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I understand and agree that registration on or use of this site constitutes agreement to its User Agreement, and Privacy Policy. It's been three months since The Mindy Project's midseason finale, which ended with Mindy Lahiri taking down the "For Sale" sign in her apartment and contemplating life as a single mother without Danny.
At the beginning of the week, an entire TCA session with Fox chairman and CEO Peter Rice went by without anyone asking about Rice's thoughts on The Mindy Project (former Fox CEO Kevin Reilly, who recently departed, was a big advocate of the sitcom). Mindy Lahiri est une trentenaire qui mene une brillante carriere de gynecologue au sein du cabinet Schulman et associes. One day in 2003, my father brought home a copy of Bend It Like Beckham, which he said was a hit overseas. Given Bend It Like Beckham’s international success, I thought it would be the catalyst for more South Asians in starring roles.
The Mindy Project, on FOX, follows Mindy Lahiri, a successful doctor who can’t quite get her personal life together. In a way, it is.The last woman of colour to create and star in her own comedy series was Wanda Sykes, whose 2003 show Wanda At Large—about a stand-up-comic-turned-political-correspondent—was cancelled after only two seasons. Maybe it’s a testament to changing on-screen racial politics that Mindy’s ethnicity is rarely discussed on The Mindy Project.
Mindy is also the antithesis of the South Asian woman we regularly see in film and television; in fact, she’s the kind of kooky but lovable character Caucasian women have been playing for years. Perhaps the best part about The Mindy Project, though, is that Kaling—as the show’s creator—is calling the shots, much like Dunham and Fey. If the backlash Dunham received following the premiere of Girls last April is any indication, Kaling will only encounter more scrutiny as The Mindy Project enters a new season. In the final part of our six-piece Mindy Project series, we're bringing Chris Messina to you guys, who I'm convinced needs to be with Mindy, even if that union might be short-lived. Everyone’s heckling drives Mindy straight into the arms of the definitely a loser and you know it character from the begining of the episode. Danny invites Mary, popularly known as hummus girl, on the most awkward double date with Mindy and Graham.
Jeremy and Peter come to blows at their birthing class, where Jeremy unfortunately tears a leg off the prop baby in frustration. The foursome on the still disastrous date jump over a gate except for Mindy, who possibly has tetanus and finally calls it quits with the sk8er boy. For fans, it was a harsh wake-up call that this isn't your typical rom com (not that we ever doubted that) that moves past traditional weekly obstacles and into more serious, dramatic territory. As far as I was concerned, Rice wasn't going to get out of the Beverly Hilton ballroom without me finding out his thoughts on our beloved sitcom. Encore une serie qui a ete ecrite par une comedienne frustree de ne pas avoir de role a sa mesure. Je me suis pas mal reconnue dans le personnage de gaffeuse looseuse de Mindy qui cherche le grand amour et, pour le trouver, enchaine les relations les plus foireuses les unes que les autres.
Les gags sont des fois un peu gros, mais l’ensemble reste quand meme digeste et agreable. Clarissa may have explained it all, but she sure didn’t have any Sri Lankan friends, and even Boy Meets World was lily-white until season five. I was rubbish at sports, and only knew David Beckham by way of Posh Spice, but I must have watched Gurinder Chadha’s film about Jess (Parminder Nagra), a young Sikh girl crazy about soccer, at least twenty times. But despite growing visibility in shows such as House, Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock, these actors were still supporting characters—vital but secondary.
The actress and writer, who is of Indian descent, had been around since 2005, most recognizably starring as the airheaded Kelly Kapoor on NBC’s The Office.
Mindy sits squarely between Lena Dunham’s listless Hannah Horvath and Tina Fey’s semi-adjusted Liz Lemon: she’s on the verge of being a real grown-up but still believes life should play out like a Nora Ephron movie. I make plans around it, I break plans for it and I’m the annoying girl who live-tweets every episode.

In 1994, Margaret Cho’s short-lived All-American Girl, which centred on an American (Cho) living with her traditional Korean family, was famously replaced by The Drew Carey Show. Though she makes the occasional joke—“It’s a scientific fact that black guys love Indian girls,” says Mindy, on her way to a nightclub—these quips are few and far between, and ethnicity is never the focus of an episode.
So often, a South Asian actress is cast as the docile beauty who blends quietly into the background or the steely-eyed overachiever with the personality of a lampshade. While these writers’ successes shouldn’t be evaluated based on their gender or ethnicity, Kaling’s achievement does resonate, particularly in the South Asian community. In response to a photo of The Mindy Project’s writers, the New Republic’s Noreen Malone pointed out that, though Kaling has spoken extensively about the challenges of being a female writer on The Office, men dominate her own writing staff. Mindy gets run down by in-his-fourties skateboarder Graham Logan (Timothy Olyphant), who wants to get a burrito with her at nine a.m.
After sending Danny away to his actual assigned seat next to the hummus-enthusiast, Mindy discovers that she’s been put at the couples table instead of the singles table at the party, and the hosts have given up setting her up with anyone. Graham climbs through the window of Mindy’s apartment right at eight for their date, and he wastes no time in flopping himself down on her sofa. Jeremy gets ridiculed for trying to lose weight that his father already commented on with derision earlier, and this is probably the most boring subplot The Mindy Project’s used yet. And then he explains why he doesn’t have health insurance for the dumbest reason ever. Alors son projet est, en vrac, de perdre du poids, se trouver un mec bien, se cultiver un peu plus et devenir un peu moins depensiere.
My heart skipped a beat whenever South Asians showed up on ABC’s TGIF, but, instead of regular kids who liked cartoons and make-believe, they were often stereotyped poindexters hell-bent on academic annihilation. I could relate to her struggle to abide by a tradition-bound culture when she only wanted to be a regular British girl with a cute boyfriend (pre-rehab Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and scrappy BFF (pre-corset Keira Knightley).
In 2010, there were high hopes for the NBC sitcom Outsourced, which centred on office employees in India, but the show’s South Asian actors were subject to offensive stereotypes and the comedy was cancelled after one season. But what most people don’t realize is that the thirty-four-year-old was one of the show’s most prolific writers, penning twenty-four episodes, including the Emmy-nominated “Niagara.” Her collection of essays Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? I sing its praises to anyone who will listen and I secretly judge them if they say they’re not interested.
Alarmingly, Cho said ABC producers insisted she lose weight and act “more Asian” to draw ratings.
After decades of blatant tokenism, it feels almost unsettling to have such a de-racialized character in primetime comedy—until you realize that this should be the rule, and not the exception.
And the comments on blog posts about the show usually include at least one reader wondering why there aren’t more characters of colour. I don’t have that much time to do that.” Ultimately, it’s us—the viewers—ascribing our own values and expectations on Kaling and her show. The hardworking Messina (he's pulling double-duty directing a movie while shooting Mindy) called me from the car to chat about life on and off the set, and, of course, what he thinks is in store for him and Mindy. Mindy patches up Graham’s injured elbow and we hear a lot of stories about how his scars are all related to drunken skateboarding escapades.
The episodes ends with the date that could have, maybe should have, happened with Mindy and Danny back at the restaurant with their still charming banter. Was it totally unreasonable to hope for a South Asian-helmed show without ugly stereotypes? I have no hand in the production of this series outside of “liking” all of Kaling’s Instagram photos, and yet her success almost feels like my own. So how can women of South Asian descent aspire to have thriving entertainment careers if these roles are missing from television screens? Certainly not all women of South Asian descent have to like, or even care about, The Mindy Project.
But if you’ve been waiting a lifetime for a television character with whom you identify, then Mindy is kind of a big deal.

I hope that it continues to be written at the quality that it does, and I hope that it finds an audience. We have tried to construct a night now where we think it can bring a little bit more compatible flow through it, so my hopes are very high. People are so invested in this relationship, so was there an inner struggle for you about where to take the story? Mindy Kaling: Well, I think that we've been given this gift with Hulu where we don't have restrictions when it comes to content. I've said this so much, but I love movies, and I said, "Let's make this very real." Chris [Messina] came from drama and knows how to do that. When you're on episode 67, 70, 75, what is the strife between two people who in many, many ways, do not belong together? Tell everyone what we've known for a long time now: This is one of the best sitcoms currently on the air.
Peter Rice is behind it, Fox and NBCUniversal love it, but if there's going to be an increased episode order for season three (currently at 15), then ratings need to tick upward. A lot of people who watch the show for wish-fulfillment reasons were not happy with the way that Danny behaved, but that is how that guy would behave.
He's very romantic when he was courting her, and she was also trying to be like a homemaker, and then it blew up. If you thought season two was good, get ready for this next season to blow your socks off (or whatever's the equivalent of a Chris Messina butt grab). This [upcoming] bunch of episodes is the fallout aftermath of that and how they deal with it. I know a lot of people that watch the show think they should never be together, and then others want it, but I really trust the writers, so I’m good either way.
It would be an entirely different show if they were together, which would be really interesting. We’ve had the pitch documents and everything for pretty much all but the finale, so we're going to talk about it. You got the cutest bob a couple months ago, but you’ve been wearing extensions lately. Mindy: The overwhelming feeling from my writing staff, from actors on my show, from my manager, Howard, is that they like my long hair.
Mindy: Sal [Perez, costume designer on The Mindy Project] found them, so I took them for the night.
These are the earrings that were actually in the Christmas episode when [Chris] Messina does the dance.
I was following your Instagram account, and talk about the best boss ever, because you took your entire writing staff to Las Vegas.
We’re hoping for more episodes, so hopefully [Fox's] Dana Walden, Gary Newman, and Peter Rice will want to add more. I still go back to the music and Chris running through the streets of New York, and it was one of the most magical things ever. I love writing for [people] like Glenn Howerton [Cliff], Anders Holm [Casey], and people that aren’t normally seen that way. They had to work so hard to get to the point that they’re at now, and I want to see two people together working hard to make it work than breaking up.

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