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Also included are pictures, diagrams, charts, lists, building plans and other additional information necessary to carry out each of the games and activities suggested for the sessions. This book is a must-have for new instructors or centers who are just developing their curriculum as well as those looking to enhance their current one! The lesson plans are divided into themed sections: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Educational, For Fun, and Horse Education. 44 complete therapeutic lesson plans, with comprehensive lists of all the equipment needed for each, and over 150 ideas for games and props.

Designed around different themes, including a beach vacation, spring cleaning, colors, and many holidays, each lesson includes suggestions for music, arena set up, specific warm-up exercises, and simple riding drills. These lessons are appropriate for riders who are not capable of working towards independent riding, and can also be useful in making traditional riding classes more fun and interesting.
With 10 sections, this book has over 40 different innovative games and activities which can be incorporated into a wide variety of therapeutic riding programs for many rider skill levels. Each "recipe" (activity) has a list of ingredients (the items you need), an arena blueprint (how to set up your arena for the activity), how to play instructions, a "mix-it-up" section (ways to vary the activity) and describes an extended theme (topics for discussion around the activity).

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