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Being a children’s yoga teacher, parents find it hard to believe that I can get their children to focus and sit still in class to meditate and stay quiet during relaxation time. Children are more spiritually connected than adults because they haven’t accumulated the years of layering, limiting beliefs and ego domination like adults. Here’s my biggest secret: in order for kids to slow down physically, we have to first focus on consciously slowing down the breath. Here are some of the ways I teach children, between the ages 3-12, how to meditate, learn deep breathing, and enter into deep relaxation.
We take a deep breath of our flower and imagine the flower’s scent and how we feel after smelling it. It’s important to have children start the dialogue of their emotions and feelings so they can connect to their pain, anger and happiness.
This breath entails breathing in through the nose for 4 counts, holding the breath for 4 counts and slowly releasing the breath for 4 counts through the nose.
This is a fabulous breathing technique to help children focus when they are doing homework, before sleeping and when they just need a break when they’re stressed, angry, or sad. I guide my students to lie down on their backs and breathe into any areas of their body that feels tense. I have them breathe in love, and release love to all their friends and family, and then breathe in happiness and bless all their friends and family with happiness. At the end of the class, we say an affirmation together as they create a protective bubble around themselves.
In my yoga classes, I have found that the children who have the most success with becoming more calm and relaxed are those whose parents model their own personal mindfulness and meditation.
Children don’t learn by “Do as I say, not as I do” mentality; they observe our actions and follow suit based on how we engage ourselves. Tejal Patel is former divorce attorney turned children’s yoga teacher, spiritual counselor and motivational speaker. Join the community and discover yoga together with hundreds of thousands from all over the world. In this article of our online meditation course we’ll be looking at how to do Chakra Dhyana Meditation technique. 1 : Sit comfortably with good posture, making sure your spine is in proper alignment and that your body is relaxed. 3: Spend a few minutes doing basic breathing meditation in order to get yourself to relax and to develop focus.
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The stumbling blocks that some of our Most Innovative Companies have faced on their journeys to success and what they learned along the way. Brooks, director of the Austin Psychology and Assessment Center, says our thoughts are like a river.

Brooks says meditating is like exercise; a full workout is preferred, but there is value in short bursts. While walking your dog, taking a hike, or simply getting the mail, focus your attention on one item, such as the sound of the cicadas, the feel of the ground beneath your feet, or the color of the tree. As you eat or drink, focus on the various flavors, textures, and sensations of the particular food or drink. I can attest; children absolutely can be still, it’s just a matter of how you introduce the content to them that’s important. With continued practice and repetition, it’s easier for children to shut down their ego and get into the meditation zone since they are still so connected to their inner voice.
What I do to make it exciting is to use certain yoga hand positions (mudras), songs, and other fun activities. I’ll ask questions about how they feel, what color they feel like, and what their favorite thing is that happened that day to get an idea of their energy level and how they’re feeling at the moment.
For older children, I explain that when we’re breathing correctly, inhaling through our nose, our belly expands like a balloon. Slowing down the breath allows for more oxygen to go to the brain, and in essence, creates more mental clarity.
One of my favorite guided meditations is the “Light Bath” to help infuse your entire body with positive, radiating energy, love and light. I tell them to allow themselves to release that negative energy and allow inner peace to flow through their head in the form of a pink light. Breathe in forgiveness and letting go, and breathe out this forgiveness to all those that have hurt them.
They say “From my head to my toes, I’m happy, healthy and whole.” I have them touch their head and feet as if they are creating a protective bubble around themselves. Children will emulate parents and incorporate these powerful tips at a younger age, if parents are also practicing meditation. As the caretakers of the future, we have an important responsibility to raise our consciousness and lay the foundation to create the conditions for our children to thrive.
She is passionate about teaching children the gifts of yoga and mindfulness through her Yoga Birdies- Yoga for Youth classes. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before continuing.  We welcome you to our wonderful community. During the Chakra Dhyana meditation technique you will touch the tips of your index fingers to your thumbs in this fashion. Visualise the chakra as orange, Say “Om Swadhisthana” then recite “VUNG” before imagining the chakra turning gold. From authors to spiritual gurus, I've been blessed to have many truly inspirational figures in my life.
Having everyone close their eyes, Miss Dunn would ask the class to tell her what they heard.

Drinking a cup of tea or enjoying a piece of chocolate can be a form of meditation, says Brooks.
For example, washing your hands, folding laundry, taking a shower, washing dishes, or brushing your teeth can serve as mini-meditations if you focus on the experience and stop your mind from wandering.
If you teach kids the tools of deep breathing, you are imprinting the skills of allowing them to create space in their mind, body and soul for inner peace and calmness. At the start of every class, we create our lotus mudra by touching our pinkies and thumbs together to create a lotus flower.
Though their vocabulary may be limited, it’s through our ability to be fully present that we can truly understand how they are feeling based on the energy they are exuding. And when we exhale through our nose, our belly gets pulled back to the spine and our balloon deflates. I guide that pink light through every spot in their body and invite them to breathe into each space, giving awareness to each major body part (eyes, ears, mouth, arms, heart, legs brain). We end by giving thanks for all their wonderful abilities that help us be happy, healthy and whole.
She recognizes mindfulness in children will occur when adults are examples of living from their inner power. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! I am a diabetic and IJanice McKenzie on How to Manage Diabetes said: Thanks for the information.
During the first 3 chakras touch the tips of the thumb, then the middle of the thumb for the 5th and 6th chakra, then the base of the thumb for the 7th and 8th.
Finally imagine the chakra turning gold and say the words “Kundalini arohanum” a few times. Recite the sound YUNG, imagine the chakra turning gold and say “Kundalini arohanum” a few times.
The first thing you will want to do is to relax by breathing in deeply through your nose, holding it briefly in your solar plexus stomach area, then slowly release your breath through your mouth.  While doing this, you can also begin to do a relaxation exercise. She empowers adults, through her weekly VLOGS and guided meditations to live consciously, spread love, and create peace in their life to empower children to do the same. After reading the book, we spend between 45 seconds and 2 minutes in quiet, upright meditation before we end the class. He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents.

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