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This a real interesting photo and a number of people who have no connection to Sugar Notch are intrigued by it. Assuming that these young folks were born in the 1880s, they could have easily still been living in the 1950s or 60s. In Sugar Notch Borough, Earth Conservancy undertook reclamation of approximately 50 acres of mine-scarred land on a larger 189-acre site. The Sugar Notch Trail system includes two trails of varying technical difficulty:  the Ridgetop Trail and the Park Access Trail. It is estimated that in the first 5 years of the past decade the population of Sugar Notch has declined by about 5%.

I'm pretty sure it's a picture of Sugar Notch,A PA people taken some time around 1900-1910.
It's a high quality photo for the time and it was taken indoors, in the parlor, which means the photographer used a powder flash. The girl in the baseball jersey and the guy in the bowler hat with his arm on her knees appear to be brother and sister, perhaps twins. The primary trailhead is located off of Broadhead Avenue at Chestnut Street, in a small playground.  The trail runs through the reclaimed Sugar Notch residential area to the Phase II fields. Along the trail you will cross an old railroad bridge and walk along the Sugar Notch Stream.

The woman in the rear center has a matronly look about her and there's an older guy peering over shoulders by the door at right.

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