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It will be better if you prevented the fellow smokers which you mingle or work with for a few weeks since they will only trigger your urge.
Avoid particular foods that lead to smoke cravings and go for healthy and nutritious foods that may increase nicotine detoxification and recovery. Indiatimes virality graphThe graph shows how relevant this story is on social networks real-time. As part of our #IQuitSmoking series, we asked several people who’ve kicked the butt how they did it and what kept them going.
Some people prefer to suck on mints every time they get a craving, because it sort of mimics the act of pulling on a cigarette and mint has a powerful flavour that can help curb the craving.
Keep a pencil, straw or any other long and slim object with you, and hold it in your hand whenever you feel like you need the comfort of a cigarette. Before you quit smoking, go online and download a bunch of gross pictures of people who have gotten cancer because of smoking.
Exercise will make you appreciate the importance of your cardiovascular system, and it will give you a new set of goals to look forward to.
Doing something new that you enjoy will keep your mind occupied and give you something else to think about apart from smoking. The first few days after quitting are the worst, because the nicotine is still in your system and it causes intense cravings. For each cigarette smoked the arteries constrict for about an hour with the result of 50% reduction in blood flow. Smoking comes to me, especially when I concentrated on doing something, every 5 -10 minutes I burn out a cigarette until I realize that my throat getting dry.
Smoking comes to me when I am at group of people, keeping me smoking  to show me more confident (not one, sometimes I smoke 3 cigarettes within 15 minutes) and then become a habit and increasing day by day my ability of smoking, end of the day when I am at home, the reflect of smoking cigarettes on me get affected. I could not sleep easily like many do, I cough a lot and if I sleep in just one or two hours, then I wake up again because of the body temperature is  rising up.
Today, I would like to discuss with  you the sides  of  smoking cigarette and how could smoking damage your health badly. Tobacco smoke causes airway_(throat) get narrower so causes poor blood low and decreased oxygen circulation, prevent your body from eliminating uric acid efficiently and leaving the excess in your system, forming crystals causing inflammation and a potential gout attack! I don’t mean that smoking causes or affect gout attacks directly, but decreases your overall health by not having your body work optimally increasing your risk of Lung cancer, bladder cancer, Heart Disease , systemic organ damage. So by weakening your lungs, it hampers your body’s ability to eliminate the toxins by breathing out more efficiently. The cardiovascular system is responsible for transporting nutrients and removing gaseous waste from the body, The heart and circulatory system (also called the cardiovascular system) make up the network that delivers blood to the body’s tissues. Smoking affect cardiovascular system addition to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, physical inactivity, obesity, and diabetes tops the list as a primary risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.
Nicotine substitutes and certain medications, changing your habit patterns around triggers to smoke can be challenging.
Nicotine also acts as a stimulant, increasing your heart rate and producing pleasant, satisfying feelings making you want to smoke more. Sleep apnea is a condition characterized by episodes in which breathing stops during sleep. Stopped breathing usually last for 10 seconds or more, sometimes more than 300 times a night.
A rise in blood acidity can make a gout flare more likely to occur which is the repeated cessation of breathing for many seconds at a time when the airway muscles relax during sleep. The lack of breathing also increases the percentage of carbon dioxide in the blood, which makes the blood more acidity so that uric acid is more readily dumped out of the blood as crystals of monosodium urate.
Smoking that damage to the cells, it’s seems obvious that the acidity will build up and the blood oxygen levels will suffer. The link between gout and smoking goes even further affecting our cousins of the disease, patients with rheumatoid arthritis (chronic inflammation of the joints and tissue surrounding the joints). Another study where 30 000 women aged between 55 and 69, enrolled in the Iowa Women’s Health Study since 1986 and the final study was presented in 2000 at the American College of Rheumatology clearly found that the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis was double for smokers compared to non-smokers. Listen to the music you love, watch the movies you like (go out and watch movies in the cinema, theater with 3D sound effect.
Fresh yourself with clean and fresh, good smelling perfumes so, then you don’t want your clothes to be contaminated to the cigarette smoke or go to the smoking area. Telling to Previous Co – Smokers that “I had been stopped smoking for (A Certain Period of Time). If you use the medicine treatment for gout and you are still smoking, just for a short time you feel no pain because the effect of medicines is still remaining in your body, once it’s gone, the gout will be attacked again if you are continuing smoking. Happy quitting smoking for better health and better surrounding  environment, I am happy to have your comments on my post if it helps you quit smoking. I am glad and i wish that my gout blog with name how to control the gout with vo could help people with gout know how to control and prevent gout being from flares.
We all know how dangerous smoking is for our health yet often find ourselves unable to quit. Whenever you feel you cannot control the urge to smoke try to delay your decision by distracting yourself to something else. Studies show that those who keep moving and stay active physically tend to crave tobacco less than people who don’t. Previous article14 Interesting Facts About the LiverNext article5 Good and Bad Things That Will Make Your Acne Better or Worse Dr.
Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation.

It should go without having to say that your family would like that you should stop smoking. Treat smoking cessation like throwing any other addiction: as a number of days of sobriety.
If you are trying to stop smoking, stay away from circumstances or places that could induce you to smoke.
Smoking cessation is one of the rare occasions in your life that it’s best to be considered a quitter! It is extremely tough to quit for one basic reason and that is that nicotine is really addictive. Not only they can give you support but they can often sympathise and empathise with what you might be experiencing. The longer you have smoked, the more ingrained the behavior is therefore you must understand that you might face nicotine withdrawals and cravings.
Do routine workouts for at least 30 minutes as it may replace cigarette satisfaction with endorphin production therefore it may also assist in sustaining the post-nicotine metabolism.
If you’ve already made that decision and you have the determination, then we can help you see it through.
By telling your friends and family about your decision, you will make yourself accountable to them, and you’ll think twice before letting them down. Try to avoid beverages like tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and alcohol, since they make cigarettes taste better. Chewing fennel will also freshen your breath and keep your mouth busy, so that you won’t try to satisfy your nicotine cravings with junk food. We learnt a few interesting tips along the way, one of them being that eating bananas can help you quit. If you can find someone to give you a quick 2 minute massage when you get a craving, then great, if not, you can just rub your own hand or shoulders for a couple minutes. You can do this once in a while but don’t do it too often, because the sugar in the mint will ruin your teeth. As you breathe, focus on your reasons for quitting and repeat these positive affirmations to yourself: ‘I am not a smoker. It will take you a week or two to stop hating exercise and start appreciating what it’s doing for your body, and once that happens you won’t want to spoil the results you’re getting by ruining your lung capacity with cigarettes.
It can be arts and crafts, reading, painting, sports, gardening, photography, candle making, or basically just about anything! To get the nicotine out of your system faster, go to the sauna once a day for the first three days. Once you quit smoking, treat yourself at the end of each week with the money that you would have spent on cigarettes instead.
But until the cravings pass and you have enough willpower to refuse a cigarette if somebody offers you one, it is best to avoid temptation.
Many diseases develop and causes serious damage to your health when you are smoking, Gout is one of the diseases causing from tobacco (cigarette) smoke… let’s discuss! Smoke cigarette or smoke marijuana it has the same impact as cigarettes, don’t lie to yourself! Nutrients are hard to absorb for smokers, at the same rate as a non-smoker, and should therefore, eat more servings than the recommended daily allowance of either fruits or vegetables high in vitamin C. As you will see now, Smoking inflames the air passage, so that the airway is narrower than it otherwise would be.
This condition is potentially life threatening, causing significant social and emotional problems, and hampering day to day living.
Smoking can increase the amount of acidity in the blood and may help to bring on a gout attack. More research is available there where a study conducted by Japanese researchers and presented at the American College of Rheumatology concluded after the study that there was a strong link between smoking and rheumatoid arthritis which occurred in men who were positive for rheumatoid factor.
Former smokers had a lower risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis than regular smokers; people that never smoked had the lowest risk of them all.
Below are 18 useful tips on how to quit smoking that help you to break your nicotine addiction and kick the cigarette habit for good. Your smoking temptation will be winning over you since your brain will keep insisting “ Just one only” then you are losing.
Then you want to keep on what you said (promise yourself) since you want to be a winner, a hero, frontier among the smokers try to quit but they cannot.
But because of gout and sleep Apnea and many health problems causing by tobacco (or cigarette)  smoke has happened to me. Just Visit About me page if you want to know me more or your gout situations are in immediate treatment,  i strongly recommended you to visit my Gout – Gone page for your immediate medical treatment. However, everything could explain from the blood circulation, The causes of smoking cigarettes that may be clearly seen of the side affects on your health.
This distraction will delay your tobacco craving and reduce the number of cigarettes smoked in a day. A simple walk around the block may also lead to release of anti-craving chemicals in the body. In a study conducted in Australia it was found that people who talked to others about quitting had better chances. Try to stay happy and adopt other stress management techniques such as yoga and meditation. Tell yourself that you can do it and decide what matters more to you, smoking or the urge to quit.

Studies show foods like meat and hamburgers make smoking taste better while foods like cheese, fruit, and vegetables do not.
Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. Endorphins your body creates while working out will help lower your nicotine withdrawal symptoms, as well as physical activity will take your mind away cigarettes. If you are used in order to smoking while you drink espresso in the morning or during your workplace happy hour, think about switching your routine. Quite a few people who have stop smoking made multiple attempts prior to achieving success. When you withdraw through nicotine, you may feel stressed, depressed, irritable or discouraged.
If you wind up struggling, you can get your checklist out and use it in order to motivate yourself. When you are free from smoking, you will be healthier; more satisfied with yourself and your options, and you could wind up residing a lot longer. The most common kind of mistake committed by smokers is always that, once when they have unsuccessful of their first attempt, they entirely give up.  On your first week without cigarettes, stay away from being around others that smoke, or engaging in activities that your mind connected with smoking. You will start looking forward to the reward and it will reinforce your determination to not smoke.
As we all know tobacco smoke contains thousands of deadly and dangerous chemicals that cause circulatory problems by constricting your peripheral blood vessels.
So Smoking for me is totally bad for health and beside I have to go to buy cigarettes quite often and cost a lot of money.
It also causes premature wrinkles, bad breath, stained teeth, fertility problems , low energy levels, and places you at a greater risk of illnesses like colds and flu. Second-hand smoke is just as dangerous as active smoking, and that is why smoking in public has been prohibited.
People with sleep apnea will awaken partially as they struggle to breathe, but in the morning will be unaware of any sleep disturbances ever occurring.
Coughing, sleep problems,…these temporarily symptoms could lead to major health problems in our body as a chain. If you talk to people about the evil effects of smoking, it spreads awareness while getting you the support you need. This will leave you with a satisfying and crunchy snack which will be good for you instead of harmful.
You can also spend your idle time pursuing hobbies which leave you with little time to smoke. Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. Using exercise that will help you quit smoking will have the added advantage of keeping you from gaining weight as numerous people do when they stop smoking.
Having your coffee within the car or avoiding the club allows you to short circuit your own cravings. Try it out for yourself through quitting and just seeing just how long you can hang on before selecting the habit back up.
If you experience the setback, determine what went incorrect; then pick yourself upward and start again.
As you get past the most detrimental of quitting and can begin to see the light, go celebrate!
The longer you have quit, the more you can continue routines that you once associated along with your buddies that are smoking. It’s not easy, but if you are strong enough, your battle of quitting smoking would be your victory.
Come back to me if after you compare the information in my site is accurate to nowadays research & Study? It’s important to believe that you are not at the mercy of tobacco cravings and your nicotine drive cannot control your life.
Set a realistic target and focus on making daily improvement, make moves to approach that target. Help to make efforts on a daily basis and focus upon getting through each day without cigarette smoking so that this new routines become part of your lifestyle.
Using the tips above, choose which one is convenient for you, better combine some of them together and stick to it as you Biggest plan in your life that you need to archive.
PositiveMed brings you a list of some easy ways to quit smoking and do your lungs the favor of lifetime. Research indicates that people who use some sort of smoking replacement product are two times as likely to successfully quit smoking.
Share with me about your smoking experiences and health in the comment section at the bottom of the page. It may also provide you with another reason to continue as a non-smoker by having a group of people who respect you and you don’t want to let down.

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