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Wenger’s shitpiles like Chamakh, Djourou, Bendtner, SQUILLACCI just doesnt have any takers.
Won’t be surprised if city launched a sizeable bid for rvp 2 days before the window shuts. To be fair 4 new signings (inc Pod and Giroud) would be OK – provided RVP and Theo stay. Walcott has gone as far as he can with us, in fact he’s going backwards in his development. Afobe isnt of African origin, his parents are Dagenhamese, they frequent Sugar Hut, weat immaculate white lacoste trainers and take holidays to Bas Vegas. Well it’s obvious to anyone above 15 that daledagooner and bankz are 17 gangster wannabe chavs using their stolen iPhones to try to abuse poor old gambon via a practically anonymous blog.
GbengaAfobe isnt of African origin, his parents are Dagenhamese, they frequent Sugar Hut, weat immaculate white lacoste trainers and take holidays to Bas Vegas. Johnny, i have it on good authority that Dale is a nigerian ex child soldier, who moved to Alabama to chase the US dream and was sold into the child prostitution industry. I hardly agree with Gambon on anything,- in fact probably less than 10% – but all the same I think he is entitled to his drivel without getting slaughtered by some of you.
Come on fellas, stop getting into the debate over the originality of names on a football blog.
Giroud Podoslki and Niang would get us fuck all next season, rather add a few million and get Llorente or someone who can actually get us 20 premiership goals, I would rather actually have us signing Ba than this Niang even if he turns out to be Drogba. What an utter mess, everyone is so interested in Arsenal the Brand and Arsenal the PLC they’ve totally forgotten what it is they actually sell. MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Since 2011, the Strong Baby campaign has promoted healthy behaviors among Milwaukee mothers. The campaign, backed by the Milwaukee Lifecourse Initiative for Healthy Families, led by Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and United Way of Greater Milwaukee, is searching for little ones aged seven months to 18 months to star in the next series of ads aimed at reducing Milwaukee’s infant mortality rate. Campaign creators stress the importance of refreshing the effort with real local talent to inspire Milwaukee residents to make a difference in their own lives and follow the examples of fellow local parents. Five finalists will be selected among those that attend the BMO Harris Bradley Center casting call, while one will be selected from Facebook entries based on the votes of the social community. The effort supports Mayor Barrett’s goal of reducing Milwaukee’s overall infant mortality rate by 10 percent and the African American infant mortality rate by 15 percent by 2017.
Preliminary data indicates that 117 infants died before their first birthdays in 2013, with complications of prematurity and sleep-related infant deaths representing the two most preventable causes. He is one of the characters that didn't care that Mr Rude is acting and has bad manners, but seems to care that Mr Rude is acting rude in Books, Game Shows, and Sneezes & Hiccups .

In "Beach Party a Go Go", Little Miss Giggles and Little Miss Chatterbox fell in love with him. He has low intelligence as shown in Music because he said that a trumpet wasn't a musical instrument. There was an unknown Little Miss in the music video, Beachin with the Boombox on the website that looks like a female version of Mr.
He is one of the few characters to be seen with both Mr Tall and Miss Curious in the Mr Men Show.
In the United States version of The Mister Men Show, his voice is similar to that of Elvis Presley, Especially his singing voice. This child has a strong will and a big desire to win, 10 times more than many other people. DEEP DOWN i believe there will be a day, where a modern technology can someday give her extra limbs she deserves, indeed girl) do you best we all jealous of your immense will and hope that it'll influence people, and make this world a better place.
If we sell him for ?25million, I have my doubts we’ll plough that into a new striker.
If we miss out next season, we’re heading into sponsorship renewal season without the golden goose of Champions League resting on our shoulder. If, on the smallest possibility, we were to keep RvP, I’d rather chance Giroud in to the equation than Chamakh.
He started watching football to escape the pain of anal rapage, but never managed to learn what the game was all about, hence why he knows nothing about Arsenal or Football. I would also give him 14 days to sign the contract we have offered him or remove it from the table and the club will make the decision whether to re-open negotiations with him.
Either way I was saying he is entitled to say what he thinks without a mug like you trying to abuse him. Now, armed with information on what it takes to raise a strong, healthy baby, local parents have a chance to have their little one star in the 2015 Strong Baby advertising campaign and spread the message to future moms.
It also supports the goal to reduce racial disparities in birth outcomes, set by the Milwaukee Lifecourse Initiative for Healthy Families, which is funded by the Wisconsin Partnership Program. Nearly 60 percent of all infant deaths and 66 percent of African-American infant deaths are the result of complications of prematurity. Strong is so strong from eating many "eggs", enough that he can break things, until he finds a farmer whose cornfield is on fire. It’d be pretty uncomfortable for him if he did try and strike to get out of the club.
In the world of football club valuations, we sit at 4th (apt, wouldn’t you say?), just behind Barcelona.

Why doesn’t the Kroenke bastard fine Wenger and take all that money off his 7 Mill+ salary. CB and reserve keeper are needed too, but this is Wenger we’re talking about, so 4 seems about the maximum we can realistically expect.
I’d sooner watch my mrs get fucked by a big bad rastaman than have to suffer Another season of that incompetent fool. Additionally, half of sleep-related infant deaths in Milwaukee occur to infants who were born prematurely, making prematurity a significant risk factor for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and accidental suffocation. Many fans have thought that this could be a realtive, a redesign of Miss Somersault or a throwaway gag. That my friends, is not a French striker of African descent who can score us 30 goals per season.
We have Podolski and Giroud to take the burden if he’s feeling like he wants to sulk. Strong is so strong he picks up the farmer's barn and fills it with his "water", pours the "water" on the cornfield, extinguishing it. Birthday Little Miss Jealous Little Miss Christmas Little Miss Birthday Little Miss Stella Mr. I have a small hope that we might act like a football club for once, rather than an asset stripper. If we ship Andrey off this summer, we’ll have room for one more sulky ?80k a week player. Stan Kroenke and his empty pocket approach to running a football team seems to be doing his portfolio the world of good.
As shown in the "beach'n with the boom box" music video every little miss finds him attractive, but it was just a music video and in "beach party go go" Little Miss Giggles and Little Miss Chatterbox fell in love with him.
Bump hurt, but he did seem concerned in Games and Library and in the beginning of Sightseeing, though he didn't do anything about it, because he's too strong. His catchphrase is "Aw, pickles!", and he usually says this when he breaks something by barely even touching it.
In Amusement Park he seems to be afraid of heights as he comments in a shakey voice on how high they were going. He lives in a house that is white with a black roof, two windows and a door which is seen in some of the episodes.

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