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You may not think of a jet-setting movie star who is a fixture in fashion and beauty rags, as the go-to spokesperson for eco-friendly and natural living. Win a 6-Month Supply of The Honest Company’s Green Cleaning and Care Products Worth $215!
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. When new mom Jessica Alba started to learn about all the toxic chemicals in our food supply, personal care products, mattresses, makeup, and more, she wanted to make healthier choices for herself and her family. After personally testing hundreds of products and talking to industry experts—from environmental scientists to pediatricians and designers—about safe and healthy strategies (and gathering favorite tips from stylists, chefs, and mom friends), Jessica decided to download everything into an easy guidebook. Decorate your house from top to bottom with nontoxic paints, flooring, furniture, and other materials—and learn tricks for turning flea market finds into chic pieces on page 191. Jessica Alba is a Golden Globe-nominated actress and mom whose consumer advocacy work led her to launch The Honest Company in 2012.
Last week I attended the book launch party at the Mondarin Hotel in Los Angeles for Jessica Alba’s new book The Honest Life. It all began with a baby laundry detergent that her mother gave to her when she had her first baby and now has spirilled into an inspiring mom empire.
June 4, 2013 By Absolute Amy 16 Comments Jessica Alba is a wife, mum of two and one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood.
Her book is a very practical guide to living a life that’s as chemical and toxic free as possible, without being over the top or preachy. Jessica starts off with a chapter on food and how she loves to create healthy, organic meals for friends and family. She also talks about cleaning your home without using nasty harsh chemicals, and explains how to find those hidden chemicals in everyday products that you might already have in your home. Some of my favourite chapters are on beauty and style, Jessica shares her make up and style secrets, how she organises her beauty products, jewellery and shoes and even includes sections on pregnancy and new mummy style which I absolutely loved. Jessica is a keen home decorator and there are some beautiful ideas and photos of how she has decorated her home using vintage decor and furniture, and an entire section on babies, surviving pregnancy and decorating a babies room which is perfect timing for me as I am right in the middle of pulling together our new nursery. She includes loads of other very handy tips, from breastfeeding, traveling with kids, what’s in her nappy bag, parenting tips, sleep issues and much much more. Jessica finishes off with a chapter on inspiration, which is exactly how you feel after reading her book – inspired and full of ideas for living a more honest and chemical free life.
Peachy Clean Organic Beauty Boutique – The owner of Peachy Clean, Haley has made it her mission to find real, effective and organic skincare and beauty products. Vinegar – Another brilliant all rounder, it can be used with hot water as a floor cleaner and mixed with bicarb soda as a bathroom and toilet cleaner.

Agreed Jessica seems to be so lovely, smart and relatively normal although her home is not your average family home. Oops just read the last par about The Honest Company in your blog…surely they will ship to Oz soon.
I love Jessica Alba and I love that finally we all seem to be getting more knowledgable about what’s in our products and finding better, safer options. Hi Lisa, wow it must have been a big shock to your system developing so many allergies – great that you have found some alternatives.
Yes it has and still continues to be hard as I don’t know exactly what I am allergic too,except metal and nickel and god knows what else so it is a trial and error thing for me.I am glad you like the tip,it smells clean too! Hi Lisa-just be careful with lanolips, the method of of collecting the lanolin from sheep is usually done by a very toxic chemical dip and some manufacturers then use a chemical bleach to whiten the colour.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. But Jessica Alba has spent the last several years building her reputation as an eco mama warrior. But “healthy,” “safe,” and “eco” always seemed to mean “boring,” “beige,” and “blah”—and, just as often, expensive or ineffective. Discover a wide range of whole grains, flavorful produce, and pure proteins that combine to make quick, good-for-you meals, even on weeknights (and try out Jessica’s favorite family recipes). From inspiring nursery decor to DIY transformations of vintage pieces and a trick for adding sparkle to paint, you’ll be armed with tips for making your healthy home unique.
Read about Jessica’s must-have baby essentials—and safer swaps for mattresses, blankets, clothing, and diapers. Turn to page 22 to learn how to stock a natural pantry, and discover the cooking technique that makes all veggies taste amazing. And take steps to hone your personal style so you save money and resources—and feel your best.
It creates healthy, stylish, and affordable lifestyle products for parents and nonparents alike. By now you’ve probably heard of The Honest Company, which makes safe and non-toxic baby, cleaning and beauty products for families.
I also felt inspired to treat myself and my family better by making some simple changes and seeking out creative ways to live a better life each day. Kind of hard to take someone seriously when they so obviously make choices opposite of the stuff they are selling.
And yes, I love that there are people like you who are passionate about their beliefs and are helping other people navigate their way through all the toxicity we’re exposed to everyday.

My skin has suffered for years, but I’ve finally noticed a difference after using natural, organic skincare. She has advocated for chemical safety measures on Capitol Hill, co-founded The Honest Company, and now she has written all about her green living philosophy in her first book, The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True To You.
Too often, celebrity authors write books that are totally unrealistic, especially since they have the means for personal chefs, trainers, nannies, etc. In The Honest Life, Jessica Alba offers simple ways to make healthy, affordable, nontoxic choices for your family—and have fun doing it. Learn the “dishonest” chemicals to avoid in your moisturizers and makeup and discover Jessica’s favorite products to keep you naturally beautiful. With Jessica’s new book The Honest Life, she is taking it a step further by helping families live a more natural lifestyle not just with their baby products but with practical tips for all aspects of their life.
She covers everything from food, beauty, fashion, baby, home design and a even some travel tips.
Last year I emailed The Honest Company to see if we, in Aust could purchase their products but alas they were not shipping here at that stage. Thanks to a lovely friend of mine, I now use a local SA totally natural chemical free skincare brand (Y Natural). Cannot put it down, what a great book and Jessica seems so “un” hollywood and just like one of us regular mums, trying to do the best for our family!
The book covers numerous pertinent topics in green living, from style to food to prenatal planning.
Throughout the book there are special sections that call out dis-honest ingredients and labels. As my cleaning products run out, I’m going to replace them with The Eco Store and Method products. Alba’s book is very relatable, and she breaks down her lifestyle decisions for readers in an approachable, realistic way. As absolutely stunning as Alba is, this book reveals there is a lot more to her than a pretty face: she is truly knowledgeable about healthy living.
Alba gives examples of ways to choose greener products and make more eco-friendly decisions, but she also admits to her own eco-vices and sees honest living as a guide for trying to live well (not trying to be perfect). First do some research on some of the things in the book and then you can decide if you want to buy it.

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