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Bring what you need to the office to satisfy cravings and oral fixation needs as they pop up.
You might at some point find yourself inexplicably standing up at your desk and heading to an unknown destination. Just as you shouldn't forsake breaks, you should do what you can to maintain the sense of structure smoking gave you. Get informed for your quit smoking journey today with BigPond Health, Virtual Medical Centre and Nicabate.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The thing is, quitting smoking is as much about cutting out cigarettes as it is about what you do with their absence.
About a month ago, I quit smoking for the fourth or fifth time in the roughly five years since I'd joined the pack-a-day club. Here are some tips to help you cope with the gaping hole cigarettes will leave in your life, without completely sacrificing your value to society.
The key is to not overload yourself with more tasks than you can reasonably expect to complete.

It might help to explain to coworkers that you're quitting smoking so that they don't think they're at risk for catching whatever bug is going around. E-cigarettes just make me want to smoke real cigarettes, but if they help you change your habits, then great.
Mange your moodsFor some, smoking is used as an avenue to relieve negative moods, to relax and reduce emotional distress.
If you're an active smoker, those little cancer sticks for which you've developed such a deep Stockholm Syndrome type of affection fill some pretty critical roles in your life, especially at your job. Every time I've quit, the experience has been a little different, and each time, it's gotten a little easier. Try to take advantage of bathroom breaks to purge your lungs so that you don't gross folks out too much.
While smoking may appear to provide these psychological benefits, it is also associated with increased levels of stress and depression.
The spewing of phlegm as your lungs clear -- some quitters even complain of flu-like symptoms.
What remains consistent is that work seems impossible once the structure of smoke breaks is removed and the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal start to kick in.

Carry your coffee with you as you walk, rather than drinking it before you leave -- it'll be nice to have something int your hands. The reality is that you're going to have trouble focusing and you may not be as productive as normal the first week or so.
Quitting smoking has a very high relapse rate and therefore while many people are able to quit, maintaining a smoke-free lifestyle is a challenge. Just start your day with something different, because once you arrive at work, avoiding reminders of the life you're leaving behind is going to be difficult.
Having a list of to-dos will take some of the thinking out of working while your mind is running slower than normal. The most effective quit regimes combine pharmacotherapy with some form of psychological intervention.
Take them away, and all of a sudden your day has lost any semblance of structure and time seems to freeze.

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