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A Clear View: Career Development Visit this page to see what career branding and development options are right for you or your team. Is it possible that we are lacking something of great importance within our education system? Many people argue that it’s impossible to instruct children on spirituality, values and morals because we differ from one person and culture to the next. Whether or not emotional intelligence is a subject that can be taught in school is often something of great debate. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Designed for shopping and learning how to style and brand yourself personally and professionally. Where does greed, low self-esteem and competition stem from that appears to be prominent in Western society? If an individual is being empathetic they have the ability to put themselves in the shoes of the person who is being affected. While that may be true it’s also accurate to say that we experience similar emotions and can create values that reflect them to, furthermore, improve our conscious experience for ourselves and others. By taking a closer look at children we can see that the majority of them are kind by nature.

Religion, culture and family ideals create conflict in how we agree upon emotional intelligence.
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Foundation primer makes the skin velvety soft and prepares the skin for liquid make-up or powder. Although our education system instructs us on how to memorize information and follow directions it’s possible that we are missing something of great importance in our current curriculum. The ability to do this often comes from one’s own self-awareness – the power to tune into our own consciousness and emotions. Helping other people and encouraging them to remain strong and lift themselves up from the inside-out requires a person to care deeply for others just as much as themselves.
It is possible that the greed and selfish behavior we witness comes from an environment, learned parental behavior, hurt or pain– especially, since we are not taught how to channel this pain and manifest it into something positive. While values for everyone vary it’s agreed upon that we are similarly affected by the same emotions: Pain, happiness, sadness, humiliation, excitement etc.
By being able to recognize the discomfort of pain we can confront and help relieve the suffering of others.
Helping people is a powerful and contagious act; if we stressed this love within ourselves maybe we could take a mutual and individual consciousness to an entirely new level.

Many people suffer from anxiety or depression which makes it difficult to focus on anything – let alone the community as a whole.
One of the most essential skills that bring about community and humane behavior could very well be empathy. Our consciousness must have one center of reality if we are able to connect with each other and share ideas. It’s prominent to note that leaders and mental health professionals are making an effort to organize the issue and refine a current curriculum. There is an evidence-based program developed by The George Lucas Edutopia Foundation stressed for years now. Maybe, if we all made an effort to support programs such as these we could indefinitely unite one another and reduce conscious suffering.

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