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The illusion box is a form of an old magical trick; the other items (including the illusion box circuit) were originated by the writer of this article, and home workshop users have full permission to use them. A well-made illusion box should find sale at from $10 to $25, depending on size, and whether the control is included. A variation of this construction uses a fiber brush which passes between two contacts, thus opening the circuit and extinguishing the lights on that line. If wooden turntables are to be used in the construction, the most advisable method of drive is the belt. After this part of the construction has been completed, solder in the small fences, cut from strips of brass, and bent as shown in Figs. Any suitable chute is built, and so situated that the dolls will slide down and fall on the center turntable.
In order to convert this toy into an interesting game, each exit is painted a different color. It's no surprise that powerful people care less about others, yet this is one of the first times scientists have been able to see exactly what happens as we climb the social ladder. It turns out that bringing in steadily more money or joining a higher social class (or, as so often happens in America, both) causes shifts in the brain in a special region that gauges our sensitivity to other peoples' actions and emotions.
The recent finding comes from three Canadian neuroscientists at the University of Toronto and Wilfrid Laurier University who published their research in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. Those who feel more powerful show far less activity in the brain region that helps us feel empathy.
Existing psychological research backs up this idea: A 2010 study, for example, found that people in a higher social class were less able to identify the emotions in photographs of human faces than coworkers in a lower social class.
The big picture: Bringing in steadily more money or joining a higher social class causes physical changes in the brain that make it harder for us to feel for others. Erin is a science and health writer whose work has appeared in Newsweek, Popular Science, Scientific American and Psychology Today.
Civilians can join in one of the soldier’s favorite pastimes—identifying combat aircraft—with playing cards that have silhouettes of Allied and enemy planes on their faces. Aviation fans may play at a round-the-world race in a new game designed by Assen Jordanoff, veteran pilot and frequent contributor to Popular Science Monthly. RAILROADS, banks, and other big business organizations have no monopoly on the merger idea.
Give a boy a tree house and he can have all the adventures of a safari in his own backyard.
With the new Gilbert Electric Kaster Kit, you can easily make a whole regiment of lead soldiers.
POKER and archery are combined in a new game that has a target on which are painted all the cards of the poker deck, as shown in the photo above.
Three are well fitted for profitable sales, the roulette wheel and the illusion box most so. Your window-trimming skill can be sold to advantage by including in it the automatic train circuit, for five to ten dollars, at least. By such a system, all of the lights are on with but one exception; whereas in the illustration here given, all lights are off except that to which the circuit is completed by the motor driven brush. 5 and 6 is a simple, square, wooden box provided with a light, a diagonal partition, half of which is a sheet of glass (preferably plate) fitted into a dovetail in the partition, and a small framelike extension which projects 3″ from the opening. In this case, the shafts of the turntables extend through the bearings for a distance of one inch, and are fitted with small V pulleys. Consider this first: As you get more powerful, physical changes in your brain will make you less and less empathetic towards the people around you.
As we feel more and more powerful, we have more and more trouble putting ourselves in others' shoes. Yet in those who feel powerless, the mirror region sparkles with activity — meaning people can empathize with what they witness.
In a 2003 review, a group of psychologists noted that powerful people pay attention to others only insofar as how they satisfy their own wants or needs.

Being aware that there's a scientific, not merely a social, reason that people with power become less attuned to the needs of others could help us break a cycle of inequity. The United States planes are spades, British are hearts, German are diamonds, and Japanese are clubs.
Each of the players, which may number up to twenty, chooses a toy plane that moves across a large-scale map of the world. Inventors, bereft of original ideas, are now turning their attention to combining separate ideas into one complete whole merging, as it were, the well-known ideas of the past. Polo long ago merged with swimming in a game known as water polo, tennis and fly-swatting emerged as ping-pong, dominoes and rummy met in China and returned as mah jong, while labyrinth puzzles and golf united in the popular craze of putt-putt. Color them, too, with Kaster Kit paints, so they look just like the finest soldiers you can buy. Points are scored by shooting five regular arrows into the cards to make four aces, a full house, three of a kind, or whatever your shots draw. The human roulette wheel can be made for as little as one dollar (without motor) but models for amusement and game purposes should bring ten dollars or more, depending on size and finish of product.
A series of circular discs are caused to rotate in the directions indicated by the arrows; a celluloid doll, weighted with lead, slides down on the rotating discs and, after being tossed back and forth, finally bounces out through one of the openings. Two small pulleys are fitted to the driveshaft (the center turntable), and two cords run to the pulleys, in sets of three, as the diagram illustrates.
These fences are not more than an inch high, and serve to keep the dolls on the turntables for a greater length of time. And because what we do is linked with how we feel or what we want, the mirror region is what helps us empathize with another person's motivations. People who feel powerless, on the other hand, pay closer attention to others' feelings and actions because they are often more dependent on them to avoid punishment or threats.
Just a pair of sound-powered telephones that are certain to turn a couple of kids into a pair of happy hooligans for many a fun-time session. Extra Kaster Kit moulds make football and baseball players, a military band, cannons, animals and other exciting models…Earn extra money by selling Kaster Kit models to your friends.
The young lady in the photo above, Miss Helen Thompson, wintering at Ormond Beach, Florida, has just shot three aces and a pair of kings—a winning hand.
Sell your services to local toy stores, offering to arrange for them an automatic display which is mysterious and attracts attention.
Here part of a regular selector switch (such as used for switching shortwave coils) is used for progressive controls of a group of lights. However, the short train running on the shorter track may sometimes continue to run around its oval for half a dozen times without stopping. In fact, if the openings are rather small, it is not unusual for the dolls to zigzag back and forth for as long as 15 minutes. Along the seam of the celluloid doll a cut is made, and a small quantity of lead shot inserted. The airplane card idea was suggested by officers of the Third Air Corps, Tampa, Fla., who have been conducting classes in aircraft identification.
If an old switch is not available, a similar construction may be made from a piece of fiber, a sweeping brush-con tact arm, and a number of contacts circularly arranged to be wiped by the brush as it passes.
On occasion the trains are so close together that spectators will gasp while awaiting the crash, but the crash does not occur. An automobile bulb is fastened on either side of the partition; an empty vase is placed on one side of the glass, and one exactly similar, containing flowers, is placed on the other side. The seam is then either cemented with a cement of acetone and celluloid, or cloth or a rubber band is used to close the opening. There really isn’t any— other than the fact that a crystal earphone will work as either an earphone or a microphone, depending on whether you talk or listen.
The brush itself is fastened securely to a shaft, to which a rather large wooden pulley is firmly attached. Small bits of cloth must now be sewed to the dolls; or the discs will merely slide under the weighted dolls and there is little action.

To feel the tight financial grip that Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation exerts on the National Geographic Society, peek at these tax returns. Everything depends on the length of the section A-B, the length of the section C-D, and whether one or two sections of rail are placed between A or C and the cross-over. When the bulb in front is lighted, the rear one out, the reflection of the empty vase will be seen in the glass.
And if you'd like to share ideas, questions, or suggestions — or if you just want to heckle :-) — please contact me here.
On the comparative sizes of the wooden pulley and the pulley on the motor, depends the rate of the flicker, or rotation of the brush. In this track circuit, insulated tracks must be used; such as those used for operating signal systems, in which the center rail and one outside rail are insulated, are an absolute requisite.
When the front bulb is turned out and the back one lighted, the vase behind the glass will be visible.
A bearing is soldered to the exact center of the under side of the pan (or tray); and the shaft, wheel and middle turntable are fitted in position. The cloth produces sufficient friction to produce a lively toy, which never performs the same way twice in succession.
The larger the pulley on the shaft and the smaller that on the motor, the greater will be the speed reduction. At the same time, insulated connections are used on both outside rails at points A and B, and on the insulated outside-rail section at points C and D. This elusive change from one vase to another can also be used for changing an empty box of cigars to a full one, a chicken to an egg, a dollar bill to a five-dollar bill, or any other conversion desired. After the track has been set up, place the short train on the track, so that the engine is on the crossover, in the direction of travel.
If the builder decides to use iron discs for the turntables, the friction drive shown in the upper right corner of Fig. Naturally, when it reaches the track section between A and B there is no current on the outside rails: consequently, the train coasts to a stop. 7 will give the circuit for the control of the lamps, which employs an ordinary Christmas-tree flasher, two bells connected as shown, and the automobile lamps A and B (which may have to be of different candlepower).
If the train, under its own momentum, continues across the insulated section AB, the length of this section must be increased to prevent this. The circuit of an ordinary bell is completed from one binding post through the coils, thence to the contact, and back to the other binding post through the metal strip on the hammer. It has the advantage that any of the discs may be stopped by hand, with little danger of the fingers of a small tot being accidentally injured by the rotating pieces. Now, place the long train on the other track; it continues around until the circuit is closed from one outside rail, through the wheels of the car, to the other outside rail, and thence, through a short piece of wire, to section A-B. Now, the short train will start to get under way and will be operating at full speed at the time the last car passes the cross-over. While the insulator at C is shown near the cross-over, it is preferable to insert this either two or three sections away from the cross-over, so that the short train will not hit any of the cars of the longer train.
Naturally, if the short train is equipped with a magnetic remote-control system, the system must be plugged or cut out entirely, to prevent the progressive selector from reversing the motor and thus making the train inoperative. It might also be suggested that this exact circuit need not be followed precisely, as long as the principle is used: thus, the trains could run on two ovals, one inside the other, with the shorter train crossing near the end of one of the oval sections.
Signal lights may be cut into the circuit to operate directly from the trains and tracks, producing a more realistic effect. As mentioned originally, this layout is a positive attention-getter for a window display, uncanny in its performance and entirely automatic.

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