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Start your day by reminding yourself about all the good reasons for sticking to the new healthy diet. If you go to a party or a get-together, eat until you’re slightly full, then have some water and enjoy your company.
Despite following all the tips and tricks of sticking to the healthy diet, you may end up eating unhealthy food.
Make a list of everything you eat each day along with the number of calories and fat grams each food item contains.
Though all possible measures have been taken to ensure accuracy, reliability, timeliness and authenticity of the information; Onlymyhealth assumes no liability for the same. July 20, 2012 by Ruby Grace 2 Comments As a freshman, you don’t need much to become motivated.
Here are some tips to motivate yourself and keep yourself sane throughout your college years.
One of the questions you will hear often from counselors and other well-meaning individuals is how you see yourself ten years from now. A ten-year plan is necessary because you’re forced to consider the time frame you will devote for each phase of your dream. Work on skills that can help you reach your goals, particularly the skills that you’re already good at. College is the time to puff up your psyche, give your ego a pep talk and build an emotional buffer you will need when you face real life.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Motivation, one of the factors that will determine your success level, is utmost important. As you already know, motivation is one of the most important keys to success because you need motivation to go through the long journey.
One of the successful people out there who I admire and get motivation from is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Set a Goal - Pick up pen and paper to write down the most important thing you want to do in life. Do not wait for tomorrow but do it right now – Generally we have the habit of making list and then forgetting about it. Get help from your support system – You need someone who can listen to you and lend a shoulder in case required.
Be prepare for a negative and keep back up plan ready – You have set a goal, but in case you fail to achieve this goal then do not feel negative.
These tasks may seem tedious but if put into practice then these are extremely easy to follow and keeps you motivated.
Move Around – Get your body moving as you would if you were extremely motivated to do something. There are No Small Problems - The worst killer of motivation is facing a seemingly small problem that creates endless frustration. This entry was posted in Health Tips For African Americans and tagged focus, Motivation, passion, procrastinate, tips.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. One of the most important factors in keeping your motivation up is developing it into a habit. Trying to learn everything at once and getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of words in your new language is not a good idea. If there’s a community of people who speak the language you want to learn in your city, start attending those events!
If you’re having an off day or if your brain is already tired of studying, see if you can take a break and do something fun AND useful. If you need more motivation, check out this list of the Top 10 Inspirational Quotes in Hindi.
As like other people, Bloggers also feel demotivated many times when they get something unexpected like not getting enough traffic, not getting enough comments, sudden degrade in Page Rank, traffic Drop, more criticism instead of appreciation etc.
It might seem odd to you that I am suggesting you to forget the Google updates because it is most important to understand the updates and prepare your blog accordingly in order to stay safe from them.
But still I would like to suggest forget the Google updates because most of the times it is going disappoint you. Whenever you feel disappointed, try to go in flashback of good times happened in your life. I am taking my example here, like others I do feel demotivated many times and feel like lost everything but I don’t just give up. If you ever get tempted to go off the track, recall a reason that can easily help you control the temptation. Eat snacks or small meals that are part of your diet throughout the day to avoid extreme hunger pangs. Some people forget about the diet plan when they see their favorite ice-cream or fast food.
Once you adjust to a change, make another small change and soon you'll be eating a much healthier diet.

Find the foods you love that are healthy and you’ll stick with the diet for much longer. If you eat less quantity of unhealthy food, you’ll feel almost full but never take in too much. If you have or suspect having any medical condition, kindly contact your professional health care provider. You know what you’re in school for and you’re still reeling from your high school graduation. Of course, you see yourself in a good place, with all the things you’ve dreamed about just within your reach.
If this seems too general for you, think of two marketable skills that you can realistically hone during your college years. Most people never really put a thought about motivation because most people will only think about the outcomes of the success that they want. No worry, this article is going to show you how you can create 10 instant motivational tools within 3 minutes. It can be anything ranging from professional achievement, buying a home, academic accomplishment etc. Have people in your support system that can nurture your abilities and help you to get rid of your flaws. Overcoming the emotional hurdle to get stuff done when you’d rather sit on the couch isn’t always easy.
But for the rest of us humans, it’s good to have a library of motivational boosters to move us along. If work is a constant battle for you, perhaps it is time to start thinking about a new job.
Below are a few tips that you can put into your habits arsenal that will help maintain your motivation. Zooming out and asking yourself why you are bothering in the first place will make it more appealing. But at the same time, hidden fears or anxieties can keep you from getting real work completed.
Computers that are too slow, inefficient applications or a vehicle that breaks down constantly can kill your motivation. Reframe little problems that must be fixed as bigger ones, or they will kill any drive you have.
It doesn’t matter whether they are pulled from a tacky motivational poster, or just a few words to tell you what to do.
Sometimes, even if you do learn new words, you forget them quickly because you haven’t heard them enough in context. Friendship is the easiest way to get comfortable with the slang, intonation, and mannerisms of a new language.
Comic books, illustrated stories, and cartoons are a fun way to keep learning while reducing the target language text load for weary eyes. Many of them gets distracted or feel like lost everything but few are strong enough to tackle the situation and stay motivated. I am not saying to ignore the updates completely but forget it atleast for some time when you are demotivated.
I start remembering how I migrated from a small city to the capital city, Lagos and how I studied then entered into professional life and how I started blogging and became a part of blogosphere where now I am being loved by a number of fellow bloggers and others. This is not just another list of things to do for motivation but these are my real life experiences. Whatever be your weaknesses, find a substitute that will satisfy your cravings if they get inevitable.
Plan a diet that you would love more than your current eating pattern because the new diet includes most of your favorite foods.
Go outside or hit the gym and burn the calories off by running, walking, playing sports or whatever you like most. But you will have to keep feeding the fire of motivation throughout the challenges that lie ahead. But envisioning what you will become after ten years is easier than the planning that you need to do to make that vision come true. Some would say you can achieve your goals earlier if you keep them realistic, and if you don’t aim for much.
If you’ve always been good at technical problem solving, look for opportunities to become better at it. Even if you don’t think you can live off these talents, being great at them could turn them into potent tools that will serve you well in the future. As we all know, motivation is important in order to help us stay focused and reaching our goals and making our dreams come true. You will see how he managed to go through hardships, tough times, and difficult challenge, but never give up. And daughter of my loving parents by heart with passion for creativity, zeal to achieve something big in life but want to live life to its fullest. But unless calling in sick and waking up at noon have no consequences for you, it’s often a must.

The idea is that explicit motivational techniques should be a backup, not your regular routine. While there are many factors that go into producing this state, having the right challenge level is a big part.
If you can’t figure out why, then there’s a good chance you shouldn’t bother with it in the first place.
Besides spotting weight, having a friend can help motivate you to work hard when you’d normally quit. Learning new ideas puts your brain in motion, so it requires less time to speed up to your tasks. Emotions tend not to be situation specific, so a small win, whether it is a compliment from a colleague or finishing two thirds of your tasks before noon can turn you into a juggernaut. As mentioned above, daily exposure to new words is an important factor in solidifying your target language. The key to learning any language is speaking a lot, so try to find a native speaker who can be your conversation partner. Plus, the images help you plant lasting seeds of memory, as researchers say humor opens up cognitive doors.
And when you do it’s ok, but the important thing is to pick yourself up after this temporary setback and keep going. Many times demotivation can destroy everything if you don’t know how to cope up with it. If you eat something with too many calories, you can cut short the calories from the rest of the day. Whether you’re planning for ten, five or fifteen, what matters is you’re considering your future. If you’re naturally charismatic, you can hone your people skills or your leadership skills.
At the very least, being exceptionally good at something will continue to feed your confidence even if life keeps throwing curve balls your way.
Fortunately, every college has clubs and organizations set up by students like you for the purpose of encouraging hobbies and improving skills. You can know it from the way they walk, the way they talk, the way they think and act and make decisions. Also motivation does not function in vacuum but linked to the goals and time period to achieve these goals. Always remember one thing that a bad phase in life is just a phase not an ageless condition.
But if life has become a chronic source of dull chores, you’ve got a big problem that needs fixing. Waking up at the same time, working at the same times and having a similar productive routine makes it easier to do the next day.
Find ways to tweak your tasks so they hover in that sweet spot between boredom and maddening frustration.
Maybe it is because you aren’t sure you have time or delegated tasks haven’t been finished yet.
Our Word of the Day tool delivers you daily words and phrases, shows you how to pronounce them and use them in different contexts. Having friends that speak your target language means that you will find yourself in situations where you have no choice but to speak that language. This is a way to keep the target language active in your brain without the strain of studying a textbook.
Knowing you’ve overcome a few obstacles is only going to make the moment you have your first conversation in another language that much sweeter.
This type of thinking will encourage you to stick to a long-term plan and keeps you motivated. You are ready with a specific, measurable, attainable and relevant goal to be achieved within defined duration. Structuring your to-do lists, placing straightforward tasks such as exercising early in the day or giving yourself an affirmation can do the trick.
Just remember that 30 minutes a day, every day, is better than a binge 8-hour study session at the end of the week (though it’s obviously better than nothing).
Since you can get the WOTD via email, Facebook, or Twitter, this is a passive way of learning a language that fits into your existing daily social media routine.
Though there are external motivational factors but self-motivation is the best way to keep yourself going. It only takes 3 minutes to review a word and practice its pronunciation, so you can do it on the way to work, in the gym, or even before you go to bed. These friendships will also mean that you have someone you can ask about language, culture, and so on. Sitting idle and thinking about nothing but about the sad events of your life is a terrible thing to do and gives unhappiness.

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