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LEGO® brick art in its many creative and surprising forms comes to the Heard Museum this summer, with plenty of hands-on components for the whole family! Purchase a Heard Museum Family Membership for only $75 and receive free admission to BUILD!
As this is a special exhibit, the following adjusted admission rates will be charged visitors May 24–Sept.
LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this exhibit.
Artist Steve Yazzie (Navajo) created this coyote with LEGO® bricks with the help of his young son.
Our MissionThe mission of the Heard Museum is to educate visitors and promote greater public understanding of the arts, heritage and life ways of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, with an emphasis on American Indian tribes and other cultures of the Southwest. Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Books, Parenting, Food, Entertainment, Travel, Restaurant Reviews, Health.
So, it seems that I’m still loving this whole “New Year, New You” series of mine – I keep thinking of more things to write about!
Part of the problem of building your own home is actually knowing where to start; how do you know what design to choose? Well, in order to help you along a little bit, a good place to start is with the actual structure of your future home; from the bricks, to the walls, to the roof. You’ve been looking at the range of options available to start with this all-important structure, but with so many choices available, you feel like you’re back at square one with all the confusing questions and decisions. But, how do you know if timber frames are the right option to exactly meet the requirements the planned structure you hope to build? Timber frames are the perfect option for all kinds of building design needs; whether you’re looking to self-build communal buildings, flats or housing, as they can be altered and adapted to fit any structure. Timber frames also dramatically reduce building times – in fact, timber frame construction requires 20% fewer on-site labor days than traditional methods. So, if you are looking for a builder that knows the most efficient methods, without cutting quality, please give us a call. Make the commitment to look for the right opportunity, and set a plan in motion to make it happen, but dona€™t be precipitate.
Strategic career moves only become realities when you pursue the best possible jobs at the best possible companies in your target location. You get hired for new jobs based on your credentials, not your potential, and so your next job is likely to carry a similar title to the one you hold today, although its scope may be different. The easiest way to start building a comprehensive database of local employers and jobs is to register at a number of relevant job sites and create profiles that define your needs. Your ability to find jobs throughout your career depends on the desirability of your skill-set. Networking can be the most effective way to find professional opportunities, assuming of course that you have built networks relevant to your career needs.
Join your schoola€™s alumni association for a network of people in your profession at all levels of experience. Join the local chapter of a professional association that has monthly meetings within driving distance.
Look for and connect with people who hold the same job title, because these people are most able connect you with opportunities. When you are fully prepared to take that next step on your career path, you will be confident in your skills, have a great resume, a thorough knowledge of the corporate players in your marketplace, and numerous ways of reaching hiring managers directly. Take these actions and you will be able to make a strategic career move that serves long-term goals. Companies are increasingly finding that relevant, influential, and engaging content has the power to foster a loyal customer community. A successful content strategy will use distinct types of content to connect with customers, leverage community influencers for outreach and publicity, engage users through an interactive blog, and learn from the successful community-building efforts of partners and competitors. Trust building content (customer reviews, how-to content) draws in readers and builds loyalty.
Find influencers by tracking relevant keywords in Google Alerts, searching for authors in industry trade publications, and scanning Twitter. Andrew Davis, author of Brandscaping, recommends a sharing system called Social Media 4-1-1 to increase your content output with less money and effort, while building valuable connections to key influencers in the industry. Companies also have the option of creating their own influencers by drawing on the stories of satisfied customers. A regularly updated blog provides a unique and dynamic platform to draw traffic to your website.
Several tech companies deliberately focus on strategic content creation to develop a loyal community of customers.

HubSpot offers an integrated suite of technical marketing software, including search engine optimization, blogging software, and market analytics. Salesforce, a provider of cloud-based sales, service, and marketing software, maintains an organized system of community forums for customers, developers, and partners.
By adopting proven methods of content-based community outreach from similar companies, understanding and utilizing distinct content types to connect with users, building relationships with industry influencers, and maintaining an interactive blog, companies can use quality content to develop a community of loyal customers.
Rebecca Lindegren is the Digital Strategist for American University's Masters in International Relations program. AboutThe Community Manager is the main source for all community management-related information, including the latest news, case studies and reports.
CAMP LEATHERNECK, Afghanistan - The Marines affectionately call the structure "Noah's Ark," for its similarities to the vessel built before flood waters covered the earth in biblical times.
In the rugged desert of southern Afghanistan sit hundreds of tents occupied by Marines for as far as the eye can see.
Rising above the dust and grit that blow across the Helmand plains, one object stands out majestically amongst Marine Expeditionary Brigade-Afghanistan's sprawling tent city at the unit's base of operations at Camp Leatherneck.
This modern-day ark, built for Marines in less than three months by sailors of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 5, looms over all other structures across the desert camp.
Construction of the massive building began two months before MEB-Afghanistan arrived in Helmand province. The Miami native said individuals who work on the job site drink anywhere from two to three gallons of water daily. And even though returning each day reminds them of the grueling tasks ahead, it also reminds them of how far they have come in such a short amount of time. Petty Officers 2nd Class Landon Church and John Nicholas, project lead electrician and utilities man respectively, said they were confident in the building becoming operational by its deadline. As the clock continues to count down, the Seabees remain resilient, motivated by purpose and commitment. Be amazed at the ingenuity of American Indian and non-American Indian LEGO brick artists and try your own knowledge and skill.
Well, in this series (which I think is part 4 – however, I have lost count a little bit…), I’ve decided to write a little chapter for those who are deciding to build their own houses in 2013.
However, in your desperate hunt to find one, you have come across one that sounds quite interesting; timber frames. As well as providing the highest quality supports for your build, they also boast high environmental performance, energy efficiency and the ability to meet top sustainability targets. So, that means 20% fewer days your sub-constructors have to be on-site, and therefore, 20% less time that you have to pay them for! So if you’re looking to help the environment and are particularly conscious about being ec-ofriendly throughout the entirety of the construction process, then a timber frame structure will be the perfect option for you!
From the beginning, we have felt that a building company should specialize in a particular area to become the most efficient builder in that market. In fact, when some previous homeowners have asked us to build a larger home for them, we have gladly referred them to some of our trusted colleagues in that higher-end market.
The economy is beginning to recover, you want to make a change, and you hear about an opportunity: should you jump at it? Rather than just representing yet another job, and the likelihood of jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire, your next move should be a strategic one, made with careful planning and encompassing the widest possible array of choices. Take the time to build a firm foundation for a successful transition, and while you build, commit yourself making a real difference at your current job. You start by getting a clear focus on the next job you want: a job in which you can succeed, prosper, and grow professionally. Determine a target job, and research job postings and employers in your target area; in the process, start building a database that includes both job descriptions and company profiles.
So, as you collect job postings, cross-reference the skills, licenses, and accreditations to see which are in the widest demand, and therefore could increase your marketability. You goal is to know and be known by all the players in your profession, industry, and location.
Go to the meetings and get to know and be known by the best-connected and most committed people in your profession and area.
And connect with those who hold job titles one, two, and three levels above your own, because these are the people who will have the authority to hire you.
With a pedigree that includes international headhunter, Director of Human Resources in Silicon Valley and Director of Training and Development, he is best know for Knock Em Dead – The Ultimate Search Guide. By taking a strategic approach to content development, companies can bring people with common interests together in one space to share stories and ideas related to their product and industry. Educational content (newsletters, FAQs) offers solutions to problems and describes your approach.

Such contributions enhance your SEO rank, while improving content quality and building customer loyalty. Once selected and prioritized, track and manage relationships with your community of influencers on a spreadsheet, making sure to reciprocate when called for and to reach out when necessary. For every six pieces of content you share through social media, four should be relevant content from your target influencers, one should be original education content created by you, and one should be sales-related.
Dennis O’Malley, CEO of Ready Pulse, explains that storytelling is the best marketing, and customers are the best storytellers.
Get the ball rolling with quality content by reaching out to your network of influencers, giving them a chance to pay you back for the publicity and help you’ve provided them while following the Social Media 4-1-1 guidelines. Marketo provides automated marketing software to build and grow relationships with customers over time and across multiple platforms, with a focus on social media campaigns. Each community page encourages users to ask and answer questions, generate and discuss ideas, and read or contribute to the company blog. Properly managed, customer communities can not only help with marketing outreach and content production, but also engage in a dialogue with corporate executives to tailor products and services to meet dynamic market demands. The Marines affectionately call the structure "Noah's Ark," for its similarities to the ark built before flood waters covered the earth in biblical times. Damron said the Seabees are currently on schedule to meet their deadline for finishing the Ark, but only because of the sweat and perseverance that has come from the naval construction workers involved. By the time the sun rises, on average, the temperature is 85 degrees, said Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Amber Chambliss, hospital corpsman, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 5. And it's necessary, she said, noting the fact that if one of the workers falls out, the job will become even harder to complete on time. In order to reach their completion deadline, the Seabees work nearly non-stop, taking an hour-long break for lunch and 10-minute breaks every hour to rest.
The job has taken an obvious toll on Damron, who said he's lost more than 30 pounds since he arrived in Afghanistan. Church, a Byron, Mich., native, said he and his team of electricians have installed more than 10,000 feet of wiring throughout the building to support hundreds of computers. After all, taking the decision to build your own home can be an exceptionally daunting prospect for most, so it’s always nice to have a little helping hand along the way. The days will go more quickly, and you will be able to interview for that dream job with greater confidence and more pride in your professionalism. These job openings will form the basis of a comprehensive database of companies in your area that hire people like you. Become a part of your professional community now, before you need to ask for referrals or introductions.
Your old resume simply wona€™t cut it in the new world of work, so you need to learn how to write one that will work, or find a reputable resume writer to craft one for you.
Community contributed content (guest blog posts, reviews) allows customers to engage with and flesh out the company’s narrative. By empowering customers to share their experience with others on a public platform, firms can simultaneously reinforce the loyalty of existing customers while generating accessible word-of-mouth advertising.
The fresh, well-informed, and relevant blog posts contributed by your influencers will build your content portfolio, develop your narrative, and plug you into the influencers’ well-developed online networks –  with tremendous SEO results. Nicholas, a Boise, Idaho, native, said the facility will also be climate-controlled, ready to accept those who will work there when it opens. After the brigade command center is complete, they will move on and continue to build the Regimental Combat Team 3 and Camp Leatherneck Garrison Combat Operations Center, also 12,000 square-feet each. And what’s more; timber frames also save up to 5% in building costs compared to traditional brick and block construction – so you can save your money for other aspects of your home build process. You will add to it by regularly visiting the websites of companies you identify, collecting additional job postings that reflect your target job.
Collectively published in some 63 foreign language editions, the Knock Em Dead way is unique in its scope and global acceptance in industrialized nations. Filtered content (custom RSS feeds, shared content) aggregates relevant content from across the web to meet your customers’ unique interests. Finally, conversion content (case studies, ROI calculators) helps customers understand the specific value of your product and close the sale.

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