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Revised and expanded for the second edition, this text provides an action-packed, month-by-month guide to all the emotional, financial and even physical changes a father-to-be may experience during the course of his partner's pregnancy. Starring the wacky Marvel comic heroes, read the hilarious first book in this upcoming trilogy.
An information-packed, month-by-month guide to all the emotional, financial, and yes, even physical changes the father-to-be may experience during the course of his partner's pregnancy.
My husband Christopher is anticipating his first Father's Day with our baby Christy, now eight months old, and happily agreed to be the dad consultant for this review. There is plenty of literature available for expectant mothers but significantly less for fathers-to-be. In this updated third edition of Brott's guide for new fathers, the parenting expert (Fathering Your Toddler) gives dads-to-be a month-by-month breakdown of what to expect as they prepare to welcome a baby into their family. Read an Excerpt Introduction When my wife and I got pregnant in July 1989, I was the happiest I'd ever been. He didn’t call me on the phone to chat or pick me up for daddy-daughter ice cream dates. Every time he crouches down and invites one of our girls to run and jump into his strong arms.
When he cranks up Sugar on the stereo, grabs our 7-year-old by the hand, and twirls her around the living room. The times he sits on the floor with our toddler, building with LEGOs or piecing together a puzzle or taking a pretend sip of blueberry tea from a pink plastic teacup.
From my perspective, watching my husband grow into his role as a father has made me reflect on how some dads think it’s all or nothing.
I share this list because I know how easy it is to get wrapped up in the daily routine and miss these simple opportunities.
For all of you new dads, or soon-to-be dads, we’ve got something special for you this week! Start Preparing Your Kids for College5 Tips for Dads Who Travel12 Ways to Dedicate Time to Your Child’s Education- by NCF Dads like you!
You may also like: Preparing for Labor & Delivery: The Hospital Packing List When You Gotta Go… Now! My wife and I are going to the hospital to be admitted, and in a few short hours (hopefully) we will be delivering a healthy baby girl into the world, and I have to say that I’m much less nervous than I would have been had I not read Armin A.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Incorporating the wisdom of top experts in the field, from obstetricians and birth-class instructors to psychologists and sociologists, The Expectant Father is filled with sound advice and practical tips for men. First on his list of recommendations were Armin Brott's friendly, informative guides: The Expectant Father and The New Father. While both these titles address the overlooked father, their different approaches complement each other. For each month, Brott and Ash give a rundown of what mothers, babies, and fathers are experiencing physically and emotionally, from moodiness and food cravings (which fathers aren't exempt from) to balancing fatherhood with work. That pregnancy, labor, and the birth of our first daughter was a time of incredible closeness, tenderness, and passion. The next time you head to the garage to fix something or build something, bring your kid along. When you’re watching your favorite sporting event on TV, take the time to explain the rules of the game to your kid. Show them your desk, where you fill up your coffee, and the conference room where you have your weekly status meetings.
No matter if you’re the chef of the family or your partner usually does the cooking, pick a night and make dinner with the kids. Whether you have a physical photo album or a folder of pictures on your computer, sit down together and look through family photos. We’ve asked some of our friends to give you their best advice as you start out on your fathering journey! More than ever, men are realizing their role as active participants in the pregnancy experience. You’ll learn more about pregnancy, have the chance to ask questions and find out what’s happening with your baby firsthand. While you may want to fix a problem, your wife probably just wants you to be understanding when she needs to complain or needs a shoulder to cry on. Go out to dinner, take in a movie and spend some quality time together to keep your romance alive. Some household products like strong cleaners, paint products and insecticides could potentially be harmful to your baby. Help pick out registry items, attend baby showers and get everything set up in the nursery. As the baby’s due date nears, do as much as you can to help get the house ready, settle any outstanding work issues and have a plan in place for getting to the hospital and communicating with family and friends.
Brott and Jennifer Ash’s excellent daddy-to-be prep guidebook “The Expectant Father”.I’m still nervous, of course, but many of my fears and confusions have been allayed somewhat by the thorough and straightforward research done by Brott and Ash. Interspersed with a month-by-month account of the development of the fetus in the first book and infant in the second are discussions of dad's emotions, tips on financial planning, and ways to support the mother.

Brott and Ash give practical advice on everything from where to have the birthhospital or hometo how to start a college fund. Rather than simply offering a laundry list, Brott and Ash explore, explain, and perhaps most importantly, assuage anxiety about the issues that arise and evolve over the course of a pregnancy. Long before we'd married, my wife and I had made a commitment to share equally in raising our children. He has written on parenting and fatherhood for The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post, Newsweek, and dozens of other publications. Working 50, 60, 70 hours a week to get that next raise, that next promotion so you can get that bigger house.
Every time a commercial like this comes on, every time I see a dad at the grocery store wearing his baby in a carrier, every time I hear about a dad taking his full paternity leave – my heart smiles. And as someone who deeply appreciates what a good father brings to the table, I share this reminder of what really, truly matters.
For my husband and our toddler, they make a bowl of oatmeal every morning and sit down together to share it. Whether it’s a paragraph or a sentence, your words will mean the world to your child.
Take the day or the morning off work to do something fun with your kids, even if it’s just once a year.
Learning the basics before baby arrives will build your confidence as a new dad and help you bond with your baby.
If she’s not feeling well or too tired to go out, order in a meal and watch a favorite show at home. And for these 9 months, you’re in charge of cleaning the cat litter box since it can also be harmful. Also, think about estate planning, such as making a will or designating a guardian for your child, should something happen to you. Seemingly every topic of concern is covered, from morning sickness, foods to avoid, midwives, doulas, and adoption to worries over miscarriage and birth defects, the latter addressed with calm, sympathetic advice. And it seemed only natural that the process of shared parenting should begin during pregnancy. You could meet your kids for lunch, let your child help you get dressed in the morning (pick out your socks or a belt, put your shoes on for you, and so on), brush your teeth together at night. On regular days, surprise your kid with notes in their school lunch box or Post-It notes on their bathroom mirror. Brott and Ash's measured, experienced tone offers assurance and guidance for those new to the stresses and worries of impending fatherhood, making this a must-have for anyone expecting.
Since neither of us had had children before, we were both rather ill-prepared for pregnancy.
She and her husband Joe, and their son Clarke and daughter Amelia make their home in New York City.
Not only will you have fun, but listening to music together creates healthy family bonds and shapes positive memories.
It doesn’t have to be anything special, but the time and regularity will be special to your child. Prenatal communication, sex during pregnancy, crib furnishingsone would be hard put to find a question about having a baby that is not dealt with here, all from the expectant father's point of view. Fortunately for my wife, there were literally hundreds of books designed to educate, encourage, support, and comfort women during their pregnancies. You can look for interesting bugs together, play catch, or hop on your bikes for a quick ride around the block. For all I know or care, Brott could really be a WWE wrestler and a part-time janitor, but his book comes across like it’s written by a guy who definitely knows a thing or two about parenting from the father’s perspective.To hear stories from my father’s generation, books like this---targeted towards dads BY dads---were practically unheard of. In addition to practical problems, a man experiences profound, personal changes when he becomes a father.
But when I began to realize that I, too, was expecting, and that the pregnancy was bringing out feelings and emotions I didn't understand, I couldn't find any books to turn to.
Most dads of my parents’ generation never had the pleasure of being in the same room with their wives as she gave birth, let alone caring whether he knew how to hold the baby or change their diapers.
Heinowitz's goal is to help expectant fathers become the kind of engaged, involved fathers that they wish to be. I looked for answers in my wife's pregnancy books, but information about what expectant fathers go through (if it was discussed at all) was at best superficial, consisting mostly of advice on how men could be supportive of their pregnant wives.
Times have changed, and I happen to think it’s for the better.I think it’s vitally important that fathers have more of a say and a role in their child’s upbringing. In the process, he discusses coming to terms with one's own experience of childhood, accepting one's own feelings and emotions, dealing with the stress of parenthood, and even fathering through divorce. And to make things worse, since my wife and I were the first couple in our circle of close friends to get pregnant, there was no one else I could talk to about what I was going through, no one who could reassure me that what I was feeling was normal and all right. I also think it’s annoying how TV and movies and the media in general have portrayed most fathers as dim-witted, lazy, or altogether absent in the lives of their own children.
Both books will be very useful not only for expectant fathers but also for men wondering if fatherhood is right for them, and both are highly recommended for all public libraries and medical libraries serving obstetricians and their patients.John Moryl, Yeshiva Univ. Until fairly recently, there has been precious little research on the man's emotional and psychological experiences during pregnancy.

Societal views of fathers are generally pretty negative, and perhaps there is some justification, but there is a growing number of men like myself who actually WANT to play as important a role, if not moreso, than the mother’s.Kudos to Brott for writing a book that doesn’t second-guess whether the new father reading his book is reading it because he WANTS to and not because his wife made him read it. The very title of one of the first articles to appear on the subject should give you some idea of the medical and psychiatric communities' attitude toward the impact of pregnancy on men. Indeed, Brott assumes that the father has as many, if not more, worries and questions (and duties) than the expectant mother. The reality is that men's emotional response to pregnancy is no less varied than women's; expectant fathers feel everything from relief to denial, fear to frustration, anger to joy. And for anywhere from 22 to 79 percent of men, there are physical symptoms of pregnancy as well (more on this on pages 53-55). I’ll be honest, I barely skimmed that enormous tome with its double columned pages and small font and endless FAQs that really just succeeded in making me worry about shit that I probably won’t ever have to worry about.Brott’s book is written for the average guy.
Each major chapter deals with one month of the pregnancy, and within each chapter are short to-the-point sections about anything and everything that you, your wife, and the baby is going through via bullet points, lists, and definitions of terms that you’ll definitely be hearing a lot. In my opinion it's because we, as a society, value motherhood more than fatherhood, and we automatically assume that issues of childbirth and childrearing are women's issues.
But as you'll learn--both from reading this book and from your own experience--this is simply not the case.
When Jennifer Ash approached me about collaborating with her on The Expectant Father, we agreed that our goal was to help you understand and make sense of what you're going through during your pregnancy. He’s been there himself, so he knows what it’s like to see weird glances from people (mostly women) who may be unaccustomed to (or indoctrinated by society to think it’s unusual or disturbing) seeing fathers pushing carriages or changing diapers or playing with their kids at playgrounds. That's an important goal, but one that is clearly dependent on your partner's being pregnant. Brott has written an intelligent, serious, and immensely readable resource for new fathers.I highly recommend this book for any new dad. A good understanding of your partner's perspective on the pregnancy--emotional as well as physical--is essential to understanding how you will react. It was precisely this perspective that Jennifer, whose son was born only a few days after my second daughter, provided. Throughout our collaboration she contributed valuable information and comments not only about what pregnant women are going through but also about the ways women most want men to stay involved.
A Note on Structure Throughout the book, Jennifer and I try to present straightforward, practical information in an easy-to-absorb format.
Each of the main chapters is divided into four sections as follows: What She's Going Through Even though this is a book about what you as an expectant father are going through during pregnancy, we felt it was important to summarize your partner's physical and emotional pregnancy experience as well.
What's Going On with the Baby This section lets you in on your future child's progress--from sperm and egg to living, breathing infant. What You're Going Through This section covers the wide range of feelings--good, bad, and indifferent--you'll probably experience at some time during the pregnancy.
It also describes the physical changes you may go through, as well as the ways the pregnancy may affect your sex life. Staying Involved While the "What You're Going Through" section covers the emotional and physical side of pregnancy, this section gives you the specific facts, tips, and advice on what you can do to make the pregnancy yours as well as your partner's. For instance, you'll find easy, nutritious recipes to prepare, information on how to start a college fund for the baby, valuable advice on getting the most out of your birth classes, and tips about how to be supportive of your partner and stay included in the pregnancy. Jennifer and I have included a detailed chapter on labor and delivery and another on Cesarean section, both of which prepare you to understand and help your partner through the birth itself.
Perhaps even more important, these chapters prepare you for the often overwhelming emotions you may experience when your partner is in labor and your child is born.
We've also included a special chapter that addresses the major questions and concerns you may have about caring for and getting to know your child after you bring him or her home.
And finally, we've included a chapter called "Fathering Today," in which you'll learn to recognize--and overcome--the many obstacles contemporary fathers are likely to encounter. As you go through the book, remember that each of us brings different emotional baggage to our pregnancies, and that none of us will react to the same situation in the same way.
You may find that some of the feelings described in the "What You're Going Through" section in the third-month chapter won't really ring true for you until the fifth month, or that you have already experienced them in the first month. You may also want to try out some of the ideas and activities suggested in the "Staying Involved" sections in a different order. In an attempt to avoid offending anyone (an approach that usually ends up offending everyone), we've decided to refer to the woman who's carrying the baby as "your partner." Hospitals, Doctors . We realize that not everyone who has a baby delivers in a hospital or is under the care of a medical doctor.
Still, because this is the most frequent scenario, we've chosen to refer to the place where the baby will be born as "the hospital" and to the people attending the birth (besides you, of course) as "doctors," "nurses," "medical professionals," or "practitioners." As a rule, today's fathers (and prospective fathers) want to be much more involved with their children than their own fathers were able to be. It's our belief that the first step on the road toward full involvement is to take an active role in the pregnancy. And it's our hope that when you're through reading The Expectant Father--which is the book Jennifer wishes she could have bought for her husband when she was pregnant and I wish I'd had both times my wife and I were pregnant--you'll be much better prepared to participate in this important new phase of your life.

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