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I’m not saying a woman always wants a man to lead, or that it’s entirely his responsibility. Look, you can’t control how tall you are or what you look like, but there are things you can control. Mario has an expansive professional background in Education where he has been a teacher, administrator, and is qualified to be a district Superintendent. As a coach, Mario sets bias and sensitivity aside for a logical, no-bullshit approach that benefits his clients.
Whether you're a shy and timid guy or an already confident guy who wants to take his confidence to the next level - this program is for you. Before the age of 5 you were able to learn much faster because your logical mind wasn't fully developed yet.
Monster Confidence uses a series of subliminal techniques to ensure the desired messages and affirmations bypass your logical mind and reach your subconscious mind. Another technique is stereo confusion which involves playing different affirmations and suggestions into each ear at the same time which confuses the conscious mind while the subconscious mind can easily make the distinction and get the message. Monster Confidence literally bombards the brain with so much positive programming that it has no choice but to respond! The 7 Day Monster Confidence program also make use of very powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques.
The NLP techniques used in this program are an extraordinarily effective and rapid form of psychological therapy. You'll be amazed at how different you'll feel after going through the first day's EFT session. While much of the program works on building you up internally, each day you'll also be given an action plan of drills and exercises to enforce what we're working on internally.
In other words if you do all of the internal programming and then sit on the couch and do nothing, it's not going to be as effective.
The Monster Confidence System comes with a 7-Day FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - So you can try it out RISK FREE. Confidence can be hard to come by, especially if you have experienced a layoff recently or if your last job was one of those unfortunate situations in which it was impossible to be successful. But, as the cartoon at the top of this post indicates, employers are looking for candidates who are confident that they can do the work.
Athletes who seem to be unmotivated and continually make excuses for their lack of ability may be experiencing a significant fear of failure. These athletes need to realize that failure is a means to learn, grow, and develop their abilities. As coaches, or even teammates, it’s imperative that we make the athletes around us feel good. Coaches need this too, you have to be able to push your athletes and give them tough love at times, but you also need them to come back to you. Coaches, make it known to your athletes that you value them as people, not just as athletes who contribute to a successful season. The things parents say to their children before, during and after a competition effects  a child’s experience in sport. Researchers have found that athletes of all ages want to hear six simple words after a game; “I love to watch you play”. Through out my studies and experiences I have learned that confidence is something that comes from a person’s perspective.
The other day I was giving a pitching lesson and the mom was frustrated because her daughter wasn’t getting to pitch much. If you rely on winning to build your self-confidence you are putting your confidence in the hands of something that is out of your control. Here is a great activity athletes can do to become aware of which things they can and cannot control.  They will also realize that trying to control the uncontrollable leads to increased stress and frustration, as well as decreased levels of performance.
Possible factors to use:  Intensity during practice, parent’s actions, umpires strike zone, weather, broken equipment, game line up, errors during a game, attitude, or score of the game. This is one of my favorite scenes from the travel ball world; seeing a team that takes pride in themselves and is anxious to take the field. Giving them the reins on creating their warm-up will also allow a few other things to emerge.
Another thing to keep in mind; their warm-up doesn’t have to be uber serious the whole time. Let your athletes take charge, of course with knowing that you get the final approval on any routine that is developed. Posted in Character Building, My Experiences, Self Confidence, Team Cohesion, Uncategorized and tagged athletes, autonomy, coaching, coaching tips, exercise, morning buzz, softball, warm ups. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The expected responses of physical attraction, body, intelligence, or even humor aren’t the “home run.” It’s the energy of my confidence. It displays itself when you take the lead, when you direct conversation, even when you feel comfortable enough to let there be silence!
For both men and women, the energy of confidence will be something that makes you more attractive!
Get Game Group is Mario’s most comprehensive teaching and coaching effort, taking advantage of his unique skillset and life knowledge to help others “Get Game” and succeed more often in their personal and professional pursuits, while developing greater Choice in life. Additionally, Mario's coaching background is just as filled, having coached most major sports. People are only limited because they are exposed to and repeat to themselves messages of self-doubt, fear and anxiety over and over again each day.
As adults our logical mind has built up a strong wall that stops information from reaching the subconscious mind.
The messages are accompanied by foreground music designed to help brainwaves relax and open your mind to receive the desired information.

One technique involves playing the subliminal messages at different frequencies and decibel levels than the foreground music making them virtually undetectable to your logical mind but completely detectable to your subconscious. Theta waves occur during heightened states of creativity and are found with a deep meditative state.
Monster Confidence uses these techniques and more to make a super-powerful audio program that delivers THOUSANDS of subliminal messages direct to your subconscious mind. It hits the brain on so many levels that it's impossible for you not to see drastic, powerful change in Confidence Levels. EFT (sometimes referred to as tapping) is a powerful new discovery that combines two well established sciences so you can benefit from both at the same time.
In this program we'll use EFT to completely destroy approach anxiety and make you fearless around women!
Working on yourself internal is very powerful but you can't ignore practical, real life, in-field work. I'm not big on hard sales pitches and I don't particularly like being sold on anything myself. The voice of self-doubt creeps in, and you find yourself wondering if you even have what it takes to be a valued employee. They don’t want to hire someone who appears to have hesitations about their abilities. Volunteering for a nonprofit or doing an internship are great ways to grow a real-world understanding of your field and keep you up-to-date with any technical changes that develop. Without practice, you won’t be able to articulate all those interesting things you have learned or insights you have gained as a result of the research and analysis you have done on the company. I got a part-time job a couple months later, and I will be going full-time and getting a raise after the holidays. I’ve noticed and even agreed with this statement at times, but the more I ponder it, I think it may be a bit of a cop out.
It protects the athlete from honestly putting themself out there and experiencing cold, hard, failure. In seconds we get a gut feeling of who they are as a person and if we want that person around us. Show that you truly care for them by getting to know who they are as people, not just athletes. Not only are they the chauffer that ensures their timely arrival to practices and competitions, but they are the chef that prepares and distributes pre-practice and post competition snacks.
They are a direct influence into how a child perceives his experience, performance, and abilities.
When she did get time on the mound it was always against the toughest teams, so her daughter wasn’t getting very many W’s.
Ropes, tape, extension cords, or a simple line drawn in the dirt with your finger can be used to make the circles. When I was playing collegiate ball, Sonoma State University used to begin their warm-ups with a silly human obstacle course relay race.
At G3 it’s our job, responsibility, and desire to always be a lifelong learner in the field of Social Dynamics. If you’re uncomfortable with this role as a man, you can’t be confident, and you therefore…can’t be very successful with Attraction.
He is also a certified personal trainer that works as a diet and fitness coach where he has transformed the health, physical body, and lives of hundreds and shares this expertise with GGG clients as part of their journey towards Choice and their best Self.
Hypnosis is an extremely effective way to change patterns of behavior, bad habits and much more by bypassing the logical, conscious mind. In a hypnotic state, you're able to make major changes in negative self beliefs, physical behaviors and limiting thoughts. Write down your thoughts about what you have learned about the company, what your analysis has shown you, and what conclusions you draw based on what you know about your field. This nonchalant attitude they carry prevents them from having to attribute failure to personal shortcomings. In these immediate seconds this person may not have said much or given us any formation as to who they are, but still we come up with a gut instinct. Studies have shown that we don’t even need to understand the words someone is saying to make a correct judgement on someone. Athletes are constantly striving for a coaches’ approval, knowing that the coach likes them as a person relieves immense amounts of pressure which will help the athlete to perform better on the field. This statement couldn’t be closer to the truth, it’s been almost 7 years since I stepped on the field with him as my coach and I can still remember exactly what it felt like to have someone who truly believed in me. They are the laundry matt that removes grass stains, and presses uniforms so on game day the team looks distinct and unified.
The mom was expressing to me that she wanted her daughter to get the chance to rack up some W’s in hopes to build her confidence on the mound. Just like the pitcher, the catcher, the outfield, the #2 batter, and the bench players play a part. You are relying on a dozen tiny things to line up in the exact right way in order to boost your confidence.
If you look off into the distance, you can see the fog still hovering low over the surrounding fields. A team that is accountable and takes responsibility for the necessary actions needed to prepare for competition. If you let them be a part of the creative process, they will feel a sense of ownership towards their pre-competition routine.
It’s hard to get 11-20 people to agree on one thing, this will show you which person is comfortable taking charge and facilitating the compromises that will need to occur. Our logical mind is full of excuses and blockages that stop us from reaching peak levels of performance.
You'll have a massive unfair advantage over men who've never experienced a program like this!

We experience and respond to the world basically through our sensory representational systems. EFT involves stimulating certain meridian points in the body by tapping them with your fingertips.
I keep the price low because I want to help as many men as possible and I know that if I keep the price low, more people will have the chance to experience the program. For example; an athlete like this will put little effort in at practice, stay up late that night, and then perform under par at the game the next day.
It’s been done in studies where participants only see a subject speaking for 3 seconds with no sound and people can accurately pick up characteristics of that person. If they know they have your support in who they are as a person they will “run through walls for you”.
Coaches need to believe in their players as people, get to know who they are, and support them despite their performance on the field.
They are the ATM that spits out league fees, but most of all, they are the biggest fans who provide moral support that drives motivation and inspiration. One way to change your level of self-confidence is to change the way you view the situation or yourself. These are things that aren’t reliant on chance, you can reap the benefits from these things every game, and every practice.
A familiar buzz catches your attention and shifts your gaze to the right field line of the field directly in front of you. It will also allow you to see unique skills your athletes possess; who’s creative, who’s a good listener, who thinks outside the box, who communicates well, who follows, and who’s organized. We were on the opposite sideline running through our mundane dynamic stretches and they were cheering eachother on, laughing, smiling, and really getting pumped, yet staying loose for game time. These are the questions that journalist and psychologist Maria Konnikova tackles in her mesmerizing new book.From multimillion-dollar Ponzi schemes to small-time frauds, Konnikova pulls together a selection of fascinating stories to demonstrate what all cons share in common, drawing on scientific, dramatic, and psychological perspectives. The goal here is not for you to memorize everything you have written, but to use multiple methods to get you very comfortable with what you have learned.
It’s the parents who need to keep score and have leagues with playoffs that lead to championships. It sounds like the slot machines in the casino; throwing money in and relying on pure chance for a reward. You can make this activity a fun competition by giving athletes points for giving the most persuasive explanation for their choice of circle. Insightful and gripping, the book brings readers into the world of the con, examining the relationship between artist and victim. The easier it is for you to talk about what you know and to convey your insights, the more confident you will appear. When these athletes do succeed and perform well, it makes their abilities look above average because they are succeeding while putting very little effort forth. Encourage and empower athlete’s abilities and teach them to change their perspective on failure. This puts all the focus on their performance and can induce high amounts of pressure on a young athlete. Not only is it impossible to win a team sport competition by yourself, but you also can’t control the other factors that affect the outcome of the game. In essence, the NLP techniques used in this program help you create a better map for the reality around you.
Athletes need coaches who listen, are genuine, inviting, and supportive; off the field as well as on the field. On the softball field you are putting all this effort into delivering your best performance, however if you focus on winning, you are relying on chance to get the reward of confidence from the effort you are putting in. As a batter was I courageous?- Was I scared to go up to the plate in a crucial situation but I stood in the box and gave it my best attempt anyway?
Letting athletes make their own decisions gives them the opportunity to be proud of the things they’ve chosen. You'll begin to see a world where girls are attracted to you withing which you can confidently pick up, attract and date them! In good outcomes they attribute their succeses to their abilities and efforts, and in negative outcomes they attribute their failures to something external that is beyond their control.
He knew the audience would feel the same way; they would always want him to come out on top. This would allow him to push the boundaries and do daring things and still have the heart of the audience at the end of the movie. It’s a startling and disconcerting read that should make you think twice every time a friend of a friend offers you the opportunity of a lifetime. And here’s the irony—the smarter you think you are, the more readily you’ll fall, which is why New Yorkers are some of the easiest marks. And with a deft mix of stories and studies, she explores what that means for how we think and, ultimately, who we are.
Pink, author of Drive and To Sell Is Human“What magic takes place when a smooth talking stranger convinces you to part with everything you have? Maria Konnikova is a superb storyteller and her tales of conmen and their victims will blow your mind. The Confidence Game is a masterful exploration of human psychology—Konnikova uses the art of the con to explore some striking claims about kindness and cruelty, memory and reputation, the power of stories, and the very nature of the self.
This is a brilliant and often unsettling book, and it leaves me with mixed feelings—I’d like everyone to read it, but at the same time, it scares me to think of it falling into the wrong hands.
More deeply still, she explores what cons can teach us about human nature and our most profound needs.

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