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Looking through all these posts, I can, without a doubt, say I feel genuinely proud of the work I’ve put out in the world this year. 19 Tips On Taking Care of Yourself While in the Middle of Taking Care of Those That You Love.
The Healthy Happy Sane Teacher Home Study Program – self care isn’t just for teachers! But when I pick a word that feels deeply uncomfortable to say aloud, let alone write about in a blog post, those are the words that change my life.
If you’d like to try it on your own, check out this post from my girl, Rosie Molinary. PS – If you know someone who would like this or other posts from TGBTS, please share. Recently a friend posted on Facebook urging others to remember that the holidays can be particularly difficult for people who have suffered loss. I was not only struck by her emotional honesty, but also how deeply what she said resonated with me. In holidays past I used to let those feelings take up residency in my body from the day before Thanksgiving until well after the new year. I wanted to personally invite you to my restorative yoga mini retreat workshop Saturday, July 26th.
If you wish you could hear from me every week with tips and tricks to help make life healthier, happier and a bit more sane, sign up for my weekly Teacher Goes Back to School newsletter HERE.
If you know anyone who you think would benefit from or like this post please be sure to forward it on to them. Beat the Sacramento heat this July with a cooling and rejuvenating restorative yoga retreat.
We’ll spend the afternoon in a cooling oasis of restorative yoga poses using blocks, blankets, bolsters, straps, sandbags, eye pillows, the wall and and sometimes even a chair to hold the body in deeply relaxing poses to relieve tension and stress while inducing your body’s natural relaxation response. With the help of essential oils and chilled river rocks we’ll soothe the internal summer fire naturally bringing the body back into balance. The restorative style of yoga is appropriate for anyone, at any age, ability or experience level. July is already shaping up to be a busy month as well, but I am on notice to take especially good care of myself.
PS – If something in this (or any post) resonates with you and you think someone you know might like it too, please forward it to a friend. I’ve been making headway on the new website (OMG- so excited!), I am signed up for a Be Your Own Beloved summer class to gain some insight into liking what I see in my photos, we’ve been swimming lessons and hanging in the pool and our backyard dining table has been getting a lot of use. The real secret behind my sustainable self-care – The Healthy Happy Sane Teacher Home Study Program has finally arrived. What if you could have a whole new way of being in the world WHILE still doing this work that you love? What if you could set it all into place this summer so that next school year is a completely different experience than ever before? The Healthy Happy Sane Teacher: Sustainable Self-care for a Successful School Year Home Study Program. The idea behind The Healthy, Happy, Sane Teacher program is that with a bit of a time investment up front, your schedule – YOUR LIFE – will feel less overwhelming. In the same way that long-term – semester or whole year – planning can help guide your academic year with your students, HHST can help you finally embrace self-care in a way that makes you happier and even more successful in the classroom.
The reality is taking time RIGHT NOW to plan for your health, happiness and sanity can help create a healthier, happier, saner school year and LIFE. Here’s your chance to change how your school year goes, to start and end the year with enthusiasm and energy. 5 Illuminating Audio Recordings: One-hour recordings where we provide powerful guidance for you on creating a healthy, happy, sane life and map out the steps for the action plan you will be creating and putting into place.

5 Powerful Workbooks:  Weekly workbooks with all the exercises you need to create you healthy, happy, sane life action plan and the guidance to help you put it all in motion. PS – If you find this helpful or know someone who would, please be sure to pass it on. A few friends contacted me to say my lists were kinda stressing them out because my reading and to do lists are pretty long. I spend a great deal of time (as do you) dealing with the seriousness of grown up life that when I have some free time rather than having fun on purpose or spending time getting lost in a good novel I find myself at the bottom of a Facebook rabbit hole wondering where the last two hours of my life went. These lists are mostly a reminder to myself that fun doesn’t have to be super planned or time consuming, it can be as simple as eating our meals outside away from all the screens or laying on a blanket in the backyard reading another Mercy Watson book out loud to my daughter.
I teach stressed out people (mostly teachers and moms) to take time for themselves to recharge their batteries and chill the eff out.
Interested in learning more about restorative yoga and ways to make your life a nicer place to be? Minimalist living and mindfulness go hand-in-hand to help you to reduce both external and internal distractions. By living minimally, you focus your time, energy and resources on those things that bring you joy. Practicing mindfulness will help you to see your thoughts, patterns, and behaviors more clearly. Are you concerned that you have all kinds of thoughts in your head and that meditation is not working for you? Copyright 2016 – All trademarks owned by their respective owners.245 Alfred St North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia. I started by taking the month of January to reflect on the previous year and then spent the rest of the year really putting my self-care practices to the test. My dear friend lost both her parents in the last couple years and was explaining that she experiences those losses again and again over the holidays and around birthdays. While I have been making my peace with the season (see below), I have quietly discovered that on the actual holiday day, I usually feel a bit sad, a bit lonely, a bit disappointed, a bit like an outsider looking in. And if you find yourself feeling lonely or sad for whatever reason, I want you to know you aren’t alone. The class is limited to 18 students and we’re offering a pretty sweet deal if you register before the workshop.
In addition to this cooling and balancing restorative yoga practice, you’ll also enjoy some cooling and balancing treats to eat and drink. It works well when you feel fatigued or stressed out, frazzled or after having a life change or hectic summer season.
When I looked back on the month I was surprised to find I had slept 10 of 30 nights in a bed other than my own – crazy for a homebody like me.
Gizeh Sandals by Birkenstock – I wear these so much I might just need to get rid of all of my other shoes. I am super excited to report lots of people have reached out to say they are starting to think differently about how they spend their summer time and want to use their time a bit more intentionally. Not the stuff in the back of the closet or the items in a junk drawer, but on what's really important.
Rather than going through your days on autopilot, you'll actually be present to witness your life as it happens.
Everyone has 5 minutes a day that they can invest in themselves, whether it’s immediately after you wake up, in your lunch break or just before going to bed.
You can focus on your breath or a mantra that you’re saying to yourself, listen to a guided meditation, or try a walking meditation. It helps me to stick to my intention because sometimes I suffer from shiny object syndrome.
She just wanted to remind everyone that the holiday season can feel particularly tender for her.

I use the word quietly on purpose here because I am not overcome by these feelings, but I am just quietly observing them and letting them have their say. While the restorative poses look as though you are aren’t doing anything except laying on the floor, this is far from the truth; resting in a restorative pose deeply relaxes the body and allows the mind to settle in a state of calm and stillness. 3 days of body positive yoga, three life-changing workshops with Rosie Molinary, Dyana Valentine and Vivienne McMaster, a photo booth, friendship bracelet making, tons of great food and so many laughs. By now I’m sure most of you have heard about my and Rosie’s sustainable self-care program, but did you know we’re now offering live coaching services too? Can we all agree we love the internet and how we always know what is up with our favorite people?
If you are on the fence because you just aren’t sure you want to wear Birkenstocks, just do it. A while back I shared I have been wearing the wrong bra size (by THREE cups) for my whole life and so I went in search of ridiculously gigantic new bras. Please leave a comment or send me an email (tgbtsblog AT gmail) and let me know what you want to read, do and learn this summer!
So much of my life has been productivity driven, at least for the summer months I want to be sure to mix in some fun. Yet, the benefits of meditation are profound: It relaxes your nervous system, brings clarity, increases your vitality and connects you with your intuition. But sometimes things will happen that disrupt your schedule, or you might be struggling to create a routine in the first place. That pleases me because reading makes me happy and I can get sidetracked and miss out on one of my life’s simplest pleasures. I have a long story I tell myself about how I “never” finish anything and I won’t bore you with the details, but I was determined to not continue down this path.
Can we also agree that people aren’t really showing us the whole story on social media and seeing faces and sharing hugs and meals and entire stories is really what life is about? They are so comfortable and you’ll constantly be high fiving all the other cute ladies wearing theirs.
And to let go of the idea that if something makes my list that I am obligated to finish it.
Don’t let that take you out, just watch out for the next available time and use it for your meditation. Instead I blocked time out of my schedule and made working on the extremely pleasurable exercises non-negotiable. Enter Nordstrom Rack (I love I’m getting my rack taken care of at The RACK)… you get all the expensive brands at significant discount and you get to try them on before you buy.
I tried going the Amazon route (which wasn’t terrible), but I had to return every single bra I bought. Again, not the worst thing in the world because they make returns super easy, but I love some instant gratification of walking out of a store bras in hand. Please send me a message (tami_hackbarth at hotmail) if you want more information or want to schedule a session. Anyway, I decided to use my one bite of the apple technique to get through all the exercises in the class and I’m happy to report I FINISHED and I had fun and I felt accomplished. Plus now I have this really, really beautiful journal filled with exercises from one of my favorite books. I enjoyed the art part of the class so much I made watercolor and hand-lettering part of my Summer of Intention.

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