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After a 5 year struggle with anorexia (with purging tendencies), depression, self harm and over exercising I have now been recovered from my eating disorders and exercise addiction for 3 years.
My motto is 'Dont let the sadness of your past & the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present'I am a generally happy girl who loves running, going to the gym and eating food!! I often get asked, what is normal eating? And that is a question which i cant answer, nobody can apart from yourself.
Some people prefer eating 3 big meals a day, or prefer eating later in the day, or early in the day etc.
I used to hate that i had to eat so much just to keep my weight on, i mean all my life i have been underweight, until i started weight training (muscle weight, i guess?). Generally eating an apple for breakfast, salad for lunch and then chicken and vegetables for dinner, is not a good diet, or a normal way of eating. So ask yourself those questions, and if you answer no to them, then you need to fix something in your diet. I love trying out new exercise forms, running, hiking, kanoing, tennis, rock climbing etc!!
The past few days i have had alot of thoughts about a certain topic, but never really written about it here.
Being a health-conscious fitness professional, I hear a lot of the same comments over and over again from friends, family and clients. Honestly, these comments are kind of fun because they’re really like invitations for me to help. Sorry to burst your bubble, but just because I own a gym doesn’t mean that I can hang out there all day and lift weights. I don’t have a personal shopper to get my groceries or a chef to prepare healthy food for me and my family to eat. Next time you find yourself wishing that eating healthy or training consistently was easier for you, stop and change your thinking. Great article Amanda, it’s almost funny how hard some people try to justify not going to the gym.

I try to squeeze in some push ups, planks, squats, yoga, whatever whenever I can if I cannot get a full workout in!
It’s so hard to get out of bed sometimes, but once I am up things always get a lot easier. It’s hard sometimes to roll out of bed at 5am to get to class on time but let me tell you, EVERY time I get there and finish the class not once have ever regretted it.
I mean some people just eat salad because it doesnt have a lot of calories, but they dont enjoy it. If you follow a meal plan, then its just to eat what is stated, because the doctors know what they are doing. I mean, when you first started running, you might just be able to run 1 minute and then have to walk, and its easy to just feel like, nope, running isnt for me. I mean i have no balance and no coordination, but i just continued the class and i went back a second time and found it more fun :) So im glad that i didnt just decide after the first time that it wasnt for me.
Quite frankly, yes it might be slightly harder for some than it is for others {becoming a mom makes it harder to fit in workouts, but not impossible}, but trust me when I tell you, it’s not easy for anyone regardless of what someone may look like or how they portray it on Instagram. The first step and first decision you need to make in order to eat healthy and workout consistently, or at least workout more efficiently, is to make up your mind to do it.
That person may make eating healthy and training hard look easy, but don’t forget that there will also always be someone struggling more than you are too. When I have been most successful, it has been because the pain of inaction has been greater than the pain of taking action. I completely get it and I think before I was in this industry I actually thought it was really easy for some people. It always feels so good to me to get my workouts done early in the day so I have a little time to relax later on. You are gotten amazing results and as I always tell you, being fit and taking care of yourself has changed you so much and you are so much happier!
I always try to focus on how I will feel after I eat a healthy meal or get in a good workout.

Thankfully i dont bloat so much from it, but i would eat it anyway, just because i like it. I eat when im hungry, whether thats 4 meals a day or 8 meals a day (haha, snacking ;) ) It varies day to day, and the fact that i'm not gaining weight means that well im not eating too much for my body to handle. Your situation is unique in that you always felt like you had to start training if you wanted to feel better, BUT also not unique in that everyone really will benefit and feel better from starting a consistent workout program. If you're always tired it could be a sign that you are lacking a vitamin or you're not getting enough energy. But give it 3-4 tries and if you dont like it, then dont do it anymore, but you know that you tried anyway.
Like you said, once you decide (and it has to come from YOU, not someone forcing you to do it) there’s no looking back. Its just that its good for your heart and overall health, but its not like you die if you dont. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.I am happy and healthy and living my life.
Going to school, meeting friends and trying to find myself in this world.I write about my daily life, but also try to write posts about how it was when i was sick, advice and tips. Distract yourself, because the feelings of wanting to binge will pass, even if it takes a while. The other thing I find really useful is to remember that everything passes, time does carry on, so if you do binge and find yourself feeling awful mentally and physically just remember that it WILL pass, you will wake up the next morning feeling ok, and you can do something to prevent it happening again. I was just too scared to do all of those things, but I reckon if you'd made me write down on a piece of paper what I thought normal eating was I could have probably written something sensible from thinking about how other people ate.

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