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LeaderTask Personal Organizer a€” reliable assistant in managing tasks, meetings and contacts!
I installed it to "My Documents" and then copied the "LeaderTask" folder to my thumb drive and ran it on other computers, which allowed me to update my personal ToDo list at work, at my girlfriend's house, etc. Ignored the site notices, always go to Software page to check out what goes on there, similar to the Elcor site on this LeaderTask site had to close IE9 with task manager, would not release from their page, usually not a good sign.
I notice that all the screenshots shown are for the "expert" version which is plainly quite different from today's giveaway.
OK, I went ahead and ran what is usually the uninstaller file a€?unins000.exea€? in the LeaderTask program folder (in a foreign language, so I could not read the messages), and it appeared to run as a normal one would, progress bars and all. However, nothing was actually removed and the program continues to run as an application registered to "giveaway". I used the Administrator account to install, and it ran fine under that account; however, it would not properly launch (error message dialog box) under any other user account. I then intended to attempt to uninstall then reinstall it using a non-admin-privilege account to see if that would make any difference with it running under other user accounts. Again, seems to be a nice program that is unfortunately plagued by installation issues which likely justifies the low-scoring initial-impression ratings of previous GOTD offer days.
Mozilla Thunderbird and Sunbird together gives you email and PIM stable and can be run from USB. However due to being only able to look at what it can do rather than trying-out what it can do; has left me looking for an alternative.
Reviewing (for myself) the previous times LeaderTask was offered here on GOTD for what I claimed were "mostly good review" comments, I see that the percentage approval was actually quite low. So I reviewed and noted that most of those comments were complaining about earlier more "candy-like" color schemes, or one time when the default install was in Russian, etc. Filtering out that sort of fluff and the usual "get this better one for free" comments that offer no justifications, LeaderTask seems a quite competent application that, like any complex software package, would take most people a reasonable amount of time to appreciate (or despise) before posting a fair comment.
Also, for those of you who do not know what it's for, simply click the link next to "Publisher" in the info box near the top of this page and you will see all the previous times this has generously been given away here on GOTD with mostly good reviews.
I am surprised to find the overwhelmingly negative comments and rating regarding this offering. I have used this program primarily for its thorough task and project management capabilities.
I don't know why Malwarebytes would identify this as malware, but my personal experience has never led to a problem with the program. I cannot comment regarding using the program as a mail client, because I have never used this feature. Overall, for my purposes, this program has been quite useful and undeserving of the criticism it is getting here. I see nothing wrong with leader task today and looks to be a great program and will suite to serve some needs I am sure. Because of the Watered down demo Version I would not give this particular download a full thumbs up. Some days we get some really not so great software being that it has been a watered down special versions made for this site or away to market software with some Hitch or catch to it. I think the People who have created this project GOTD have fallen a little short of their original Vision and have to take a step back and rethink about what is being offered on the GOTD website and does it meet the starndards that have been expressed in the About Page.
The idea behind this initiative is that many sites and publishers offer trial downloads; but only we offer giveaway downloads. Basically, every day we nominate one software title that will be a Giveaway title of that day. The software product is presented in its full functionality, without any limitations save for those mentioned in Terms and Conditions. I'm just saying this is what is being published to the Public on About US and I hope That GOTD Operators Take this a Constructive Critisim.
The Last thing I would like to see is the Good Name Giveaway of the Day being Affliated with Crapware, Shareware, and become a second grade run of the mill website.
Trouble with it on win 7 ultimate 64 bit 45 day only crap, i dont understand how people can mislead other people blacklisted and gotd lets it go on here anyhow, goodbye 2 thumbs down uninstalled. Evernote is free and does all of this and so much more, in fact, it has advanced so much I would have to take a day off to really learn everything it does but it installs on your home PC, smart phone, work computer and integrates with outlook so you can add or read reminders from home, work or anywhere you are at with your smartphone and synch them up with one click of a button.
It gives you the option to instal it where you want , but did not create a desk top short cut which is bad and does not autostart up after instal either. Seeing as this offering is free without up dates , it would be very easy for someone to click update and too late realising they have crippled the prog. As this offering is free , if you want a basic PIM , without needing email function or reports I would still say this is worth downloading. If you have technical problems or suggestions on our project, please leave us a note in our forums. Softpedia gives LeaderTask 3 stars and CNet gives it 4 stars, also GIVEAWAYOFTHEDAY wouldn't give links to dodgy sites.

The Demo version, good for 45 days, has more features than the Standard version being offered today.
As has already been mentioned, there is no email client with this version - What annoys me is the that giveaway description above specifically mentions twice that it has an email client! Organizer LeaderTask --> Home Categories New Popular Submit RSS Contact Organizer LeaderTask 5.77 Set your goals.
In today’s era of busy life, we often need to remember important things to do in daily life.
Tasks that are created can be allotted a start and end date also as a priority level and a search facility is also available to make it easy to look for information that may have been attached to some particular item. Notice: Submission of this form includes an automatic subscription to the DevOps e-newsletter. People were already forming lines at 6 o’clock in the morning in urgency to get their taxes in on time.  During the interviews with newscasters, most of the people stated that they “just hadn’t gotten around to it”. So it made me a think of a common theme that plagues our society…waiting until the last minute and “just not getting around to it”. How many times do you wait until the last minute to get something done?  How many times do you let a task linger on and on…and the stress just seems to overwhelm you? How many ideas, tasks, projects are still waiting to be complete…to be started?  And unless something urgent comes up that requires their completion (like the April 15th deadline) they will just sit.
So I made a dog run at the side of my house to keep the destruction limited to the hillside so I could fix up the yard, yet again.
Three long years it sat.  I did not even want to walk out the back door to the place where I had previously spent so many days throughout the year with family and friends spending time, cooking, BBQ’ing, etc.  How sad is that?
To make a long story short…in a few short weekends, I got my yard back to how I had wanted it for three years.
I had dealt with the mess, the dust, the stress for three long years and in about three short weekends it was beautiful again!
And just imagine, that’s just one thing…I also had the garage, the closets…in addition to other projects like this blog, exercise, work projects and others…you probably can relate…oh, and the stress…all from letting things sit and wait to be complete for that “magical moment”. Assign absolute deadlines to each, sign your name to it and share it with a trusted loved one so you can be held accountable.
So take some time today and make a commitment to completing the steps.  Write down your tasks, organize them, prioritize them, and then set off!
TreeDBNotes Pro is a universal information manager including a note organizer, contacts, passwords and tasks, as well as a calendar, alarm clock, reminders, and many other useful features.
The Notes Manager is a powerful, convenient and compact means for storing notes, documentation, help files, e-books and other information. The Contact manager of TreeDBNotes allows you to store, manage, and with the import and export functions, synchronize contacts with other sources. The Password Manager allows you to store passwords, account details and other personal information in a safe and convenient location. The task manager allows you to manage tasks; you can import, export, print, sort, and perform other operations.
Description of LeaderTask Personal Organizer LeaderTask planning software is a popular business organizer. As the grand Russian general Alexander Suvorov used to say, - Money is expensive, human life is more expensive, time is priceless! Efigio's purpose is to help people in organizing their life, work, business and so on (you name it), to help them in using their time best and making their work become more efficient. Noto Personal Organizer is a mini application, or window gadget, that you can move around your computer desktop. It is very easy to use because it works exactly like a real personal organizer, with page turning and separate side tabbed sections, such as: day to view, week to view, month to view, projects section, info section and address book. It also has added benefits such as a selection bars and icons that can be dragged and dropped within Noto to highlight certain events. Alive Organizer is a perfect solution, including all necessary features for efficient time management. It helps you plan your tasks, meetings, manage projects and employees, and process your email messages.
I think the only thing that might be missing is registration of file types, that sort of thing. I first got Leadertask from GAOTD at least three years or four years ago, and have been quite happy with the program - to the point that I actually purchased it. I especially like the fact that this is a portable program that you can run from a flash drive. I have been a Loyal Fan of the site for many Years and enjoy comming to your website Daily for the software given away here.
The software is available for download for 24 hours (or more, if agreed with software publisher) and that software is absolutely free.
I agree with most people here in that it is once again a limited version that should be available as freeware and NOT offered here in the guise of Free Premium Software.

It helps you plan your tasks, meetings, manage projects and employees, and process your email messages." - that's why i'm here, cause i have lots of employees and business to manage and organize ! Many of the useful features are unavailable and without them makes keeping the program pointless and as previously pointed out the site is blacklisted although I ran a scan of the installed software and nothing suspicious was found.
I would appreciate accurate program descriptions to avoid wasting time downloading something which is not what you think. Task Coach provides complete functionality of Personal information manager and task organizer as well. You have to remember a important appointments and deadlines every day, and in many cases a traditional diary or calendar will not help your cause. For example, you can import contacts from a mobile phone, edit and put them in contact Google. Additional functions are available, such as: web search, copy to clipboard, add links, add attachments, etc.
LeaderTask has been constantly under active development since 2006 - it's a guarantee that it will always keep up with the times and will never go out of date! Aries Organizer is waiting for you when your computer starts and is always just a click away.
If you are up to your neck in numerous tasks, it's impossible to keep everything in mind. LeaderTask features include: task list, appointment calendar, and address book, email client, file storage in the organizer and synchronization with Outlook. Better yet, I can run the program from my Dropbox folder and have it available at multiple computers that I work from. Some days we have been given some real Gems from here and I have truly appreciated the Free Giveaways.
One option is to turn to a personal information manager (PIM), but these have a tendency to be large and complicated. Additional features: templates, styles, quick sentences, user variables, and import and export functions. Arrange them by categories and set deadline reminders to make sure you are completing your work in time. In this case Alive Organizer is what you need to organize either your working hours or private time in a simple and effective way.
Mostly PIMs are also fairly limited in the way in which they address the creation of tasks, and this is where Task Coach may be able to help.
Easy portability, small size, multiple language support and a nice user-friendly interface will make the program your friend and helper at home, work and travel. It is possible to encrypt the whole document, or password protect any part of it (the tree, or folder). Manage your time, keep your contacts and passwords, write your blog, make notes and schedule tasks with personal organizer! As it has a Calender, project manager, Notes etc, this particular version as already mentioned Lacks email capibility.
Using advanced features such as history, tag cloud, preview, bookmarks and hyperlinks make you more productive and comfortable. Again I am sure some will mention other freeware programs that have can do all that Leader task can do plus have functioning email.
Try the new generation organizer that helps you plan your work so efficiently that you have more free time than ever!
The whole point of self employment is the ability to plan your work in such a way that you have a flexible schedule and free time available to spend with family or for self improvement. It can be hard to effectively plan your work and your free time; traditional task organizers are simply not designed to cope with the tasks and issues that an independent professional sees every day.
LeaderTask will cut wasted time, get rid of the fuss, reveal the hidden chunks of free time and allow you enjoy your self-employment as never before!
Get LeaderTask, a task organizer designed by a small business specifically for small business owners!
We know what kind of problems you see and what tasks you solve every day better than anybody else on the market! Let us help you plan your day so that you can do more and still have more free time available - at the same time! Did you count how many small five-minute breaks there are between the tasks in a given day? These slices of time are so tiny that you can neither do anything productive nor take a good rest; they re a complete waste! Let LeaderTask help you plan your working days to turn this wasted time into a problem solved!

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