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A summary of the ten vows of success as per The Greatest Salesman in the world by OG Mandino, really a worthwhile book to have on your bookshelf. The Greatest Salesman in the World is the classical self-help book written by Og Mandino in 1968. This presentation can build the world to behavior in good disciplined and to develop each and every mind.
It is indeed a simple task, provided one is willing to pay the price in time and concentration until each principal becomes a part of one’s personality. Never feel shame for trying and failing, for he who has never failed is he who has never tried.
I could bestow upon you great wealth but this would do you great disservice, far better is if you become the world’s greatest salesman on your own.
The only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits.
As I repeat the words daily it will soon become the part of my active mind, but more importantly it will also slip into my other mind. That mysterious source that never sleeps, which creates my dreams, and often makes me act ways I do not comprehend.
Never has there been a map however carefully executed to detail and scale which carried its owner over even 1 inch ground, never has there been a parchment of law that prevented one crime.
Oh creator of all things help me, for this day I go out to the world naked and alone, and without your hand to guide me.
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The greatest salesman in the world summary: Ten ancient scrolls hold the key to prosperity and happiness in this particular classic parable. Choosing excellence and wealth, the young man sets out to become the greatest salesman in the world. This is a small book containing about 128 pages but it is full with powerful success principles and techniques that are written in a very clear language. Strive instead for happiness to be loved and to love and more importantly to acquire peace of mind and serenity. I will wonder far from the path which leads to success and happiness, I ask not for gold or even opportunities equal to my ability.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. This pocket-sized book can be read easily in an hour, but it’s packed with wisdom for those pursuing a career in sales.
Failure I may still encounter at 1000th step, yet success hides behind the next bend in the road. Teach me how to hunt with words and prosper with love so that I may be a lion among men and the eagle at the marketplace. Confront me with fears that will temper my spirit, yet indulge me with courage to laugh at my misgivings.
Spare me some sufficient days to reach my goals, yet help me to live this day, as that would be my last.

Guide me in my words that they may be a fruit, yet silence me from gossip that none be malign.
Discipline me in the habit of trying and trying again, yet show me the way to use the law of the averages. Favor me with alertness to favor the opportunity, yet enable me with patients which will concentrate my strength. Bade me in good habits that the bad ones may drown, grant me compassion for weaknesses in others. Expose me to hate, yet not be a stranger, yet fill my cup with love to turn strangers into friends. I’m small and lonely grape clutched divine yet that has made me different from all of us. Let me become all that you planned for me when my seed was planted and selected by you to sprout in the vineyard of the world.

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