anything decided – as we recommend in our article on how to handle a difficult client, make sure you protect yourself from toxic colleagues, bosses or customers. Be polite and honest – just because someone else is rude or deceitful doesn’t mean you have an excuse to be.
Don’t share confidences with them – expect that anything you say to a toxic person will be repeated in a negative way, so be careful what you share with them.
Avoid being a shoulder to cry on – as we shared in our article on positivity, negativity is contagious and drags others down with you.
Put in a business context, the toxic females for me are often the ones who rubbish their gender. Signs of contempt can indicate extreme danger, even the possibility of a crippling physical attack when the faker doesn’t get his or her own way.
Unfortunately, like most things in life, the older you get the better skilled you are at identifying and dealing with toxic people. The thing is, they think kind people can be taken advantage of, that’s why they stick around. I have currently a female colleague who’s the prettiest, the youngest and rather charming. It sounds like she’s quite insecure, and you seem more confident in yourself and at work (in her eyes). I wish I could make him understand the hurt he caused me, but I know it would only be twisted to make him out as the victim again. Hi ~ To begin to get an overall idea to start with, can you pinpoint anything in particular about when the ‘becoming toxic’ began, and what if anything comes to your mind about what may have happened? To help you make your email signature count, this infographic explains why it’s so important and shares seven simple ways you can improve it. Find out why audience insights are essential if you want your business to grow (or even survive!) and how you can use your website analytics and social media platforms to gather and use them. Mobile use is booming, and if you don’t embrace it, your business could get left behind. This Mother’s Day, let’s stop judging each other and instead celebrate the weird, wonderful and maverick ways we are all brilliant mums! About usTalented Ladies Club is a website for working mums who want to find a way to balance their career with their family. Unhealthy people can grow healthier with the right care and attention in a healthy environment. So…how can you tell early on that the person you’re dealing with might be that person?
And if, after watching them for a few months (true character is revealed over time) you realize you’re wrong (which I have been), then you can invite them to get involved. Carey Nieuwhof is founding pastor of Connexus Church and is author of several best-selling books, including his latest #1 best-selling work, Lasting Impact: 7 Powerful Conversations That Will Help Your Church Grow. Carey speaks to church leaders around the world about leadership, change and personal growth.
Overall great article and I know first hand what it’s like dealing with toxic people.
Carey, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share your wisdom and experience to help other pastors and church leaders. The thing is, when you realize that someone is toxic, how do you extricate yourself from them? So having just finished a Family to Family course by NAMI on helping family members cope with mental illness of a loved one I’m struck by the correlation between symptoms you describe of a toxic person with those that struggle with (often undiagnosed!) brain disease.
I’m not sure she was making a distinction, I think she was talking about correlation. I would say this was the best blog post ever and ask you to meet for coffee but I don’t want to appear toxic!! I appreciate the sentiment, but he really did treat the toxic Pharisees differently than he treated outsiders. Admittedly, from an outside point of view there is a fine line between a controlling and selfish leader and a cautious one who protects the congregation our Father called him to lead from toxic persons.
Giving excessive advice from the first meeting is rude, yes, but maybe those people just search for ways to make improvements and make a difference in the world. Wow … how could anyone think of gods children this way … does not the bible say to love one another and to hate the sin but love the sinner ?? If you step back a minute and realize as a Pastor, you come on strong from the first minute, 1.They come on too strong (this blog has a lot of marketing gimmicks and SEO tactics on it) 2. I have been far more surprised at the number of people who have almost no boundaries and suffer needlessly for years.
An emotional moocher is also known as a spiritual vampire because they tend to suck the positivity out of you or bleed you emotionally dry.
One might name it a video of the day in order to take part in this spectacle preferably live if posible. It doesn’t take much research to find study after study associating negative close relationships with higher probabilities of things like heart disease, depression, adrenal fatigue, obesity, and early death. One more thing: while I could suggest ways to get help, I asked my good friend and Toxicity Education Advocate, Jen Moff, to draft a couple of posts for all of us on that.
When you get home and your wife says she had a rough day, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Does she have to ask your permission to do things that normal people “just do”? Is there anything more demoralizing than trying to express a want or need to the person who promised to love you forever but not being heard? Be sure to check back next Monday for Jen’s first post or subscribe to the site to have it sent right to your e-mail!
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Because we are all part of a connected society (even more now that we are online most of the time) so there is no way to avoid running into or meeting these toxic people BUT there are some surefire warning signs that you can look out for to help be aware. Note: Keep in mind that toxic people will not always show all 18 characteristics, but rather a few combined traits to reveal that they are toxic.
Further Note: If there are toxic people in your life, be sure to evaluate the best way for you to handle the relationship.
One of the biggest signs that a toxic person can reveal is constant negativity and a negative attitude.
If someone can simply not accept the fact that they are not right all of the time, no matter how much evidence or proof is present, then this is a sign they might be a toxic person. Note also that if the person is always stressed, this is another sign they may be toxic to you.
Toxic people tend to show up (oftentimes unannounced) and suck up  your time without regard to you or what you have going on. One of the telltale signs of a toxic person is their lack of empathy or compassion towards other people and the plight of what others are going through. A major indication that someone is toxic is that they are unable to hold a normal conversation.
Toxic people not only lie blatantly, but they also make up stories, create variations from the truth and they also make a habit of omitting critical facts as well.
Consistently expressing hurtful words and engaging in hurtful actions towards you is a sign of a toxic person. Does someone you know constantly talk or gossip about others behind their back? Warning bells should immediately go off in your head if this is the case.
Accountability is a sign of a healthy person, but frequent blame and the inability to take responsibility is a sign of a toxic person. People with unresolved addiction issues can be very difficult to be around and at times can even be dangerous. One of the biggest and easiest ways to tell if someone is toxic is simply by listening to your instincts.
You May LikeHow a Himalayan Salt Lamp Can Improve Your Mood What Does Your Birthdate Say About Your Personality? The colleague who seems to have it in for you, the friend who always has a drama they want to involve you in, the difficult neighbour, or the family member who wears you out every time you see or speak to them.
Like a poison, they do nothing to enrich your life and career, or make it any easier or more successful. They suck the joy out of work, drag out assignments unnecessarily, play political games, give you the run around as clients and make awkward, hard-to-please customers.

Knowing someone may probably be picky and even underhand, you can ensure you follow all procedures to the official letter, get back up in where necessary and make sure you get every instruction or agreement in writing. Luckily there are a number of easy-to-spot signs that, when you’re aware of them, enable you to pick them out a mile off. Their communication setting is usually stuck on broadcast and they’ll happily talk for hours about themselves without being interested enough to spare one question for you.
Toxic people genuinely have no concern for your feelings, and feel no need to take them into consideration. All you can do is try to minimise your exposure to them and move on as quickly as possible. It doesn’t matter how tiny the issue, they’ll argue their point of view until you give up out of exhaustion.
Their flat gets burgled, they get food poisoning at their own wedding, their best friend runs off with their husband, their favourite dress is lost by the dry cleaner… it can seem that some people are just so unlucky. If they’re comfortable with telling small lies, then you won’t know when to trust anything they say. So if you meet someone who seems in a haste to get to know you or start a business relationship with you, or who makes you feel pressured or smothered, run a mile.
And if they’re ignoring your requests or not getting the hint early on in your relationship, it doesn’t bode well later on when you’re bound to them through contracts or friendship. But some people are happy blaming everyone else for their problems, including those they should take personal responsibility for.
But most of us have far more good points than bad, and it’s not difficult to focus on these.
There’s a fine line between harmless gossip and bitching, and a toxic person is happy to cross it – they rarely have a good word to say about anyone. And when they do we go through all the normal emotions – anger, blame, questioning, grief etc. Instead they’ll drag it up at any given opportunity, depressing everyone they come into contact with. They’re also adept political creatures who know just how to manipulate a situation to their advantage – and sabotage anyone who is in their way.
The last thing you want to do is to go down to their level, but you do need to learn to protect yourself.
If anything is discussed or agreed verbally, follow it up with an email confirmation, and invite correction if anything is wrong.
Ensure you always act by your own standards, and let others see toxic people for what they are. Never gossip about colleagues, clients or friends, or share a secret that you wouldn’t mind your worst enemy knowing. So when you spend hours listening to a toxic person moan about everything that has gone wrong or the people who have betrayed them, all that is going to happen is that you’ll feel depressed! Learn how to spot the five most common types and how to handle them to minimise their damage!
Find out how to spot the signs and protect yourself in our comprehensive guide to abusive relationships. Discover the four toxic beliefs that may be holding you back from the happiness and success you want.
Or they won’t help other females in their careers because they want to be the Queen Bee. And the main thing is not taking it on and mentally rejecting toxic behaviour so that it doesn’t affect you. In my line of work, I quite often come across someone who doesn’t like anything you have, thinks everything is too expensive, etc etc. I go for a brisk walk and do mindful stretching in the park every morning …I think they are angry and jealous that I choose a positive outlet for the stress their negative energy causes!?
Then when she found out I figured out something for work on my own, then latet on that I forgot to copy her an insignificant email from client, she complained about me behind my back to our manager! Sometimes I can be a bit mean or controlling towards my friends and I have a desire to be right quite a lot. To help inspire you, The Brighton School of Business and Marketing have put together this infographic of today’s top female entrepreneurs. A fellow entrepreneur shares seven lessons she’s learned since launching her own venture. Need professional shots for your career or business but convinced you’re not photogenic?
But how would you cope if you were diagnosed with an illness that prevented you from doing the very things you loved, or from pursuing a career you’d work hard to build?
Find out why you ARE good enough to be an entrepreneur – and plough ahead with confidence! Read eight tricks to increase your productivity, inspired by advice from the world’s top productivity experts. Discover the five steps you need to follow to nail a your dream job, and love EVERY day of the week. In addition to writing one of the mostly widely read Christian leadership blogs in the world, Carey hosts the top-rated Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast where he interviews some of today’s best leaders. Just working through what a compassionate response looks like within the church (or, as you point out in this case, between churches!) Stigma produced by mental illness is a huge issue. I know that people from different cultures, families, heritages, etc have different ways of doing things, behaving and expressing themselves. Spirit-filled people are sometimes quite willing to reveal themselves honestly, and fearless about rejection, because they know that others who are distrustful and protecting personal secrets will often reveal those problems more readily (and without being aware of it) as they project bad motives onto a friendly and open Christian, rather than risk the possibility that love may actually beget love. They give you advice during your first meeting (Hello, Pastor, how’s that pulpit today?) 3. If you allow yourself to put faith in the claim that the Bible is 100% God’s belief, with no manmade intervention, you are weakening the meaning of FAITH. In this post, I want to talk about how you can spot, stop and deal with the toxic people who come into your life. Maybe I should revise that sentence: have you ever been trying to talk to someone who won’t let you get a word in?
These are the kinds of people who always have something sad, negative or pessimistic to say. A human tank is always right, doesn’t take anyone else’s feelings or ideas into account and constantly puts themselves first. If you have someone in your life who you dread seeing, who doesn’t respect your opinions or makes you feel bad about yourself in any way, then you need to just say no.
She is a Huffington Post columnist and her courses and research has been featured on CNN, Forbes, Business Week and the Wall Street Journal.
Be sure to check back right here the next two Mondays to welcome Jen and thank her for sharing such important information with all of us! When your wife is talking are you actually listening or are you just waiting for her mouth to stop moving so you can say what you want to next? Sometimes it may mean ending the relationship, other times it may mean counseling is necessary and other times it may mean finding a solution in some other form. This is not to be confused with realism as many realists have been labeled negative people. Keep in mind that many people who are insecure or deeply hurt may behave this way as well, but if it is becoming a theme in the relationship, it may be time to look at this through a different lens.
Often cutting you off or interrupting others, toxic people try to prove they are right and when they can’t, they will resort to closing off any new information and stop the conversation, usually with an insult.
Life is stressful for everyone, but some people have a way of magnifying their stress and compounding it through poor choices.
Toxic people make negative assumptions about others and are unable to demonstrate empathy and compassion to others. If there is someone in your life that is constantly criticizing you, judging you and giving you unasked for advice, it is probably not you, but them. If someone talks and hardly listens or, even worse, doesn’t listen at all, they may be toxic to you. If you are left scratching your head after you talk to someone because what they say just doesn’t ever seem to add up, it is a good idea to evaluate whether they are someone you can trust. Physical abuse should never be tolerated and is something to remove yourself from immediately, but aside from that if someone regularly disregards your feelings, they are probably not good for you. Toxic people are also insecure people who try to make themselves feel better by talking badly about others when they’re not around. If this person seems like they might need anger management, they very well might be toxic to you. They’ll even happily take their fight to the legal system, incurring huge costs and a waste of time, often over very trivial matters – even suing neighbours over inches of land or the height of boundary hedges.
So the chances are, whatever happens to them it will be someone else’s fault – including yours. The chances are that they’re saying just as spiteful things about you when your back is turned!
So much as they may rail and moan about their misfortune, deep down they love it – even need it. If you’re useful to them or they want something from you, they may be lovely, flattering even. If you’re not giving them them what they want, they’ll try all kinds of underhand and emotionally manipulating tactics to get it.
But I have trouble with the people who present the most charming and generous facade but then do very subtle surreptitious things to get their way, still come across as great, while making you feel terrible about yourself. And I agree that overly charming people (the ones who overwhelm you with insincere flattery) are often hiding a much more unpleasant real side to them. I’ve found the best way to deal with them is to blind them with kindness & light! I’m sure if she keeps complaining to your manager, she will be the one who looks incompetent. It sounds like you’ve come out a stronger and wiser person for having known him, and hopefully will recognise the signs if you encounter someone similar. Also, I have ended friendships over really small matters and I have seen many of the toxic signs within myself. Debbie Thomas explains how she struggled with debilitating arthritis – and how her illness inspired her to follow her passion and launch a new freelance business. Gender business coach Maria Zarotiadou explains why women and businesses need to stop being scared of change. In my experience as a pastor, the people who show up and want to make it headline news are rarely (I’m being generous here) healthy people. Whether it’s a casual conversation or even a job interview, people who tell 15 ways you can improve your organization or your speaking often end up being toxic people. Often a toxic person, because they want to be the centre of attention, will try to get on your calendar soon.
When you walk away from a conversation feeling condemned… Especially if you revealed something sensitive.
Reaching out to these brothers and sisters is uncomfortable and potentially divisive I’d like to learn more about how that can be addressed between believers in a way that cares for each member of the Body while promoting unity.
This is a very helpful post Carey, thanks for being prepared to put time into these posts to help us learn.

While advice-giving may be a bit forward and presumptuous, expecting everybody to hang back for months is perhaps instead sending the message that you actually want people to remain in hiding, instead of showing up as their true selves.
The problem is that if the person trying to help is not humble they can cause more harm than good and actually push people away from the church. These by no means describe people with bad motives because personalities have absolutely nothing to do with motives.
There are just as many toxic people with every trait on this list as with no trait on the list because they’re not related whatsoever.
They tell rather than waiting to be asked (You were preaching at me before asking me a thing) 4. Cloud and Townsend have blessed so many with the importance of setting boundaries – both with ourselves and with others. I am a pastor reading all these has just strengthened my resolve for balance and thoughtfulness in utterance.
You know the person I am talking about–they freak out when you disagree with them and won’t stop trying to convince you that they are right and you should do what they say. In conversations and relationships, they can never see the positive and tend to bring everyone down with them. Jealous people are incredibly toxic because they have so much internal self-hate that they can’t be happy for anyone around them. Whether they tell little falsehoods or major lies, it’s impossible to trust a liar in a relationship.
As a published Penguin author, Vanessa regularly speaks and appears in the media to talk about her research.
Here you go: 7 Steps for a Toxic Turnaround and Staying Safe and Healthy When in Love with Someone Toxic.
Are you so focused on being right that you lose sight of what you’re actually arguing about sometimes? Do you find yourself responding to pretty good news with “yea, but [something to the effect of it could have been better]”?
If you get upset when your wife is tired or frustrated and asks for some time alone then you might be a toxic person. In my experience as a pastor, the people who show up and want to make it headline news are rarely (I'm being generous here) healthy people. Whether it's a casual conversation or even a job interview, people who tell 15 ways you can improve your organization or your speaking often end up being toxic people.
Coming into contact with toxic substances can make you sick and could even ultimately kill you.
Either way, take the appropriate steps to care for yourself, protect yourself and stay safe.
Here negativity includes many factors such as being overly sarcastic, constantly complaining, whining, and most of all, judging people and situations as well as victimhood.
Toxic people are usually the instigators of these situations and this is why they are always seemingly involved in them.
You can be sure that someone who talks about others behind their backs, will also talk about you behind yours.
If they are all about themselves with little regard for you, consider this a sign that the relationship is toxic. Look for these red flags if you feel like this person is using you and if so, cut them off! People who are actively in the throws of addiction will often demonstrate many of the characteristics listen in this article.
Save yourself the stress and pain of being around someone that frequently loses their temper. If you get a feeling that a person is ‘off’ then listen to that feeling, trust it and make a choice whether you need to avoid that person.
They care about how they feel, what they want to do, what their needs are, and will happily manipulate you to ensure they’re met.
Perhaps they have had some truly unlucky experiences, but maybe others are over dramatised, or somehow brought about by a lack of care – or even from attracting drama through negative visualisation? Save your energies for those who genuinely deserve them, or who make you feel better, not worse. And because their charming public persona is so strongly built on flattery and fakery, it is virtually impossible to show them for what they really are.
Don’t worry about the need to show them for who they really are, as most people usually find out eventually.
You quite often find that this person is so used to having people acting negatively towards them that when someone is the opposite, it takes them off guard and they back off (or you’ve been able to move on before they can think of a suitable, cutting comment anyway!!). Karen Skagerlind explains how adding colour and interest to your look can help you stand out for the right reasons. Used properly, Twitter is a fantastic tool for businesses and freelancers of all industries and sizes. What’s perplexing is that the people who end up being the most toxic at the end of the relationship are over-the-top positive when they first meet you. But in a healthy human relationship, we reserve opinions about others until we are asked the share them.Toxic people rarely do.
When the other person wants to change the conversation when it bothers them and you oblige them but they don’t show you the same courtesy when you ask to move on from a subject. This article is just a bunch of different traits of personalities that are assumed to correlate whatsoever with the person’s intentions. The pastor I grew up with started out as a very dynamic pastor who grew a church from nothing to a congregation 500 in a predominately Catholic town. For sure…this could describe at some level Peter, except toxic people mean ill, not good. I didn’t want to sound negative because God has done a lot of good things in my life. They don’t ask you any questions, they don’t wait for your responses and they won’t shut up.
In a relationship, this person will give you no breathing room and will constantly nag you until you are in complete alignment with them. If you’re with someone and they only have bad things to say whenever you see them, watch out, it might not get better. This is because they often think they are the smartest person in the room and so they see every conversation and person as a challenge that must be won over. Bullying your way through an argument until your wife gives in even when you’re wrong makes nobody happy.
If your wife closes a door and you just barge in without knocking, that’s pretty inconsiderate.
Note that toxic people thrive on confrontation and drama though play the victim afterwards (see below). Addiction is a very serious issue and you should likewise seriously evaluate the extent to which you are involved with someone with addiction issues. Also, I recognize some of the ways I can tend toward one or two of the characteristics you mentioned. I wouldn’t let a toxic person on our team, and if they got on, it would have to end quickly but gracefully.
Those of us who have been called into a leadership role have a responsibility to make wise dicisions (sometimes difficult and not popular with the masses) that we are held responsible for. You hear from them far too often in the first month (First time on your blog is like a whiff of whoa, slow down there with the feed filled with recommendations of what advise I should take next from you ) 6.
It has been translated thousands of times through hundreds of ancient languages and dialects and retranslated into all current languages in several different versions. In a relationship, these people will end up being completely self-centered and never be attentive to your needs. Be careful, these people will go after your emotional, conversational and mental freedom until you have nothing left. If your intuition is ringing alarm bells, then watch out, get out before you’re lied to. They rarely see others as equals—and this can be challenging when trying to form a loving connection. Unable to operate on a level playing field, they tilt, twist and muddle the truth until no one is sure what’s going on.
If someone is telling you things all the time and never waits to be asked, it’s a sign of toxicity. They have the humility to be obscure for a while, and to serve rather than to want to be served. He ended up a very controlling individual & was involved in some immoral relationships with several women of the church including with my mother. If someone starts to jealously gossip with you about other people, watch out, this might be a toxic person—and you never know what they say about you behind your back. If you feel your ideas are being run over, or you are not being respected, get out while you still can! I see that I often approach people out of desperation or a scarcity mentality rather than trusting and waiting for the right thing to happen, for God to draw us together or apart.
In the mean time I strive to know more about my Lord & tell others about the wonderful things he has done in my life. In a relationship, drama magnets are victims and thrive in a crisis because it makes them feel important. When people I first meet start telling me about all the ways we can improve our church, I thank them and tell them point blank we’re probably not the church for them and offer to help them find a new one.
Latter I joined a very large church with a membership of 3000 & by the time I left it was up to 6000. The problem with Christianity today is people follow the bible instead of God, and since the bible has so many opposite instructions that people are forced to pick and choose what to follow, which is what leads to people thinking Gays are abominations but still sin by eating meat and cheese together and would never stone their daughter to death if she got pregnant without permission (both are also in the bible). If someone is a beacon for adversity, watch out, you might one day become part of the drama. And it’s funny, those people who pick and choose what parts of the bible they want to follow many times will end up just using it to be hateful and judgmental to the people they consider sinners, when that in and of ITSELF is a nonnegotiable sin.
The judgement of who will go to heaven and who will go to hell is up to God and God alone, and being hateful shatters one of the biggest of the 10 commandments, to love thy neighbor. In one of the services I was attending, the Pastor mentioned that there was a car in the lot that had the side bashed in. And again the pastor was a very dynamic person, so yes I do evaluate pastors in this same manner. By now you are probably thinking that I would be done with church & God, but no I am not. But the interesting part of this article is that it sounds like the person you are describing is the apostle Peter.

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