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Daniel has a strong interest in evidence supported fitness training, preparation and supplementation. Mark rippetoe wikipedia free encyclopedia, Mark rippetoe (born february 12 1956) is an american strength training coach and author.
Starting Strength is a training system designed to safely and efficiently improve strength using barbell exercise - squat, press, deadlift, bench press, power clean.
Feb 10, 2012 - Starting Strength is a classic, one of the best barbell-based training books ever written.
What is the Starting Strength (SS) program, who is it appropriate for, and what are its pros and cons? This is a calculator for the Kethnaab’s basic linear progression Starting Strength routine – with everything!
Now that you have advanced in both conditioning and strength, you require more of a workload each training session to disrupt homeostasis. Progression and planning will no longer be from workout to workout, it will be from week to week.
In Practical Programming, there is quite a bit of info on intermediate programming, which picks up, in detail, where Starting Strength left off. Generally, after several months of consistent, hard training with proper rest, nutrition and recovery, progress will eventually stall and daily workout-to-workout progress will no longer be possible. In other words, in order to get the "training effect", you need to pound yourself harder than you can recover from. A simple training period (training period = period of training and recovery whereby homeostasis is disrupted by training, and sufficient time is allowed to recover and progress) no longer is comprised of 1 workout, but of several. Rippetoe describes in great detail several methodologies for progression in Practical Programming. Understand that you should be using heavier weight each time you hit the same specific exercise, in some way or another. Overall, note that Wednesday is a "recovery" day, where you do a workload that is going to be noticeably lighter than either Friday or Monday's workout.
Page 195 of Practical Programming, has a great table which shows %-1RM and how it corresponds with repetitions and difficulty.
On Wednesday, you might only use 70% of your 1-RM, but if you do 4x10 with it, that is going to be HARD, even if it is "low intensity".
Here is one example, but you'll need to read Practical Programming to really understand the hows and whys.

Starting Strength just might be the #1 most popular training routine recommended to those who are new to strength training. The Starting Strength routine is designed specifically for beginners and those inexperienced in the basic strength building movements. If you fit this description, than Starting Strength is probably for you.
If you are an intermediate to advanced lifter, you will probably find the prescribed progression in weights too fast. The workouts should be done in this fashion with the workout days spaced out with a day of rest in between, and two days of rest at the end of the third day.
The workouts should also be done in the order above, with the squat first, the upper body exercise second, then the pulling movement third. Mark Rippetoe (creator of this routine) mentions that you can replace the Power Clean with Barbell Rows. Below is the full routine, and a link where you can customize, print, or download to your device. Once you reach a point where you are unable to increase the weight on an exercise for two sessions in a row, it will be time to reset.
Mark Rippetoe popularized this style of training by creating a method he believed would meet the needs of the general public. Kethnaab promotes the use of the Pendlay Row in place of the Power Clean because it is easier to learn, but you can use either. However, the weight you use and the workload you require is too much for you to recover from in only 24-72 hours.
Chances are good you will want to branch out and play with a bunch of fancy machines and cable exercises and set up a 5-day bodypart split and give the bicepticons their own day, etc. The body is simply conditioned to the point where the amount of stress necessary to disrupt homeostasis is greater than the body's ability to recover in a few days. I will reproduce a very few of these here so as not to "steal his thunder", as well as give a few of my own that I didn't see him mention.
If you only do 3x8 with that same 70%, that would be a "medium" type workout, and 2-3x5 would be a "light" workout.
Beginners are usually able to make progress much more quickly.If you do hit a wall in progression too quickly using Starting Strength, check out the intermediate and advanced routines.
While he does not consider it a perfect replacement, the option is available if you do not have a coach, or other conditions do not comply with doing the Power Clean. The next time you are about to perform that failed lift, do warmups as normal, then 1 set at 90% of your best set of 5.

Starting Strength has been used by thousands of lifters since then and has spread in popularity alongside the book, Starting Strength. A video camera provides instant feedback for this, also giving you the ability to ask more experienced lifters for a critique.
Kyle Magee on Jonnie Candito 6 Week Strength Training ProgramDon't know if its just me but going through the 1st couple of weeks has been too easy. Strength training usually requires a more structured approach in terms of planning each week or even day’s exercise routine.
Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Starting Strength interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. If you want to do that, then go for it, but you'll need to look elsewhere for that type of info.
Additionally, the amount of weight being used is going to be much higher than it was when training first began. In contrast to a bodybuilding routine, programs such as this usually require a bit of calculation in that the amount of weight used for warm up sets and work sets is constantly changing. This spreadsheet will automatically calculate a 12 week progression with increases of 2.5kgs for the Squat, Bench Press, Overhead Press, Power Clean and 5kg increases for the Deadlift. This spreadsheet calculates the warm up sets and work sets for your work out, but you need to enter you own progression.
As such, you’ll need to enter the weight used for each work set based on your previous session. I’d recommend this calculator for those who have been lifting for a while already when they begin using Starting Strength.
If you are in your first days of the Starting Strength program, you should warm up with the bar, then try adding some weight. Remember to reinforce proper technique by starting lighter.How To ProgressWhen you are in the novice shoes, the progression will come more easy because your body is not accustomed with weights.

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