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Over the last decade I’ve read a lot of self improvement books about everything from productivity to meditation and mindfulness. Viktor E Frankl, a psychiatrist, psychologist and the author of Man’s Search for Meaning spent several years trapped inside a concentration camp in WW2.
Don’t let the title deceive you — this is one of the most influential self improvement books of the last 100 years.
Whether you’d like to work for four hours a week or not, this book taught me loads about productivity and efficiency. I put off reading this book for years because the title seemed a bit shallow but I have to say, it’s one of the most inspiring self improvement books I’ve read.
Inspiring and beautifully written, Zen and the Art of Happiness teaches us that your state of mind and your happiness is always a choice. In a world where many of us are in a constant state of striving, Eckhart Tolle takes us back a step and helps us to realise that everything we need is rooted in the ‘Now’.
Magical, uplifting and beautifully inspiring, the popularity of the Alchemist speaks for itself. Finally, if you feel I’ve missed any important self improvement books off the list, please feel free to add some more to the list. If you enjoyed this article, please share it and support ThoughtBrick by liking my Facebook page.
Now, after a while, been having a little browse through your bricks of thought – loving your posts! That is a book that will change your life or at the very least leave you asking a lot of important questions. Love the list – you have offered some interesting suggestions and some more established favorites. This book is written by Allan Wallace is one of those books which will give you spiritual wisdom and the ability to think wisely. Author Daniel Kahneman has penned down all his life experiences and his accounts in this beautiful book.
He is an engineering student at Christ University, Bangalore and aspires to become a sagacious writer.
One of the most popular and common subjects of self improvement books involves success, productivity, and reaching your goals. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change, by Stephen R.
As we get older, it can be easy to let life overtake and overwhelm us so that we forget who we are and what makes us happy. Change Your Brain, Change Your Life: The Breakthrough Program for Conquering Anxiety, Depression, Obsessiveness, Anger, and Impulsiveness, by Daniel G.
Health: one of the most important parts of life, but yet the one that is the most overlooked. These self improvement books are our personal favorites when it comes to keeping your body fit and clean. Love makes the world go round – and that doesn’t just mean love between significant others. In no particular order of greatness, here’s my list of some of the best self improvement books out there. Whilst inside, Frankl discovered that everything can be taken from a person except the freedom to choose an attitude or mindset.
Covering everything from productivity to integrity and dealing with change, the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is refreshing, non preachy and life changing.

There’s no preaching here — just Tom Hodgkinson chatting about everything from anxiety to money and happiness. If you want to get out of the 9-5 routine, work and live anywhere in the world and have time to see it, this book will give you a starting point. Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway will take you through different fears from public speaking to ageing, and suggest practical exercises and solutions to help you conquer your fears once and for all. The title is more about adopting a ‘beginner’s mindset’  when you meditate rather than the book being purely for beginners. Unlike, lots of positive thinking books out there, there’s a refreshing honesty to this one that you can’t help but listen to. The book is written in a question and answer format and offers clear and easy to understand information on everything from the ego to enlightenment and mindfulness. Rather than preaching about one specific method, Inside Meditation takes an objective view and covers everything from practical meditation exercises and breathing technique, to the science behind meditation and why it’s beneficial. It’s a story about following your dreams, listening to your intuition and following your own path through life.
A beautifully written and inspiring classic, this is a must for anyone interested in spirituality, meditation and enlightenment.
This means that if you buy any of these books through my website I will make a small commission, which I plan to put towards funding for another yoga teacher training course. This book is a perfect example of what can be achieved by an author who is an expert at his subject and very passionate as well. I feel like I feel like I’ve since read dozens more great books which should be added to the list though! No matter what mental state you are in or where you are, if there is something that can give you a perfect company in every situation is nothing but books. The book is full of inspirational stories and anecdotes from different perspective of life. The book tells you that different people in the world have different perspective and hence the importance of putting forth your viewpoints is highly essential.
No, do not be ashamed in admitting this as it is one of the most common habits of the people of the present generation. Wallace has focused on the “Shamatha” which is a Buddhist meditation state of mental peace. But the claims and powers of this book is not limited to the business and entrepreneurial class. How some of the life experiences taught him to think wisely and effectively, is discussed in this book.
Especially if you have such good books which could help you motivate yourself and lead to self-improvement.
However, getting knowledge on how to grow as a person is something to be lauded, not scorned.
Here are our personal favorite self improvement books in whichever area of your life you want to improve!
These self improvement books can help you figure out ways to relieve your stress, increase your happiness, and find peace with yourself so that you can live your life to the fullest.
There are many relationships that matter to us in our lives, from our parents to our siblings to our friends to our spouses.
These self improvement books are our personal favorites, and they’re bound to help you find success and happiness while improving your health and relationships. Although money can’t bring happiness as we all know, having it helps in the world we live in.

The success of the book speaks for itself — it’s become an international best seller. The author stresses how time is our most valuable commodity and helps you figure out how to manage it more effectively. Life is a journey which is meant for you to understand the tricks and trades of life as it comes your way. The book contains all the motivational quotes, probably the best ones that you could ever read! A juggernaut among all books, this book is the most sought after book for self-improvement. Learning about yourself and new ways to think, act, or treat yourself is something you should always be doing.
If you’re feeling yourself lacking willpower or are unsure of which direction to take to reach your goals, check out this list!
I learned to appreciate any money I had after reading this book and as a result ended up getting more. Right from Goethe to Caesar, from Tsun Zu to the anonymous quotes; this book has everything in it! This book is a great inspiration for all the young people as it clearly shows the powers and the ability of the human brain to do great things. Dale Carnegie penned down this book about 78 years ago in 1936 and this book is still shaping the modern entrepreneurial world.
The author actually wrote this book as a kind of spiritual guide for his children and it is just beautiful throughout. Using real world examples and even science to relay the material, this book can really boost you into overdrive to achieve your goals and desires. Read this book by Brian Tracy and you will find a million effective ways to manage your time in a fruitful manner and get the best of both worlds in everything that you do. He is the founder of behavioral economics – the way our psychology affects our decisions – and explains in simple prose how our thinking is divided in two systems: one fast and one slow. I highly recommend it because it really can inspire anyone (students, CEOs, people who feel stuck in their jobs) check it out! This book teaches you the real meaning of wisdom and it is its clarity of explanation which makes it one of the efficient books which most people love to read including the entrepreneurs! Tracy has beautifully described how to effectively deal with procrastination before this particular evil paralyses us. One of the ultimate eye opener books that have ever been penned down, Attention Revolution is truly a masterpiece to read! It is one of those books which would help you set your priorities right and also teaches you the efficient ways of segregating the important and unimportant tasks accordingly. Warren Buffet read this book when he was 20 years of age and we all know what he has achieved in life!
This book helps you to marginalize your tasks in the optimum way so that you have time for everything and your work never collides with your leisure.

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