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The only difference between those who failed and those who succeeded lies in the difference of their habits. It was in mid-2010 when Ia€™ve bought and read the book of Og Mandinoa€™s The Greatest Salesman in the World. Such decision was never easy to make, but because of my great desire to succeed and follow my dreams, Ia€™ve took that step and was ready to face any consequence. Luckily, with the help of this book, The Greatest Salesman in the World, and all the other books Ia€™ve read in my journey to become an entrepreneur, Ia€™m able to achieve most of the dreams Ia€™ve carried with me.
Rewards of success are great if one succeeds, but the rewards are great only because so few succeed. I know this may sound a bit melodramatic, but I have proven myself that unless you are willing to face failure and do what it takes to achieve your dreams, regardless of any setbacks, you will never rise far above from where you are right now. Just like the principle in business and finance, the higher the risk, the higher the return.A  And if you arena€™t willing to take risk, dona€™t expect much return. The book teaches the principles of success in a form of a story characterized by a man named Hafid. Hafid was a young man from Jerusalem who came from a low and poor status in life.A  He was employed to take care of the camels owned by the richest man and greatest salesman in his time named Pathros. Pathros recognizes the deep desire in the young mana€™s plead, thata€™s why he sent him to a mission in Bethlehem and tasked him to sell one of his robe.

The book introduced ten (10) leather scrolls that represent life treasures which are more valuable than diamonds.A  A These scrolls consist of principles that will bring about all the success, happiness, love, peace of mind, and wealth that the greatest salesman will ever enjoy. The principles written in the scrolls are simple to follow, however, only few are able to follow.A  Because only few person are willing to pay the price and concentration until each principle becomes a part of onea€™s personality, until each principle becomes a habit in living.
Each principle were written and numbered into ten (10) scrolls.A  Ia€™d like to share with you three out of the ten scrolls. I strongly agree that what distinguishes a successful person from the rest of the crowd is habit.A  Only few succeed because only few were able to form good habits and persistent in following it. Remember, ita€™s not enough that you have the skills and intelligence backed up with great plans and goals.A  All those will go to waste if you dona€™t know how to master your emotions. The principles Ia€™ve learned from this book has helped me personally to rise from my low status in life and directed me to enjoy the life status Ia€™ve dreamt for myself.
If you want to achieve such change in life, take time to read this wonderful book.A  To grab a copy, CLICK HERE. A summary of the ten vows of success as per The Greatest Salesman in the world by OG Mandino, really a worthwhile book to have on your bookshelf. The Greatest Salesman in the World is the classical self-help book written by Og Mandino in 1968. This presentation can build the world to behavior in good disciplined and to develop each and every mind.

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The greatest salesman world: og mandino, The greatest salesman in the world and over one million other books are available for amazon kindle. The greatest salesman world (10 scrolls) - slideshare, The greatest salesman in the world (10 scrolls) written by og mandino, this is a must read for all entrepreneurs.Greatest salesman' 10 scrolls success - slideshare, Greatest salesman's 10 scrolls of success 1. The greatest salesman in the world - wikipedia, the free The greatest salesman in the world is a book, written by og mandino, that serves as a guide to a philosophy of salesmanship, and success, telling the story of hafid. The greatest salesman in the world - kindle edition by og The greatest salesman in the world is a tiny book, and it is a treasure.
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This is a small book containing about 128 pages but it is full with powerful success principles and techniques that are written in a very clear language.

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