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Guided by Swami Radha Bharati and Jim Nelson and the light of Swami Veda Bharati, the schedule will include daily meditations, hatha yoga, and contemplative walks.
On Tuesday, October 20, 2009, Pandit Hari Shankar Dabral made a brief but informative visit to The Meditation Center of Minneapolis. The Meditation Center serves as a resource of the Himalayan Tradition, which was established in the West by H.H.
Raja Yoga is particularly well suited to this culture since Americans like to experiment with techniques that increase their effectiveness and productivity. As students progress, they improve their capability to be peaceful and productive individuals.
The AHYMSIN family will continue to receive guidance that flows from the Sages in Himalayan Tradition. Swamiji had expressed his intention to complete a few more works on certain texts as instructed. On this day, 17th July 2015, our beloved Swami Veda Bharati took Jal-Samadhi in the holy river Ganga.
On 29th July, 2015,16 days after Swamiji left his body, Shradhanjali will be held at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama at 10.30 am.
Swami Veda has taught us through his life the dignity of caring and the intimacy of kindness - with a saintly life lived as a Bodhi-sattva. On this auspicious day of Tuesday, 14th of July 2015, our beloved Swami Veda Bharati passed from his body at 3am (India time).
Funeral arrangements were held on the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh on Friday at 10am (India time) followed by a 16-day shrad (mourning) observance. Others in the circle of sharing after Wednesday’s Collaborative Healing nodded in agreement.  Everyone seemed calm, centered, and full of light. Led by J at the Sedona Meditation Center, the LifeParticle collaborative healing  class is beautifully designed to create an amazing experience that is almost effortless. LifeParticle is a term coined by meditation expert Ilchi Lee and refers to the smallest energy particles that compose all of life. Music with a spirited and energetic beat greets you when you arrive, and everyone enthusiastically gathers in a circle to start belly tapping, which helps create circulation in the body. With this, the room darkened, and we watched a very funny video clip of twin babies in their high chairs who, when lively music started playing, immediately reacted with joy and moved in sync with the music’s rhythm. With her gentle and caring direction, we closed our eyes and began to move, shake, and dance to music that almost in itself enlivened the body. Every exercise was beautifully accompanied by ideal music that helped it to flow naturally and easily. Now we envisioned a ball of energy on our palms that grew bigger and bigger until it enveloped us. Thomas couldn’t speak right away because he wanted to stay in the energy for as long as he could. At the end of the class, everyone stayed in the circle and shared what the class had meant to them. Other comments ranged from, “I feel wonderful!” to “I feel very peaceful” to “I feel new again” to “I am realizing through this that I need to open up to those people who aren’t loving, who are difficult, and that’s what’s holding me back. At the end of class, J encouraged everyone to do LifeParticle meditation about five minutes every day. Open to everybody, LifeParticle Collaborative Healing is held at 6pm every Wednesday at the Sedona Meditation Center for free.

Want to “Tie the Knot” in a pristine natural environment with the sun setting over a gorgeous lake in Gainesville, FL? This 96-seat, 2,000-square-foot structure incorporates gothic-influenced design, strategic placement, and environmentally appropriate materials overlooking the magnificent Lake Alice.
The Baughman Center is available to all members and friends of the university community for private meditation on weekdays and weddings and memorial services on the weekends.
The front door is reminiscent of ancient gothic doorways and is comprised of maple with inlaid gothic patterns in cherry and an ornamental architrave of crenelated mahogany. The only thing prettier than a bride on her wedding day might be the cathederal she gets married in.
Degree and further formal studies in Comparative Philosophy at the University of Hawaii and an M.A. His main mission: to inform the local community about the traditional, ritual customs and etiquette of the sacred fire ceremony. He began by explaining the ways in which these sorts of ritual practices are ingrained and taught to individuals in India, starting from birth - primarily through the observation of parents and elders, as examples, while simultaneously participating in the rituals. That being said, Panditji strongly encouraged the community to ask many questions even if they seem stupid or childish, because we all have to start from somewhere. Often-times, we spend a great deal of time making ourselves look clean and nice when we go out to a party or want to impress someone etc. By conducting ourselves in a way that is vigilantly clean and tighty we begin to treat our bodies and our entire lives as a sacred shrine. We participate in ritual so that we can practice the action of treating something as sacred and precious - so that we can expand that to our lives and take nothing for granted. Bathe the body and wear clean (preferably sattvic) clothing that covers the arms and legs. Do not go near the kund with shoes (out of respect for Agni (the fire diety) and in attempts to maintain the sanctity of the place).
Make all offerings with the right hand because the energy force is different therefore utilizing the right hand creates a certain energy flow and the energy of different elements in the body become active due to the body alignment.
Make all offerings gently and offer them in the way that you would like to be offered things (do not trough things sloppily, with anger, excitement or lack of awareness). Begin by evoking the spirit of Agni and paying homage to that which is the path of light and righteousness. Pay homage to Ganesha (diety of the root charka) to bring us solidity in our practice so that we will not be moved from concentration.
Clean the kund (all debris that is left on the top step is swept into the fire, all of the rest that falls on the second or third tiers are unsuitable for the fire and can be spread in the forest). Agni is the primordial force that brings us to move and act, to burn and to purify our samskaras and all negativity that we carry with us. Sometimes we are not able to understand exactly why we should follow these ritual practices, but over time we will see that certain actions create a particular energy field that is conducive to certain things we wish for in our lives. It was first codified by the great Indian scholar and sage Patanjali in his famous work, The Yoga Sutras. Raja Yoga encourages students to engage in personal experimentation, guided by skilled teachers, to improve insight and capacity through practical techniques that have proven worthwhile to thousands of students over the centuries.
Students are taught in small groups by experienced instructors and are given personal, one-to-one attention. If students choose to continue their studies, they can receive training to become yoga teachers and effective leaders of an emerging international community of compassionate citizens seeking social harmony and ecological balance.

Mohan Swami, the beloved disciple of Gurudeva Swami Rama, has been appointed as President of ?Dhyana Mandiram Trust. Individual centers will also be given instruction on sadhaka-japa for our beloved saint and teacher whose life was truly an example of his bodhisattva vow. He introduced the term in his New York Times bestseller, The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart.
As they tap, each person takes turns counting to ten until the total reaches about two hundred.  Then, each person takes turns with their partner to lightly pound, massage, and gently scratch the other’s back, which ends with a gentle massage to the lower back area.
It was a great exercise to start feeling the energy that we had stimulated through movement just before.
Next, we envisioned raindrops in the form of LifeParticles coming down that entered our bodies and grew brighter and brighter. After class, he confided, “This was my first time, and it is so relaxing and yet I feel awakened. Consider the Baughman Center, a unique architectural cathedral on Lake Alice in Gainesville, FL. The exterior walls are made of natural Florida cypress stained to reflect its natural surroundings, the roof system is fabricated of tongue-and-groove yellow pine and copper. Registration is also available online for those who wish to make their payment all at once.
Croix River the campus offers river walks and a lovely commons area for contemplative walking.
Earlier in the season, September 13, 2009, The Meditation Center consecrated its new Havan Kund (Sacred Fire Pit).
Immediately, he recommended that The Meditation Center summon Pandit Hari Shankar Dabral to show the community first hand how to conduct these sorts of ceremonies in the future.
We participate in these rituals to acknowledge the path of fire and light so that we may shine in this lifetime and become as pure as gold. The ancient methods taught in this tradition underlie the variety of meditation systems found in all faiths.
Teachers foster a sense of camaraderie in the classes so that students can help each other learn and grow. We request and invite continued dedication and participation of all AHYMSIN family members in taking forward Swami Veda's Mission. Raja Yoga not only includes the physical postures and stretches that people often refer to as yoga, but also includes efficient breathing, control of the senses, enhanced concentration, the cultivation of personally healthy habits, training in social relationships, and higher stages of meditation. My heart opened with all the love that was sent, and I felt a helmet of energy around my head when energy was sent to my face. At dusk, a colony of bats that roost in a nearby bat house emerges to feed on the insect life over the lake.
But overtime we internalize that experience and worship our own internal fire within our navel center. Soon the pace quickened with drums and cymbals and Haejung gently encouraged us to keep in sync and just allow our bodies to flow naturally with the beat.
Then we no longer need the elaborate ritual of the physical fire because we can worship the Havan Kund within ourselves.

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