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As an entrepreneur, you have a fantastic opportunity to leverage it by sharing your story, building business, and having fun keeping up with friends and family – all in one place! You visit Facebook before you go to meet, hire, or date someone, so it is pretty safe to assume they are doing the same. I have lost count of how many times I’ve gone to Facebook to find an email or phone number of a “friend” and had to do a web search. Stop the madness of wading through the epic news feed every time you visit Facebook and laser focus on the people you really want to engage with. People want to be inspired to work with you.  The most efficient way to do that is to share your personal brand and story VISUALLY.
Posting photos of things you love to do will definitely attract ideal clients.  You’ll become a magnet for those who share your passions and you can infuse them into your business process!  Passionate about wine?  Your closing gifts become wine you blend during the annual client soiree you host at the local winery your clients own.  Get the idea? If your purpose is to inspire greatness in others, share uplifting quotes.  If it’s teaching, share posts to educate others. Love connecting people? If someone isn’t friends with you, they may want (or be forced) to send you a direct message.  The problem is, these usually end up in your OTHER inbox. Always add a little extra to delight your world, make people feel special, and leave a mark they won’t easily forget! A bit of focus, planning, and sharing your story will fire up your Facebook engagement to another level and help you achieve your goals… all while being authentically you!
Do you have something you do on Facebook to elevate your engagement or accelerate your entrepreneurial goals?
You know I’ve made lists when I first got on facebook and just forgot all about them.
Tips on increasing website traffic, including information about social networking, blogging, optimization, keyword utilization and much more. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. 20 Total Shares Tweet10 Share7 Pin3 YumDisclosure: I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for the National Sleep Foundation. Did you know approximately 70 million people are affected by one or more symptoms of insomnia? Of these, an estimated 23.5 million people experience symptoms consistent with the diagnosis of insomnia. takes a look at the journey of four different individuals, all leading busy lives, working towards getting more sleep. Through each of the stories presented, we can see that even though we all differ in the amount of sleep we need, it is still essential to our body’s needs. Blogger, Brand Ambassador and Vlogger who produces family lifestyle content focusing on travel and cars. I am an ethical blogger and you can find my Privacy Policy, Disclosure Policy, and Sweepstakes Terms all on the blog. Blogging is a great first step, but keeping your readers coming back to your blog is paramount.

However you decide to get your content out there and into the laps of a larger audience, don’t wait. Ugh.  (Yes, you can send a private message on Facebook, but many people never check that inbox!) SO FILL IT OUT. Is your contact info filled out?  Do you have your current business listed and connected to that business page? Do they represent you?  Are you only posting about unicorns and rainbows, or complaining about your hard knock life?  Too much of either isn’t ideal.   Ask yourself – would I want to work with the person represented here?  Adjust, as needed. Post photos of you connecting friends in real life, or post introductions on their timeline where others can see them. She helps growth-minded entrepreneurs SHINE online by firing up their personal and business brands.
People will talk more about someone they know, and people’ll know more about someone who fills up the About Me section of their profile. I took Neil Patel’s cue and ran with it because people vibed with his delivery, and I felt being transparent, and telling a story through my Bio page would endear people to me. This is definitely a good idea to figure out who to focus on more and who to engage with less. even offers resources to people who suffer from insomnia, like you and me, to help inspire more sleep. Benefits of sleep can include lower stress, improved mood, healthy weight, better choices, more energy, and greater ability to focus. Just as you may have had as a child or may establish for your children now, it’s important to ease into resting. Together with my husband, Colby, also a full-time blogger, we raise our 5 children in Dallas, Texas and share our life on YouTube at Growing Up on a Shoestring. In addition to being an Influencer with quality content, I also strive to do a few other things. It’s the idea that having regular content in regards to your business, product or service making its way around the web will increase your sales. Regularly uploading videos to YouTube, whether they are tutorials, brand storytelling, or carefully crafted advertisements.
Content marketing is almost guaranteed to be in use by your competitors, and you don’t want to fall behind. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.
But these are some great tips to follow to increase your success not only in facebook but in social media in general!
Whether it’s a hot bath, reading, soothing music, or meditating, find a way to unwind before climbing into bed. Fortunately, with the resources available through The National Sleep Foundation, we can improve our health through sleep education.

The engagement on social media is much easier to keep up with and have real-time conversations! For example, reviews and giveaways keep my readers coming back as a trusted source of information. Next, use that email to redirect traffic back to older posts that relate to the subject at hand.
Use a video platform to promote your content and widen its reach, from your blog, from YouTube, and certainly link it up to those email blasts.
Articles, blogs, tips, tutorials and videos can be a fantastic way to keep people reading, watching and talking about what your business has to offer. In other words, don’t be boring.  If you are going to post something that represents #4, make it memorable. Also, chatting frequently, by asking questions, and by sharing answers, has done wonders for me on FB. Even as a child, I would stay up all night cleaning and rearranging my room or reading (no computers back then).
Not to mention, the glow from our phone, tablet, TV, laptop, or e-reader is physically alerting and does not help our mind shut down. Gaining, keeping, engaging and widening your audience creates more hits, so it follows that your sales will increase. Don’t forget to use that email blast to advertise anything newsworthy going on your site. Don’t be afraid to use your videos at other boards or forums, as long as it follows their Terms Of Use.
Keeping your brand foremost in consumer’s minds can only create more success for your business, large or small. Folks really dig someone who’s willing to ask, answer and simply chat without dropping links, as this person comes off as genuine, personable and detached. Also, I think this is a great reference material and will share it with my web design and web development company. Today, I still have symptoms of insomnia, but have learned to better handle them to get more sleep.
Increasing your reach isn’t hard to do, but it takes dedication, time and consistency.

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