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The people of Tightwad, fed up with rampant government spending and a ballooning national debt, are offering Washington politicians a few lessons on how to balance a budget.
But what often gets overlooked are the individuals in the opposite of the spending spectrum- the tightwads.
In this month’s issue of Men’s Health, an article features observations about people and money from behavioral scientist, George Lowenstein. Private Student Loans - A private student loan can help you cover the additional costs of a law degree. It became a byword for frugality after it was renamed in the 1930s and the locals feel amply qualified to tell the Obama administration how to tighten belts."We can't run on a deficit or rob Peter to pay Paul like the government does," said Wendy Huey, 40, a co-owner of the Tightwad Store.

Tightwads also have messed up ideas about money and their screwy ideas can create stress in their own lives and the live of their loved ones. Lowenstein conducted an experiment in which he divided people into two groups- spendthrifts and tightwads- based on responses to a survey. It's easy to be greedy when you have other people's money to spend."Tightwad was previously called Edgewood and there are several versions of how the new name originated. Often these compulsive, or spend-thrifty individuals have to overcome messed up ideas about money.
Spendthrifts are individuals who derive pleasure from spending, while tightwads experience pain.
Join me on my quest to avoid taking on more debt, paying off some of the debt I have, and trying to survive law school while doing it.

We go to war and blow up another country and then we spend millions trying to make the place better."David Todd, 41, was fixing his beaten-up old truck after it had hit a buck deer. One is that a store owner cheated a postman out of a watermelon to make 50 cents, another is that a local merchant overcharged for a rooster.
The result was that spendthrifts spent less money when forced to deliberate, while tightwads spent bought much more.

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