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Take a look at some of the fantastic self defence that you will be learning for your first belt. For a wide range of martial arts and self defence training call Total Self Defence Ltd for a complete package in martial arts.
We teach self defence and traditional Jujitsu to children and adults across the North London and Hertfordshire areas. I have been training in jujitsu with Total Self Defence Ltd and I can fully recommend the club. Our North London Jujitsu Club is in Whetstone Barnet, about a five minute drive from the A406. We have a high pedigree of Jujitsu and our schools come directly from the forefathers of jujitsu in the UK, 10th Dan Professor J McDade and his son 8th Professor Steve McDade. All our instructors are NVQ Certified, highly qualified, fully insured, CRB checked and trained in First Aid.
We teach all aspects of martial arts from discipline to practical application in the street, offering increased confidence, increased fitness and flexibility to both kids and adults.
Take a look at our training videos on YouTube showing what to expect at gradings and lots more. Total Self Protection was established by merging of two instructors who have just under 60 years of combined Martial Arts experience in: Wado Rai and Shotokan Karate, both having competed at International level.
Over the last 20 years they have trained and qualified in various Reality Self Defence Systems. Both instructors are Expert Level Two, the highest qualified in Wales, and are active within KMG (Krav Maga Global). They also frequently travel to Israel to train with the Global Team and attend regular continuation training internally, to insure teaching standards and technical skills are maintained and remain at the highest level.
All our instructors and assistants have been DBS checked and are fully qualified and insured to teach adults and children. Help your child stay safe by learning REAL Self Defence techniques that work in the Modern World! We are running a 'STOP BULLIES FAST WORKSHOP' for our 5-10 and 11-15yr olds at Merthyr Leisure centre on Sunday 22nd February.
Our 5-10yr olds will start at 9am and 11-15's at 12pm they will both take approximately 2hrs. These workshops are designed to help teach kids how to prevent being bullied and how to deal with it, if they are targeted. They will also get the opportunity to hit full power against our Predator suits whilst having lots of fun.
If you are interested please contact Gerard on: 07868 753114 to reserve their place as we will be limiting the numbers on the mat. There will be a Kids Grading at the Total Self Protection Academy in Swansea on Sunday 15th February.

Congratulations to the kids who participated in our 5-10's & 11-15's STOP BULLIES FAST WORKSHOP in Swansea. The workshops were designed to help teach kids how to avoid being bullied and how to deal with it if the situation occurred. Please make sure you arrive 20 minutes early and that you are wearing your grey club T-shirt, black training bottoms and your current coloured belt.
Please click below for more information on adult classes available with Total Self Protection. We offer weekly Self Defence classes in the reality based system of Krav Maga across South Wales. We also offer intensive courses and practical workshops to the public and professional organisations.
Krav Maga is the no nonsense self defence system used by the Israeli Forces and taught to instructors, SWAT teams, security forces, military units and civilians all over the world.
How to Defeat Negative Beliefs Everyone at some point in their life will have negative beliefs and doubts about themselves. When I set out to develop self confident I had no idea the crazy journey I would end up on. I was driving my car the other day and I saw a man standing on the corner holding a cardboard sign asking for help.
Today I got out of bed as I usually do every morning at 7am and went straight to my compute. No More Awkward Silence Ever want to start a conversation with someone and you’re not sure what to say, or worry that what you say won’t be thought of as interesting to the other person. Enter your name and email below to get INSTANT ACCESS to my free guide, 12 MISTAKES THAT ARE DESTROYING YOUR CONFIDENCE!
About UsAchieving Success Through Personal Growth – Get Tools, Tips and Strategies to Build Your Confidence And Live Your Dreams! My Sensei was Jeff Pelta – an excellent and patient teacher, who was a firm believer in strong technical skills. Having moved to North London some years before, the twice-weekly commute to Wanstead became too much. Achieving a Black Belt has always been a quiet ambition for me… something that you can only do for yourself, with hard work. It's a very effective form of self defence and is very well suited to adults, kids, boys and girls of any age.
You will have loads of fun, meet new friends, get fitter and stronger, and learn the deadly art of Jujitsu. They have trained in various other Martial Arts including Boxing, Reality Based Self Defence, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Thai Boxing and MMA.
They will learn to recognise situations involving dangerous adults and to resolve them with powerful body language and voice.

They learned to recognise situations involving dangerous adults and how to resolve them with powerful body language and voice.
A variety of classes and levels are available at our locations in Swansea, Merthyr, Bridgend and Neath.
The other day I over-heard someone say they don’t believe that there is a perfect match in the world for them.
We put this graphic together so people can gain a better idea of what confidence is and how confident people act. Maybe you have a career that you hate, or are unsure of what your career path you should be.
To read part one of No More Awkward Silence click here Listen Up Listening is the key to great conversation; lots of people are just waiting for their turn to talk and this is a huge mistake. To read part one of this series click the link here Conversation Stew Conversations aren’t linear, meaning they don’t start at one place and go in an exact order to another place. It’s important to understand relationship insecurities because when you understand these insecurities you can better deal with them. He helped bring out the person I’ve always wanted to be, but never knew I could be." -Jeff W. A friend of mine was a Black Belt at a club in Wanstead and one brave day, I joined the ranks of the white belts as a novice at this Club. I trained there for a number of years and slowly progressed to Purple Belt – the Wanstead Ju Jitsu Club was one of those clubs where you really earned your belts! I trained for shorter periods at a couple more Clubs and then took an enforced break, after a shoulder injury. You will be instructed in ground defence, grappling skills and all forms of punching, kicking, locking combinations and throwing. Also understanding insecurities keeps you from falling victim to someone else’s insecurities. Eventually, just by chance, I came across Total Self Defense in Whetstone… it had been on my doorstep for years but I had never ventured in.
Every street situation is covered from front strangles to defending from sharp edged weapons. I started as a Purple Belt and with support from all of the Sensei’s, progressed through both levels of Brown Belt and in December 2010, to Shodan Black Belt.

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