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Okay, so the character was only the fevered daydream (or nightmare) of Maxwell Lord, and only appeared in the one issue.
Lesson learned from Maximum Force: Not all comic characters should put on a pair of tights (especially this one). Bloodlines was a line-wide crossover event which unfolded across the various annuals DC published in the summer of 1993. It’s a difficult enough task to launch a single new superheroic property and make it stick with audiences.
After giving up on Marvel Comics entirely in 1993 after many good years and several turdly ones, I decided to dive deep into the modern DC Universe to escape. I always thought that Jamm was intentionally written as the worst possible character as a reaction to LSH being forced into the crossover. He’s not only the worst Bloodlines character, he MAY be the worst character EVER in the history of Comics! The only one I really remember was the guy introduced in the Captain America annual, The Battling Bantam, who was basically a boxing rooster themed superhero, sort of the midpoint between The Red Rooster and the Gobbledygooker, I guess. I was looking on the web and I saw people naming their top 10 favorite Super Heroes, and I got to thinking what mine are. The Mad Hatter can be a very good character when they don't focus on the mind control nonsense.
Thirty-some years ago, Chris Claremont did a really, really good job of mainstreaming BDSM themes or tropes in cape comics. It’s all more than we can manage in real life, and people bounce back from emotional trauma like it was nothing. Throw some furry handcuffs, role playing, or a blindfold into your normal human sexy times and look what happens.
What Miller did here was just put what we’ve already learned, or picked up on unconsciously, onto the page as plain as day. I really wonder how come so many people read this comic all wrong, when much of what you are saying in this series of essays is actually explicitly exposed in the text itself(which nicely expand upon). I wonder if it was illustrated by a more restrained artist, the reception would have been better.
When I first caught wind of this series, my first reaction to the snippets that have been plastered all over the internet was, “WHAT THE FUCK? Offtopic to a degree what your thoughts on how DC and MK reboot their series around the same time? But Frank Miller isn’t Austin or MacFarlane, he is FRANK MILLER the guy who wrote 3-4 of the best American comics of the 80s most of which he drew as well.
It is much easier to say that it is intentional based on previous work than to say it is a great creator going off the deep end. Not to undermine your own (excellent) points about super-sex, David, but here’s an alternate theory on what the lightning on that last page might signify. I remain convinced; in a comic where a single car journey spanned multiple issues, it seems unlikely that scene-length is arbitrary.

I’ve often enjoyed the fascination his work shows with ancient religion, concepts of good and evil, angels and demons, and a sense of metaphysical fluidity regarding the world we think we live in. I’m sure it’s the 20 or 30 years of increasingly spastic and anti-gravity, anti-physics, anti-human-limitation sensibility of video games on the minds of two or three generations that lets this green-screened wonder pass for a film. And spunky, chunky Scarlett Johansson, who plays a wee mortal in the film, is somehow also immune from even so much as a twisted ankle when being flung onto rooftops from video-game inspired manga vehicles (lucky girl, I pinch my knee and have to pause and rub it for a moment, when I work it too hard when I’m biking). Older sci-fi, by comparison, for having limited budgets to spend on special effects, is both artistically interesting and philosophically challenging – see “Logan’s Run” or “Soylent Green,” or the original “Planet of the Apes.” These movies shock the system – not with ADHD-inducing roller coaster antics, but with troubling questions of morality, sexuality and politics. If this sounds like an hysterical (or humorless) review, let me assure you that I love a good action movie. But, when no one can be hurt, and video-game green screened technology solves every problem, there is no room for the doubt and pain, and choice, that lets a character learn how to become the ‘hero,’ and then gives us a glimpse of how we find the heroic part of ourselves (because that is precisely what stories are for).
Liam Scheff is author of “Official Stories,” available on Amazon and Createspace, worldwide. My favorite is when someone gets smacked at pretty high speed into a solid object, comes to an instant stop and they shrug it off. Or, buy books in bulk directly for yourself, colleagues, friends (via Contact page), or suggest "Official Stories" to your local high school or university debate class or club. Contact For Speaking EventsIf you would like to book me for a radio interview or video-Skype lecture for your classroom or group, or a live lecture at your location, Contact Me through this website, or through Facebook. He also used his powers to mentally push young beautiful women to invite him up to their hotel rooms (hey kids, a date-rate super-hero!). As in, I bought every damned one of these annuals, and have at least one complete set of the trading cards. Their motivations are more pure, their actions are more sure, and their confidence is incredible.
The Hellfire Club was a barely disguised sex club, where the queens wore corsets and capes and sipped wine out of goblets while casually ordering around the help and inflicting pain or receiving at their leisure. Now, imagine that magnified times a million, amped all the way up to superheroic proportions. It might not be the most subtle of stories, but the image it creates of those characters and of the world they inhabit is raw, fresh and quite veritable.
IS MILLER OUT HIS GODDAMN MIND?!” But then again, you can take a small snippet of pretty much ANYTHING and think that someone is out of their mind just on the basis of that small snippet. It’s also probably worth comparing this love scene with the (literally Earth-moving) one between Superman and Wonder Woman in DK2, which is seven pages long.
Youtube is already full of clips, and you can own your very own digital disk for between twenty and forty or fifty dollars, depending on how many “branded” pieces of plastic  you want to accompany your purchase. On the other hand, I’ve often hated his dialogue – shallow, quippy, something that annoying high school kids think is very clever before they say it. We’re not supposed to think about it – but it is the corporate military, nameless, faceless, and with totalitarian authority and power – that is called to “save humanity.” But, from whom? But good action movies are good, because the characters you follow are on a journey – call it “the hero’s journey,” which involves, always, loss and pain, before learning how to overcome an obstacle.

Superheroes have impossibly beautiful and interesting love interests and have pure and incredible relationships. Claremont’s stunningly fond of mind control stories, sometimes including body modification (a loss of control for some, a taking of control for others) and sometimes simply being about someone being told what to do or being helpless. With the mask, he’s Batman, the Dark Knight, avenger of the innocent, savior of the world, and secret weapon of the JLA. The constant threat of violence, the hyper-emotional states you flash through over the course of an issue, and the sheer fact that you’re two people wearing more or less skintight, fetish-y crimefighting gear all add up to something more than we can ever get in real life. That’s why they can have sex on the docks after fighting off a couple dozen gun-toting thugs, causing some medium-level property damage, and setting the docks on fire with weaponized bleach. We’ve seen Black Cat fall into a thrill-seeking relationship with Spider-Man, only to utterly reject him when he revealed that he was a normal guy.
I think it is a bit satirical, but in a celebratory way(even though I’m not sure it was intended from the start).
It’s weird that it would take years for someone to point out that there was indeed a method to the madness. And those shows were very popular with those kids – and now, that same dialogue is featured in an incredibly (monetarily) successful movie about superheroes.
So, it’s not that superhero movies (which are actually places humanity goes to worship its native and inescapable polytheism) are bad; it’s that the greenscreen has destroyed cinema. Liam's pioneering investigative journalism and distinctive public voice are not found anywhere else in the media, neither mainstream nor alternative - and Liam is not funded a single corporate sponsor.
They deal with situations that would make normal humans crack under the pressure once a month, and still wake up every morning to go to work. It seems like too many people have gotten their information about Frank Miller from Shortpacked and have become too ignorant to actually READ his stuff and realize he’s more than just WHORESWHORESWHORES.
But I think that his art style and Miller’s story might have been a little too much for some people.
But, in sequence after sequence, characters, whether they be human, or superhuman, or demigod, are immune, impervious, and in all other ways neurologically non-reactive to all forms of – not just violence – but even gravity. Oh, plenty of faceless “humans” die, but even though four of the five Avengers are human, they are all immune to the power of a visiting god, “Loki,” who is raining down his wrath for the purposes of, well… who knows?
It was a slow, thoughtful, almost academic treatise on the creation of the atomic industry in America, without any reference to any particular action or protest. Daredevil has tripped over supermodels, sexy assassins, and regular old hot women every single time he falls into a relationship. Watch “Chinatown” for a summer blockbuster that demonstrates what happens to people when they get hurt, and pulls no punches.
Superheroes fly off into space, change their whole identity, or break up in the middle of apocalypses.

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