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Although there is a large amount of fun and adventure in Scouting, that is our method not our purpose. Scouting takes all the dimensions of the human personality into account and, therefore, identifies several areas of growth on which Scouting's educational objectives are based. When the human personality is developing, the six areas of growth interact with each other. The body seems to be at the root of everything else: emotions, intelligence and social nature. Scouting has an explicit goal: to help young people develop their full potential so that they can be fulfilled as individuals and contribute towards the development of society. These results should be observable by the young person themselves, by peers and by adult leaders.
To learn more about the Scout Program and the Areas of Personal Growth, explore the links below. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could wake up each morning feeling Happy, Healthy and Terrific?  Well, I’m here to tell you that you can!
The Physical, Social and Mental Health of each of us is related and contributes to our overall well being, This is often referred to as the “health triangle” and an absence or deficiency in one area can result in decline in another. Mental health or emotional health encompasses how we manage daily life stressors, our attitude about life, how we express emotions, and the quality of our relationships with others.
Social Health encompasses how we interact with others, thrive in social settings, and maintain relationships with others.  Family relationships are an important piece of our social health. Maintaining balance in our physical, social and mental health requires regular self evaluation in each area and a plan for improvement when needed.

We all face adversities and hardships in life, but how we handle those situations is what determines our health. I encourage all of you to take a self inventory of your physical, social and mental health.  Identify where improvements can be made. About NDHOur digital magazine is your source for everything happening in New Castle County, North Delaware. Have a blast with your family every Friday IN Stratosphere: Delaware’s first indoor trampoline park that will rocket you out of this world!
Join Delaware Dragon Martial Arts for a fun and in-depth presentation of the most efficient and practical self-defense for the world today.
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It is through one's senses and body that one discovers the world and communicates with others. Having balance in all areas of our health results in feeling happy, healthy and ultimately terrific each day. Seek professional assistance from your Physician or Qualified Mental Health provider when needed.  Think positive, Act positive, and you will Be positive. Debbie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Delaware and New Jersey and CEO of Total Family Solutions.

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