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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Mozilla FireFox users: right click on wallpaper and select the option Set As Desktop Background or Save Image As. Microsoft Internet Explorer users: right click on wallpaper and select the option Set as background or Save picture as. They know that a speaker can’t deliver a 60 minute speech and change the outlook of everyone in the room because that’s their job. They’re focused on how to create buy-in with their employees, how to hire better people, how to keep their best employees, and you’re just part of their master-plan. Whenever a company hires a motivational speaker, then know you’re not going to change everything in a 60 minute speech.
Every answer I’ve gotten, from the top-dog CEOs, to the managers, about “Why do you put on this event?
How loyal do you think your employees would be if you didn’t put on any events for them, you didn’t reward them when they did a good job, and they didn’t feel like they’re part of the company? Of course they want you to have a great speech, but that’s the small reason for why you’re there. If you’re a ‘social media expert’ and you’re hired for a 3-day conference, then you’re there to deliver great information. But when you’re hired by a company, they’re more interested in the experience you’re creating for the employees.
And the next time you get hired by a company, don’t be afraid to ask them why they want a motivational speaker like you. Well you have got a big business conference coming up, and you are spending endless hours on Google just to get that right speaker. Corporate world is full of challenges, where every second a new player enters the market to dethrone the leader. Speaking in front of public without making a fool out of yourself requires mastery and yes, confidence.
Reaching a common goal and getting your work done in time is imperative for achieving your business goals.
For a long-lasting impact of your training programme, seminar, or corporate event, hiring a Keynote Speaker to speak at your event may turn out to be a make or break situation.
The world is filled with entrepreneurs; entrepreneurs drive the business community and the economy of a country and have far-reaching positive impact on the society at large. In Speaking In Public Is Not A Game, I shared a difficult public speaking experience and wrote about my feelings concerning the practice that some companies use of forcing their people to speak in public. That said, at some point you may find yourself in a situation where you have to speak in public. Maybe you are a sales rep on the verge of closing a huge sale and your client has asked you to present your solution to the stakeholders who will be the end-users of your product or service. Or perhaps you are the president of a company and have been asked to make a presentation to a room full of people who are interested in what you do and why you do it.
I usually practice a presentation in my mind numerous times, until I feel like I know how I want to say things, and how the subject matter evolves.
Usually in the weeks before I deliver a talk, I will find myself visualizing being in front of that group, at that time, delivering that talk. If I feel like I’m delivering my talk to people in the audience, I’m connecting with them more solidly. Many of my public speaking experiences have been at the request of a friend, colleague or client. The more comfortable and knowledgeable you are with what you will be speaking about, the more confident you will feel when the time comes to deliver it.
If you have the option to show up a bit early and greet people as they come in, this can help a great deal.
Dan, Lorne and I all hope that these public speaking tips will help you if you find yourself in a situation where you must face an audience, and possibly your fears.

Gil NamurLife As A Human's President (and chief bottle washer!), has been writing music, lyrics and poetry since he was a youngster. Don’t ‘guess’ and don’t ask people who ‘think they know.’ Ask the specific person who has the answer.
Why do you hire a motivational speaker?” …Every answer revolves around one thing…the employees.
You’re hosting the event because whether you hire a motivational speaker or band, you need to get all your employees to be excited to go to work. Everyone in the audience is expecting to be blown away with the amount of information you’re giving. If you are not well equipped with the best defense, competition will find chinks in your armor. In large organizations it is extremely difficult to make a collaborative decision; this happens because of lack of leadership. You have heard a pantheon of Keynote speakers address their audience and give an enthusiastic and invigorating speech.
While it’s true that personal growth can indeed come from facing our fears, I don’t think that forcing people to do so is such a great idea. Hays and Lorne Daniel to help me put together some public speaking tips that we hope will help. There are so many factors involved in successful public speaking that it can get very complex. The times I have really got in trouble as a speaker is when I did too much navel gazing and worried about my voice, or my clothes, or whether they would notice that my hand was trembling when I reached for that glass of water. Before your talk even starts, look for the kind eyes and smiling faces out in the audience and use them as emotional starting points. So I try to establish eye contact, usually with a couple of people in different parts of the audience. You’ll connect with a few of them and have someone you can make eye contact with when you start your presentation. It doesn’t have to be a full walk-and-talk, but if you shift your weight, move your arms, and in general, stay loose, you can counteract any mental tension you might have. You can also subscribe without commenting.Yes, please add me to your mailing list for your weekly digest! Marshall, The Public Speaker October 12, 2015 I frequently get asked about how to become a motivational speaker. I’ve talked with CEOs, VPs, high-level execs, managers, and lots of other people who hire motivational speakers. So the CEO is simply using you (the motivational speaker) as part of his big master-plan for the employees. But in some way or another, you’re there because they need to built a tight-nit of employees that will make the company skyrocket.
If you’re a great motivational speaker then you’ve helped the CEO (or whoever hires you) with their mission of banding together the employees. We encourage our other authors and readers to add their ideas as comments at the end of this post.
Plus, if I know my material really well, I can spend more emotional energy on the delivery and pace of the talk. I’ll visualize how I’ll use either one, and if I need to watch a mike cord, visualize making sure that I’m keeping it out of my way if I’m able to move around.
This is helpful in letting me know how my content is connecting with the participants as I see their response to what I’m saying. Fortunately, to date, all of them have involved speaking about something I know and feel passionate about. Look at the trees, the sky, the clouds and remind yourself that whatever happens, the sun will still rise tomorrow. If I have one, I love to start with a short relevant story, something I know really well and can speak about with passion and conviction.

I find it easier to have a wireless microphone (or take the wired mic off the stand) and move about.
Keep in mind that, whatever technology you are working with, this is all about human communication. That said, I don’t go so far as to memorize it, because I don’t want my delivery to sound wooden or rote. I read both prose and poetry that I had written, but was really there to strengthen my comfort with being in front of people. Sometimes I fold it up and put it in my pocket in case I need to reference it when the day comes. Keeping my legs moving helps me to breathe easier which ultimately pumps blood and oxygen into my brain. Again, if any of our authors or readers have helpful ideas, please leave those below as well.
As long as I have the major points to work from, and any emphasis points in mind, I feel like I’m on solid ground. I spoke to a large group, and while there was a podium at the front with a mike on a stand, the first thing I did was remove the mike from the stand (I had visited the site, so I knew this was possible) strung out the mike cord behind me (like every lounge singer since time began), and began to move around in front of the first row of participants. As I read, all eyes in the event were on me, and the first time I did it I was somewhat nervous. Doing that also helps me relax and not get locked in to a body position or looking in one direction.
Practice a lot and practice in different environments like on a walk, in your car or at the beach.
If it’s a presentation where there will be some interaction, I sometimes pose a question to the audience right away. The movement helped me relax, and I could make eye contact with various audience members more easily.
By the sixth time I performed, being in front of a group was much more comfortable, and I could much more easily concentrate on things like my delivery and connecting with the audience. Don’t do that in a speech (as too many speakers do, while reading PowerPoint bullets from the screen). For instance, if I entertain questions, is the venue set up to have a mike for the audience? Be sure there are slight pauses after each sentence and slightly longer ones after each salient point that you want to make.
I’ve had a wide range of professional clients, including a beauty queen, a rabbi, and a billionaire. But usually I’m hired by organizations and companies that employ doctors, scientists, engineers, and financial professionals. If not, I find it best to repeat the question so the audience knows what question I’m answering.
The best way I’ve found to avoid feeling nervous just before a presentation is to have a conversation with someone.
I will even go to the venue and check out the layout, the podium, the mike arrangement if possible. I like to walk around and talk with audience members, or shake hands and have conversations when the delegates are walking in, or if it's a dinner event, to talk to my table mates. If I have already seen the arrangement, and have been visualizing how I will work in that setting, I’m a lot more comfortable.
Read as much as you can, attend conferences, read research studies—do whatever it takes to know your topic.
These organization are designed to help its members become better speakers and better at the business of speaking.

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