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Have you ever had a dream in which you were flying, then upon waking up thought, “Man, that felt awesome!
It will allow you to experience different planes of existence that your physical body cannot allow you to visit while awake. You will experience the beautiful astral realms, which are unlike anything you’ve experienced before!
Whether you’re just a tiny bit curious about astral projection or dying to know what all the hype is about, know this—you’re always completely safe and in control, and what you will see, feel and experience in the astral realms will open up your perspective and expand your mind like nothing else.
Just like lucid dreaming and meditation, successful astral projection (that is, being able to leave your body on command and travel to the astral realms) takes practice—but this is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get there! When you come to a point of relaxation, be careful not to stray into daydreaming mode, or to go into a deep slumber—this may take practice, but don’t give up! Binaural beats, which are recordings composed of high-pitched noises, can help you achieve a focused and relaxed mind—the perfect starting point for astral projection success! What you’re hoping to achieve with the relaxation and countdown is a tingling feeling going up and down throughout your body, similar to what it feels like when your foot falls asleep. As you begin to leave your body, expect to hear a collection of noises such as cracks, pops and running water. Begin to open your eyes while still holding onto the visualization of being up in the ceiling. While astral travel does take a little bit of practice, breathing correctly, binaural beats and visualization turn that practice into astral projection perfection! The dangers of astral projection are mostly associated with the spirit's experiences on the astral plane, encountering other spirits and beings or becoming lost and unable to return to the physical plane. Becoming obsessed with the astral plane is one danger for those who seek out of body experiences.
Astral projection is pursued by those who wish to have a higher understanding of nature, man and existence.
One concern for those who enjoy out of body experiences is that the spirit is meant to learn from life. What do the ancient Hindus, medieval civilizations, countless modern-day scientists and spiritual leaders have in common? We hate annoying ads like anyone else, and strive to keep our ads from weighing our webpages down. One of the most interesting subject matters of paranormal psychology is the “out of the body experience” or astral projection.By definition, it is a paranormal experience which is composed of an astral body that exceptionally possesses the capability to travel outside the bounds of the material body.
Here are some easy astral projection techniques for the beginner (which will soon make you an expert!).
Begin deep belly breathing as you would during meditation (breathe from your abdomen and count to five, then exhale through your teeth as though you were making a hissing noise).
Studies have shown that out-of-body experiences tend to occur when your brain is at a higher brainwave frequency, which binaural beats can help you accomplish. You may hear a noise that sounds like a crack, but this is a good thing and nothing to be afraid of—it’s your physical body departing for new and breathtaking dimensions! Keep your mind focused by visualizing yourself leaving your physical body and rising up to the ceiling. You will be able to “take off” and see yourself from up above, sleeping down below! This incredible report can change your life by helping you to unlock your true hidden potential! Others speculate that while you are engaged in an out of body experience, your physical body is equally vulnerable to physical attack or possession. You can become so focused on achieving connections with the planes beyond your own that you fail to care for yourself in this one.

The purpose of the silver cord of life is to keep one tethered to the physical body, but obsession or distraction can leave a spirit wandering and uncertain how to return to the body. It's important to stay focused, to train the mind and the body for these experiences and to be vigilant. Too much time spent in out of body experiences may hamper the spriit's ability or focus in learning from phsical reality. They’ve all extensively documented the theory of Astral Projection, or out-of-body experiences.  For the skeptics out there Astral Projection is a very real phenomenon anyone can experience. Some of our ads may be of particular interest to you so could you please disable your ad blocker just for a moment. Have you ever been curious about “the other side” after hearing your co-worker’s best friend have an out-of-body experience following her car accident? Here’s some good news for you—when you astral project, you can!
With your eyes closed, imagine seeing one of those Magic 8 Balls from your childhood (the black ball with answers inside of it, remember)? Traveling to these higher planes can be emotionally and mentally draining, leaving you fatigued and depressed upon return.
Another concern is encountering a dangerous spirit or spirits that may mug or attack the traveling, astral projector. Having someone trusted to be present as a guardian of the physical body can increase a personal sense of safety. The dangers of astral projection encourage those who practice it to exercise caution on the spiritual planes. Furthermore, its idea came from the roots of common religious beliefs such as the afterlife.
Astral projection, which is the ability to have an out-of-body experience and travel to higher dimensions, is something that everyone has the opportunity to experience. The physical side effects, particularly if you are not prepared for them, can affect your day-to-day life.
Others speculate that the absence of a spirit in the physical body can leave it open to possession. This danger of astral projection is harder to predict because if the spirit is harmed, there would be no evidence beyond the death of the body at home. Certainly most of us at Mystic Investigations Astral Project amid our Lucid Dreams on a nightly basis. To explain, this phenomenon happens when a soul goes ascent or proceeds to another dimension which is very much different from a physical world.
While there are no documented cases of this, the belief that proper preparation and controlled journeying can protect the body from undue influences. Conversely, if the physical body is killed while a person is astral projecting, they would have nowhere to return.
This is what paranormal experts refer to as the higher realms.In addition, an astral projection is closely associated with a near death experience. If a body is possessed by another spirit or demon during an out of body experience, can the cord that connects your soul to your body be severed? You simply need the right training, and practice to achieve a controlled out of body experience to fly about freely exploring the Earth, the entire Universe, or even the higher dimensional Astral Plane, aka Dream Realm. Likewise, it can be correlated with dreams, illnesses, operations or surgeries, sleep paralysis and meditations. Meanwhile, the succeeding sections of this article will mainly focus on the varying beliefs as far as this phenomenon is concerned.
Jones has developed an extensive Astral training program featured on major news outlets such as CNN, Fox News, and CBS.
Jones guide you on your journey to free your soul from it’s restrictive physical confines, and perhaps even be prepared to better handle your inevitable demise, or close call, hopefully in the distant future!  Go Here To Learn More About This Exciting World Of Enchantment We Call Astral Projection!

Speaking of the astral plane, it is said to be the mediation of light between earth and heaven. Moreover, in the astral plane this is a portion of the universe which is populated by angels, demons and spirits.
But, the only major and ultimate difference is the way on how they effectively deal and use this unique gift of paranormal wisdom.
Consequently, here are the 5 effective tips that should be mastered and accurately remembered by astral projection neophytes. To prepare yourself for an astral travel, you must:Grasp or understand the whole process itself. In this respect, always remember that you must not study nor explore the phenomenon out of your curiosity. To have a successful and fruitful astral projection, search for quality reading materials that will help you out in having a clear-cut understanding about this very exciting and yet dangerous paranormal activity. Among the essentials of astral projection that you should know are its advantages and setbacks.Look for an expert as your best guide. The achievement of an astral projection success requires one to have an expert beside him or her to provide hours of rigid training sessions of both body and mind.
Also, an astral traveler must have lots of patience and perseverance prior to the production of satisfactory results.Employ the adequate and appropriate aids. These are in the forms of CD’S, DVD’S and the likes to make the process faster and more effective at that. Usually, these paranormal aids help the brain to shift brain frequencies for a more conducive and successful astral projection.Stop looking or expecting for it to happen immediately.
To be able to fully experience the beauty and wonders of astral projection, never dare to ask yourself, “Is this it?”. On the contrary, if you are going to adopt this line of questioning, there is no doubt that you cannot experience astral projection no matter what you do.Seek the intercession of an astral guide. By having this, you will never put your material and spiritual body at risk.History of Astral ProjectionAstral projection is one of the oldest means of achieving inner peace through OBE and meditations. There were not so much historical accounts as far as this paranormal phenomenon is concerned. However, various written records have reflected that it is as old as other Hindu beliefs, such as karma and reincarnation. Similarly, the astral planes and the physical bodies are merely attributed to as points of the long and endless spectrum of the conscious mind. As to the concept of astral projection, the founder and students of this school of thought believe that astral projection takes place in the actual external body of the projector. In addition, this model presents the comprehensive and detailed description of a subtle energy body that carries ones consciousness out of the physical body.Astral Projection ConceptionBasically, the first notion about astral projection had originated from the fervent wish of man to continually exist after death. Conversely, those people who believe in astral travel assume that the notion that the spirit could unlatch itself from the physical body and move away, which gives rise to the belief that a person may continue to keep living even after death.In the event of an astral projection, the conscious mind departs the physical body and moves into an astral body. Moreover, when an individual is having an out of the body experience, he or she remains to be connected to his or her physical body.
Astral projection can be achieved by people naturally or spontaneously by the employment of deep meditation or lucid dreaming.Astral projection is a divine gift and wisdom from God. Therefore, science and human nature must be open to the inconceivable and endless possibilities of the powerful and dynamic facets of a human mind and body, regardless of scientific breakthroughs’ continuous evolution.

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