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Power is an artwork by Samuel Carter Mensah, a graphic designer and typography specialist from London. Rawz is our user generated site where anyone can share their work or work with the Abduzeedo community.
Abduzeedo is a blog about design, we started it in 2006 and after all these years the site accumulated a huge visual library of articles about architecture, illustration, graphic design, UX design, mobile app design and a lot more. Leadership is a special privilege given to one for the sake of advancing a cause.  It is imperative that we use this platform for the sake of others and not ourselves.
The type of power you exert, will determine the outcome of your actions and ultimately define your legacy.
Organization Development at it’s heart is a collaboration process which encourages each individual within the organization to make decisions that affect their own future and that of the organization, to #bethechange. Power and the politics that affect who wields power within the organizational setting therefore has the ability to help the OD change programme achieve its aims or derail the work of the OD practitioner.
Influence key stakeholders in a transparent process, addressing key issues in a way that is creative and efficient than traditional organizational politicking.
Champion and uphold the interests of those affected by changes who don’t have the power to protect themselves.
It would be naive to expect the OD practitioner to enter the organizational system without addressing power and politics. Within each organizational setting their are core people who are involved in critical activities that need to be challenged and supported throughout the OD process. In addition to addressing the existing power bases, the OD practitioner will need to deliberate create and develop their own centres of power throughout the organization to orchestrate the impact needed to create success within the client system.

During the diagnostic stage investigate and understand how power works in decsion making, resource allocation, conflict and sponsorship. Explore the operation of the informal power network and power sources and tap into the networks that can effectively support change. Build and maintain alliances with key stakeholders and power brokers to drive through and sponsor the change efforts, whilst sharing power with those who are disenfranchised in the current power structure.
Show people how to make things happen and coach them so that they can support themselves and make a positive impact on the organization’s performance. Help move the organization towards greater levels of collaboration and interdependence by positively demonstrating the effectiveness of greater cooperation in making things happen. A key part of the OD programme will be to develop healthy and positive power use which contributes to a work environment which nurtures and releases the potential within the organization.
This piece is inspired by Kanye West song Power and each letter was hand made to symbolize old withered gold from ancient civilizations.
I've wanted to do this piece for a long time, pretty much ever since i heard the song which i consider is probably Kanye's best purely because of it stands for. However, due to our narcissistic culture in which we live, many today are in pursuit of leadership positions for power, fame and greed.
Coercive Power – This type of power is created by a leader who uses manipulation to present a scenario that puts their followers in worrisome state. In order to develop mutual understanding throughout the organization the OD practitioner must carefully negotiate the power positions and brokers in order to enlist their help to lead the change whilst at the same time diminish the existing power base in order to develop a holistic interdependence required for organizational success.
I tried to incorporate everything power stood for including the handmade font to symbolize old withered gold, and added some visuals from the video etc.

In addition to that, the best images get selected and published on the Daily Inspiration series here on Abduzeedo. Each of these pursuits are self serving and in the end, produce empty leaders and frustrated people. It puts fear in the follower that either some bad might happen to them or something good might be taken from them if they don’t submit themselves to the leader and his ways.
People become motivated by the benefit therefore the reasoning for pursuing the leader and his objective is now self-serving in the life of he follower. This power is used to motivate all involved to believe in the cause and its purpose with the willingness to forsake all selfish motives for service.  A leader that is able to push aside his own desires and agendas and truly inspire his followers to give their time, talent and treasures to fulfill a greater cause larger than themselves is a leader worth following. So i began looking at old typefaces the first ever languages and noticed the forms and structures and how they in themselves symbolized power in their history and influence.
This can take place in a marriage, from a parent, a teacher, a boss, and yes… even a pastor! But as in the first type of power, it is driven by self motivating factors and not necessarily the overall good of the organization or cause. Or is it knowing yourself and what your own capabilities are and how to use them to your best ability? The leader that strives for authentic power will enjoy a life of great satisfaction and fulfillment.

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