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A note about sour milk: I like to use multiple leavening tricks because muffins can be notoriously heavy.
If you want to add color, shred a bit of the colorful ingredient with the wet ingredients (half a cup of berries will give your muffin a fun tint).
If you use a lot of pureed cooked veggies or fruit, your muffins will have a tough outer crust, but added inner moisture. One of the great things about these cookies is that you can use all kinds of mix-ins to make them unique (and also to use up leftover bits in your pantry).
My mom makes a family recipe book every 10 years or so (which is highly-sought after and prized, by the way!), and this recipe comes straight outta the 1980s version of the cookbook.
You can eat it as is (sooo much better than Campbell’s condensed stuff), or use it as gravy, or as a binder in a casserole.
After reading some terrific instructions on Like Merchant Ships on how to simplify when cooking for your family, I pretty much posted a blog in the comments.
I usually have cooked carbs on hand in the form of whole wheat spaghetti noodles (make pasta marinara, or use them for asian-inspired stir fry), and cooked rice. I know this blog is teetering dangerously close to becoming a mommy blog, but the truth is that almost all the crafty things I do these days involve the kiddos, such is the all-consuming nature of being the parent of a toddler and baby.
We make pizzas from scratch every other week or so, and this week we stole a bit of the dough to make a wee pizza for the 2 year-old. This would be a really great party activity for toddlers, grade-schoolers and beyond, or even adults. The pizza sandwich is one of those deceptively simple meals that twists grilled sandwiches just enough to inject some fun into your meal.
This recipe is great for my two year old, who can help mix spices in tomato sauce, spread the sauce on the bread, and sprinkle cheese and olives.
Start the recipe with two slices of bread per sandwich (if that isn’t obvious), and butter one side of each piece lightly. One great thing about this sandwich is that the tomato sauce helps moisten the bread, as does the butter.
Collect your favorite pizza toppings for the next portion of the recipe, such as olives, pepperoni, mushrooms, etc. For our sandwiches, we just added sliced olives (also purchased in the big can, and then divided in two large containers, one of which was frozen for storage. Once your bread is sufficiently decorated, top the sandwiches with the other pieces of bread, and (parent) cook like a standard grilled sandwich, until cheese is melted and sandwich is warmed through, bread is browned a little.
If you are a camper, this mix would be great to take along with you for an easy outdoor breakfast. I would make at least a double batch of these because the pancakes are great for kid snacks later in the day. I don’t have that many, but there are two kitchen tricks I use a lot that always fill me with glee every time I use them because they are just so darn useful! I will never be the author of an amazing cookblog, but I do have these two tips to share with you! This is a chicken and roasted vegetable dish from Laura Muir's blog fresh cooking=happy people. But what if you get this assortment of food and you don't know quite what to do with it?
Admittedly, when I opened the box and found everything so fresh and pretty, I mostly wanted to photograph the food, not eat it. In the meantime, hop on over to Muir Fresh Harvest and find out what's coming in the next bundle. This is the apple pie that made me forget about the car falling apart…at least for a few minutes. Actually, the recipe came from Lucinda Scala Quinn, who is Martha Stewart’s Executive Food Director, so I guess Martha can’t move over too much. If you have a better apple pie recipe (no canned filling or storebought crusts allowed) let me know. I was in the mood for something salty and crunchy the other day and happened upon these chips at Whole Foods. My friend Corrine Miller is not only a generous and gorgeous woman, she's a talented chef. However, I have learned a few important tricks for making sure your muffins turn out yummy every time.
Therefore, I always use sour milk (milk + vinegar) and baking soda, and it doesn’t hurt to add an extra egg. If you have a leftover that you need to get rid of, you might do well to use it up in a muffin. I added coconut, Cheerios, and raw oatmeal to mine, but you can use any kind of cereal, pretzels, nuts, or whatever you have on hand. It should be completely ready to dump in the saucepan at the moment the candy-coating is done boiling. You’re basically making candy, so you want to be sure it reaches the right temperature to set properly. I tried to make them pink with food coloring, then I added sprinkles to further the insult!
I like making this simple soup because it’s versatile, filling, and healthy (while giving the illusion of being a rich cream soup).
Mixing and matching is fine (see photo above: there are potatoes, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower). I just chop up whatever veggies need to be used up for the soup (I use the recipe in my 70s BHG cookbook–we tend to mix potato, onion, broccoli, etc), and store it in a washed-out milk container so we always have soup on hand. With a can of fat-free refried beans, you can make burritos (they take 5 mins to make), taco salad, or tostadas. It’s a blessing (never-ending recipients of crafts and inspirations for craft!) and a curse (no time to do anything for yourself!), but mostly a blessing.

I also have some bread rolls that have been sitting on my counter in a bag for a week or so.
Put the butter in the pan you intend to use (I used a 9″ round cake pan) and let it melt and brown while the oven heats (just remember to remove it before it gets too brown!). What if we combined the pizza and the grilled cheese sandwich to make a whole new kind of fun fast food? I imagine this would be fun for kids older than Lewis who are excited by the idea of pizza. Put some italian seasonings in some tomato sauce (basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, garlic, onion, etc.) or use some ready-made spaghetti sauce in your favorite variety. I was toying with the idea of making up a bunch of the mix so I could quickly make pancakes, but honestly, regular pancakes are pretty quick to make anyway.
You can omit the baking soda & vinegar for an even easier mixing experience (if you do omit them, add an additional 1 teaspoon baking powder to the mix). You will know it is time to turn the pancakes over when they get a little bit dry-looking on the edges (just a little bit!), and you can see a few bubbles rising in the middle of the pancakes.
I just put them in a pourable mixing cup and microwave for a minute, stir, then another 30 seconds in the microwave.
I admit, I have a flour sifter (NOT the type recommended by Alton Brown – ha ha!), but I never use it (and it takes up a lot of space!). So I took pictures of it all afternoon, moving each piece this way and that until it looked just right. I like beets, and I like sweet potatoes, and I like chips, so it was a no brainer that I would like these. And most of them are good, aside from the recipes that try too hard to be healthy, using whole wheat flour, apple sauce and honey. By the time I had frosted the last cookie, I could really identify with Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch.
When I finished my first slice, I concluded that everything made the pizza good, from the crust to the toppings. Then I came upon this idea for using what you have on hand to concoct some seriously yummy muffins. This is an important point if you’re making muffins to share with others (at work, or as a housewarming gift). They’re a cookie that you make in a saucepan on the stove, and were a staple of my childhood in the 80s. I usually use this recipe to use up veggies in the fridge that are on their last leg (do veggies have legs?), or it works well with frozen veggies.
I usually add water & a couple spoonfuls of vegetarian soup starter (the kind that comes in a jar and is refrigerated). I would be a perfect candidate for a meal plan, but I’m more of a grey-area person so schedules only work so well for me.
You can eat it as is (sooo much better than Campbell’s condensed stuff), or use it as gravy, or as a binder in a casserole.
You want to maintain the shape of the bread cubes as well as the individual berries as much as possible.
Lewis doesn’t know he should get excited by pizza yet, so just cooking it is fun enough for him! This particular recipe doesn’t have much in the way of liquid, but I let him mix the dry ingredients to make sure the lumps are all broken up.
I didn’t have any eggs, so I used soy flour instead of eggs, which is really what makes it feasible for a dry pancake mix, as well as the dry milk powder. My husband doesn’t like chunky guacamole (although I do), and I could never pulverize the avocado to his liking with just a fork. But with Muir Fresh Harvest, Laura Muir posts the contents of each bundle before you order it. Laura Muir provides recipes using your bundle produce on her blog, Fresh Cooking=Happy People. Yes, I peeled and sliced eight apples and mixed them with a little sugar, butter, and a smidge of flour. One mentioned her lemon poppy seed cake, another pink lemonade served by the pool, still others fondly recalled her beer bread, baked beans, seven layer lettuce salad, and trifle. In the space of ten hours in the kitchen, I felt like I had gained ten pounds and aged ten years.
I would have suggested Peanut Butter and Jelly, a sack of chips, an apple and a popsicle for dessert. I've always thought these anorexic pancakes would be too difficult to make, preferring instead to buy them from cute little roadside kiosks in Europe and hippie hang-outs in San Francisco. I love how versatile muffins are, and I love that you can throw just about anything in them and they’ll taste good. Muffins with shredded veggies will be moist and delicious, and people won’t know why.
You can use this basic principle to make cream of chicken or clam chowder, or other meaty soups, too, although our family usually sticks to  vegetarian fare, so I haven’t tried this technique with meat soups.
You can use them as they are with a bit of seasoning for your veggie side dish, or add them to other dishes (like the aforementioned asian-inspired stir fry) or soups.
The toaster oven cooks small batches of things (cookie dough for instance), and reheats things to crispy perfection. So while it’s good to look the recipes up on the website, it’s even better to own the book.
Plus, instead of feeling generous and all warm and fuzzy, my heart had shrunk to the size of a shriveled pea. Not that I'm a gourmet cook, but I read this magazine and salivate over the beautiful photographs on a monthly basis. You can satisfy your craving without slaving over the stove or forking out your hard earned money.

Growing up, my mom’s muffins ranked as my favorite thing she made for us (even above cookies!).
I used to cook a big batch of beans up, puree them and freeze them so I didn’t have to buy canned (more expensive) but there were some complaints about the taste and consistency of the homemade refried beans.
It will last for years in your fridge, and is such a better deal than the stuff in packets. I pressed the cheese into the tomato sauce to help adhere it so it wouldn’t fall out of the sandwich when I put the sandwich tops on.
Then, just when I finished cooking and got it all set up, another kid wanted a ride to basketball. And if you already went to the trouble to make the banana bread from scratch, you need to finish the job with your own frosting. Unfortunately, this cookbook is out of print, so if you want to buy a copy you will have to search for it used. I am still thinking about doing that again, and then mixing the homemade with the canned to cut the cost down of the canned beans.
The sour cream idea comes from my friend Shannon, who shared her recipe in a church cookbook. Or I could just read about the food and pretend that I had just eaten a good meal, even though usually I look at the current issue while snarfing a sandwich made with questionable lunch meat. If you make juice with a juicer, don’t overlook the leftover pulp as a great addition to muffins. If you shop at these kinds of stores, don’t forget to pick up pre-shredded mozzarella and tomato sauce to maximize your bargain. But I hear you can make them at home, which makes me want to buy a mandoline, one of those kitchen gadgets that slices stuff super thin. It stands to reason that though I grew up with naked banana bread, the first time I tried a frosted loaf I was hooked. So you can see why it was necessary to channel my inner French woman and learn how to make these things in my own kitchen. Double the recipe, make the pizza, and freeze it cut into quarters for nights when you don’t feel like cooking. I also would not know Jane and Michael Stern, a foodie couple who travel the nation in search of a good meal (my idea of the perfect retirement).
I never do.Peanut butter, the natural kind or whatever you have on hand1 carrot shredded (make sure it is sweet. Cooking not only makes me nibble on everything within reach, it also brings out my inner axe murderer. Mix wet ingredients together (sometimes I just throw the wet ingredients in the blender to mix).
If you make these yourself, are you less inclined to eat too many of them, seeing as it took you so long to make them?
It was because of this magazine that I read all of Reichl's books, which also inspired me to find a source for local, organic produce. Cover with a wet towel (or a clean plastic bag that you can tie shut) and let rise for one hour. It took me a year to decide to treat myself to a subscription, and now it's gone kaput. DO NOT ADD EXTRA FLOUR.)Using cooking spray on your hands will keep the dough from sticking to you while you work with it in this next step.
Despite the name indicating that these should be eaten at the end of the meal, in our house they ARE the meal.4 eggs? tsp salt2 cups flour2-3 Tablespoons sugar2 cups milk? cup melted butter1 ? tsp vanillaIn a medium mixing bowl, combine eggs and salt. Take, for example, one issue where a toddler modeled a sports jacket that cost somewhere in the neighborhood of two hundred dollars.
Like I'm going to spend that much money on clothing for a person who has no bladder control and could spew his dinner all over his designer outfit with nary a thought to the cleaning bill. They're also yummy with apricot or raspberry jam, folded and topped with powdered sugar.
As an even more special treat, she recommends fresh peaches in season, topped with creme fraiche. With the seam side down, take a piece of fishing line (a new piece of course, and not one fished out of a tackle box!) and cut slices of the log to make rolls. A slick way to do this is to hold both sides of the fishing line, slip it underneath the log, then draw up the two sides and cross them over as if you were getting ready to tie a knot. If you really want to get a few more cavities, you can top the whole thing with a drizzle of chocolate sauce, preferably the real stuff, but in a pinch, the Hershey's variety will suffice. With a recession on, even big guys like Conde Nast pay attention to the bottom line and make cuts where it makes the most sense. When they're just slightly golden on top, pull those puppies out and turn them out on a cooling rack. Put flour, soda, and spices in a bowl and mix with a whisk (much easier than using a sifter).3. But apparently even the wealthy have stopped buying frivolous things like well-designed, well-written magazines. After making the dough, cutting the cookies out and baking them, I've usually lost interest when it comes time to frost them. However, there was the year that my sisters and I got together to bake and I experimented with making anatomically correct gingerbread men.

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