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I use to have a Chrysler Sebring Convertible and was ready to do a full detail of the interior when my neighbor who is a car dealer popped over. I was scared of some kind of long term effect on the leather but a year later with top down driving no ill effects. I figured I would be wiping the excess mostiouirser a couple of hours later but instead the old leather really soaked it up. Well anyways the technique if very simple put some small drops or a very small line (1 inch) of soft scrub on a small part of your leather. Get some smart makeup tips for deep set eyes in order to make you feel gorgeous in your own skin when you go on a date, an evening party and to feel confident in your everyday life as well. Best Dark Eye Shadow Makeup Tips For Beginners With Dark Eyes - Minki Lashes March 11, 2016 HOMECONTACTBEAUTY DIRECTORY Minki Lashes The best e-magazine for all things eye makeup: from false eyelashes and mink eyelash extensions, to makeup trends, eye makeup ideas, tips, tutorials and eye makeup ingredients safety assessment and false eyelash glue reviews! He said dealers use this trick all the time to really clean old dirty cars and make them look like new.
The leather looked and felt like new untill last Sunday when I finnaly sold the car with 98k on it.
We were driving back home during Christmas when some how a Windex bottle has a small leak and soaked an wrapped present. I just bought my 1991 LS400 about 5 weeks ago and finally last Friday I got a chance to detail it. Anyways now two days later my leather NO Sh_T feels as soft and looks as beautifully as my wife 99 RX300. Now using a nylon bristled brush that has been just dipped in clean water, make some gently swirls over the leather.
Well I can say is that I have done it on three different cars all different ages and makes and each time it work with NO side effects and always gave me amazing results. Small makeup tricks can help us hide small imperfections, or even turn them to our advantage, to achieve a stunning look.
All this time I thought my leather had been color died because if felt hard to the touch and had many dirty wrinkles.
Of course her leather is a different texture and color but come on it no longer looks like 11 year old leather but an honest soft beautiful supple leather.
Before it looked as if I had some very small cracks in other areas and a lot of smudges and dirt. Just work a small area at a time and wipe of with a dry towel as you go to see your progress. All, I mean every sinlge smuged stain or mark is gone from all of my fabric (even the speaker grills when peole shoes tend to rub).

My car had tan leather and was always getting really dusty and dirty from having the top down. The I followed it up with my regular leather cleaner to get up any left over soft scrub and then conditioner as usual.
Read the article below to find out the secret on how to make your deep set eyes look wonderful and attractive! He said the Leather cleaner wont really get the deep dirt out and told me to get some soft scrub from my wife! The driver seat was of course the worst with many lines which looked like cracks and just lot of imbedded dirt. I say white for two reason one so you can see how much dirt you get up and second for some crazy reason if your towel decides to bleed color it does not get on your leather.
I must admit either the texture of that little piece of leather was different from the rest or the soft scrub change the texture some, but the god awful red stain was completely gone. After doing the entire leather with soft scrub my leather was totally rejuvenated and supple again.
As you go along keep putting small abount of soft srcub at a time and keep wetting you brush in clean water.
The leather was never died it just had 11 years of dirt mixed in with who knows what kind of cleaners and conditioners built up on it.
Makeup looks for brown eyes can run the gamut, from nudes and neutral, to vivids and vibrant, with or without your favorite Minki Lashes false eyelashes.
Some parts I kept going over until all the so called crack totally disappeared and was just clean leather with some texture line but no cracks or dark lines. I got so excited and proceeded to use my leather cleaner (Lexus Brand now) when I was done. Here are our 6 best dark eye shadow makeup tips for beginners with dark eyes:Eyebrows – Hands-down, no matter how amazing your eye shadow makeup is, the effect will be diminished by lack-luster brows. Finally after cleaning all the leather I really soaked (within reason) the leather with mostiouirser (Lexus Brand) to soak in.
Invest in an eyebrow shaping kit and spend some time growing, grooming, and perfecting your brows. Pam Anderson’s thin lined brows from the 90’s are out, and natural-looking fuller and more youthful brows are in! The technique is actually thousands of years old, though only recently new to the Western world. It is safe and much gentler than waxing.Primer – Don’t skip the primer step…even if you’re wearing a shimmery nude shadow.

Primer creates an even, lovely base for your eye shadow makeup, while also providing staying power!Shadows – We already know that your brown eyes can carry just about any eye shadow makeup  color, but another wonderful aspect of dark brown eyes is that they can carry even the darker jewel tones!   That means shimmer, frost, matte…all of it…it’s yours (you can even consider an eyeshadow pencil). Though you can wear almost any color, your best shades include purples, greens, silvers, and blues. Following the appropriate eyeshadow application techniques for your eye shape, a mid-tone smokey eye is usually your best bet!
Note, however, that you need to be mindful of the proper placement of dark eye shadow colors depending on your eye shape. For example, you will want to avoid dark eye shadow on your upper lid below the crease if you have hooded eyes or deep set eyes. By contrast, for close set or big eyes, you will want some dark eye shadow makeup right below the crease.
Read our other eye shape articles for eye makeup tips for your specific eye shape.Liner – Here is the one area that might actually surprise you. Instead, opt to mix in some plum, navy, or brown liner.Mascara – Boy, can your dark eyes rock some lush looking eyelashes! So if you happen to spot some cool eggplant or navy mascara, snap it up!)Lashes – Now it’s time for the icing on the cake! If you are on a tighter budget and are not on a hunt for the most lightweight and realistic-looking product made of natural material (in case you don’t mind wearing plastic on your eyes or are only planning to wear your fake lashes once or twice for a special event), some of the best fake lashes around are Ardell, Eylure, Andrea, and Dolly Wink lashes). Again, your dark eyes enable you to pull off a fuller, longer lash…but remember that you can still be overwhelmed by a heavy, black lash.
If you are hesitant to apply lashes, check out our how-to and tutorial articles right here on But really, all you need are the fluttery Minki Lashes and some eyelash glue (skip Quo and Duo as they are toxic), and you’re good to go knock ‘em dead!Best eye shadow makeup doesn’t have to be a mystery for those with dark brown eyes. Remember your best colors, follow the best application techniques and our tips for your eye shape…and you are sure to shine! Your FAUX LASH AUTHORITY and founder of the soon-to-be-launched affordable luxury BRAND of cruelty-free 100% Siberian MINK LASHES and MINK EYELASH EXTENSIONS.

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