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The dates for our next New York Weekend Rounding Retreat are  approaching and we encourage you to make time for a few days of deep rest and purification.
The retreat starts on Thursday March 3rd in the evening and wraps up on Sunday March 6th in the afternoon. One weekend of rounding delivers the benefits of three to six months of regular twice a day meditation. One of the highlights of a weekend like this is the opportunity to explore in more depth the knowledge that accompanies our meditation practice. The Garrison Institute is a beautifully renovated former Capuchin monastery with comfortable accommodations, world-class meeting facilities and healthy, locally sourced food. The Northern Insight Meditation Center is located at Wat Rampoeng in Chiang Mai and welcomes all who are willing to learn Vipassana Meditation. The Center has meditation facilities for both Monks and lay people and, because of the growing interest from foreign meditation students, has appropriate accommodation for both Thai and non -Thai visitors.
The Northern Insight Meditation Center offers a 26 day course in Vipassana or Insight Meditation under the guidance of a teacher. Come and celebrate the Sedona Spirit at the Sedona Performing Arts Center on November 12th from 7 pm to 9 pm. Several non-profit vendors will be sharing in the festivities, hosting their own booths with information about their services in Sedona.
Sedona Meditation Center(SMC) is a special project of Dahn Yoga Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Special guest Ilchi Lee, as the Non-Executive Chairman of BR Consulting Inc., recently advised BR Consulting, Inc.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Many of you know that I was in the first Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California.
It was the first training that spoke to my entire being as a yoga practitioner and Buddhist.  My only regret was that Jack Kornfield was not a larger part of the program because I love his books and teachings. Yoga teachers working with disadvantaged or under-served populations—for example, in prisons, homeless shelters, hospitals, or inner city schools—offer life-changing skills to their at-risk students. Now I am planning my fourth trip for January 2010 and I’ll be moving out of my comfort zone of South India. Yesterday as I walked to the Chicago yoga studio where I trained I thought about how nervous I was on the first day of training, a mere 7 years ago. I also received another blog award from Grace over at Graceful Yoga, a lovely and gentle yoga blog — she lists her favorite yoga blogs so check them out.
Sindhu of Flower Girl’s Rural India commented on my sense of my new found spaciousness.
In 9 days I leave for Spirit Rock Meditation Center to do the last retreat of my Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training. Those sentiments lead me to thinking about speech in general, but particularly the first principle of ethical conduct in Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path which is RIGHT OR WISE SPEECH. You may not realize the aggressive nature of your speech until you try to make it a mindfulness practice….

As bloggers many of us have dealt with trolls on our blogs, people who write nasty comments or argue with everything you write or insult your other readers.
As for blogs, online newspapers, and Facebook and MySpace, we all know the things that are said publicly on those websites.
I am far from perfect and it will probably take me another lifetime or two to get over my penchant for sarcasm.
I am blessed to be teaching now at a studio where if two students show up, they thank me for being there, for driving 45 minutes and spending my time with them.
I have finally found some time to write a a bit about my second 10 day retreat for my Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation training at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California.
My interview with a yoga teacher was with Chip and I loved his style as much as I loved Stephen Cope’s.
The guest yoga teachers for this retreat were my teacher, Sarah Powers, and Judith Lasater. Anne Cushman, who wrote Enlightenment for Idiots (see my sidebar), is one of the coordinators of this training and she led us in classes and also gave a talk on yoga. Anne opened her discussion by posing the question: how does asana practice help mindfulness practice?
Anne reminded us that our asana practice is a constant dance between form and formlessness. This second retreat was a mixed bag for me, good, bad, and indifferent, yet I experienced some epiphanies. During a meditation practice on forgiveness, I finally forgave the alcoholic yoga studio owner, I no longer feel the rage. As I said on my sister blog, I’m taking a summer hiatus, just like your favorite TV show.
Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Wat Sanghathan Meditation Center, one of the popular Thailand Meditation Centers, is located in the Thailand Province of Nonthaburi, very close to Bangkok.
Whilst the majority of the people meditating at Wat Sanghathan Meditation Center are Thais, there are a few monks and nuns who can speak English and will help with translation.
Accommodation at Wat Sanghathan Meditation Center is in individual rooms or dormitories and men and women are segregated. Hi , would it be possible to make a visit and listen to dhamma talk by Luang Poo Bunyarit?. Many students ask how to accelerate their personal evolution—a weekend like this is one of the most profound ways for you to advance. Rounding involves a simple sequence of yoga positions, or Asanas, that are easy to learn and can be practiced by anyone, followed by a specific breathing technique called Pranayama. Just one hour north of New York City on the banks of the Hudson River, surrounded by forest and fields, it offers a unique, authentic setting for your weekend of rest and renewal. Since its inception in 1975, The Northern Insight Meditation Center has become increasingly popular because of its secluded environment and rural surroundings. 10 Day Meditation Retreats are also available to people who have already completed the 26 Day basic course.

Located in Red Rock High School’s year-old state of the art performing arts center, “Celebrate the Sedona Spirit” promises to be a one of a kind event. In support of Mitzvah day, Sedona Meditation Center will have a food donation drop box on site for guests to leave a suggested donation of dry or canned food. Its mission is to inspire people to connect to their inner rhythm, to improve well-being and promote peace and happiness in the local community. 12, please call 928-282-3600 or contact Sedona Project Director, Haejung Jung at info(at)sedonameditationcenter(dot)org.
Wat Sanghathan Meditation Center offers Meditation based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, Mindfulness on breathing and other methods as taught in the Tripitaka (Scriptures). Refrain from dancing, singing, listening to music, wearing jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics. For those people who do not have sufficient time to complete a 26 day course, the Center will allow people to try out the meditation practice but only for a period of not less than 10 days. It is a free admission community gathering put on by the newly opened Sedona Meditation Center, that expects a crowd of 700 people from in and around Sedona. SMC offers various meditation classes, drumming and dance, as well as a variety of lectures on holistic topics for an affordable membership fee.
You are allowed to stay at the Wat Sanghathan Meditation Center for 7 days to learn about meditation and the Lord Buddha’s teachings but you can request a longer stay if required. During your retreat you should wear white clothing which can be purchased at the Center’s shop. A host of artists are preparing to bring the spirit of Sedona to the stage in a musical concert including well-known Taiko drummer, Ken Koshio, Vusi Baba Shibambo who plays the African drums, and Sedona’s Rhythm, a local Korean power drumming performance troop. The center also offers on location outreach classes including Chair and Gentle Yoga for disabled persons, Collaborative Healing every Friday and Open Class every Saturday. There were different guest teachers at each retreat such as Judith Lasater, Tias Little, Stephen Cope, and Sarah Powers, among others.
Wat Sanghathan Meditation Center is on the Chao Phraya River in a large secluded area with landscaped gardens with many trees and ponds. Lively chorus music will be also be performed by Red Rockapella and A La Mode; Hip Hop group, Light Vibe will give an exciting demonstration to drums, and Shondra Jepperson of Tom and Shondra Entertainment will serve as the host.
A very unusual feature at Wat Sanghathan is the octagonal glass Ordination Hall which houses the Luang Por Tho Buddha image. The evening will also include a “collaborative healing” experience and talk by Ilchi Lee, author of The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart, about global peace. Smoking is not permitted and mobile phones and jewelry should not be taken into the Center.

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