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Starting a vegetarian diet can seem intimidating, but there are some easy steps to go through that can make the transition smoother.  Why are you becoming a vegetarian?  Asking this question before starting a vegetarian diet can help determine what type of vegetarian diet you will follow and keep your next steps in line. If you are starting a vegetarian diet for health reasons, what are animal foods you want to eliminate for health reasons?  Would that include all animal foods? Some people eat vegetarian because for animal rights reasons.  Animals raised for meat can be treated inhumanely.  If this is your reason, would you still eliminate seafood that was wild caught? Religion is another reason for starting a vegetarian diet.  Seventh day Adventists, Buddhists and Hindus can all hold vegetarian diet as part of a lifestyle. As with any diet change, proper planning is necessary for transitioning to a vegetarian diet.  Take time to plan your weekly meals and make sure your meals and varied and balanced between protein sources, grains and produce. In order to best enjoy a transition to a vegetarian diet, plan ahead of time.  Know what kind of vegetarian offering fits your reasoning, lifestyle and goals. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here.
But with the essential steps, knowledge, and tools the transition will be an exciting and smoother one for you and others around you.
Deciding what you're going to sell is closely tied to the preferences of your target market.
Learning how to start a home vegetarian food business requires a firm grasp of legal and business logistics.
A vegan lifestyle often goes hand-in-hand with an extensive knowledge of good food and cooking techniques. While it may be tempting to jump into the deep end right off the bat, things can quickly become overwhelming.
Whether or not you create a home-based business or decide to open up a physical location near your home is up to you, but both have their pros and cons.
Whether it's writing copy for your website, or interacting face-to-face with customers, you will probably be one of the first, if not the first, actual vegan that some customers have ever known.
Starting a vegan food business is bound to have its difficult moments but with the proper knowledge and a strong sense of commitment to the finished product, you can be successful in your own vegan food business. She teaches nutrition at 2 colleges in Denver and has her own nutrition consulting business, Step Ahead Nutrition. Your business will benefit from appealing to tight-knit communities of vegetarians, vegans, and health-conscious foodies. If you want to start a vegan bakery in your neighborhood but there's already a beloved bakery down the street that sells vegan cakes and cookies, chances are you're going to see to rethink your product or find a different market.
If ethical food is something that you are passionate about, and you enjoy finding new and inventive ways to serve it, then starting a vegan food business may be the path for you.

Starting small, with a reasonable workload and product list, will not only help to keep your stress down, but it will give you time to network and build up a following. While all businesses are subject to regulations, the need for permits, and other costs, home based businesses may have stricter requirements depending on where you live.
For example, if some of your culinary options do exceptionally well, you may consider compiling the recipes into a cookbook for additional income down the line.
In any niche business, one of the surest ways to keep people from coming back to your business is to make them feel as though they're wrong or stupid. If you are feeding a family, the recipes are simple and easy enough to adjust for multiple people.
As a new vegetarian, you will want to have access to as much information as possible to ensure that your journey into a new vegetarian lifestyle is sustainable. But, if you live in a town chock-a-block with hiking trails, bike lanes and rock climbing g faces, a home-based vegetarian food business selling vegan energy bars and sports drink could be a winning idea. Starting small also allows for easy expansion down the line and will help keep you from burning yourself out.
It would be worth the time to make a detailed list of what you hope success with mean for this business and then decide whether that plan is best suited to your own home or to a physical location which is open to the public.
Vegan food businesses are one of the places where people following all kinds of diets have access to vegan food and a vegan lifestyle.
The change into a new vegetarian lifestyle can be confusing at times and challenging for others if they have not prepared well for the journey ahead.
Vegetarian restaurants often benefit from an international spin, such as serving Thai or Ethiopian dishes.
You'll either need to find a commercial kitchen to work in or have your own kitchen certified to meet the standards.
A vegan entrepreneur with an online business administration degree recommends educating your customers without talking down to them. You will find everything included in the plans to eat a clean, vegetarian or completely plant based diet. Commercial kitchens may be available to you in schools, community centers, and local restaurants.
If you are a new vegetarian, or vegan, you will find that this plan makes for an easy transition.How to use this planEach days meals are planned out for you.
Conduct thorough research in your area to discover the demographics, favorite activities and biggest vegetarian food cravings of your target market. Alternatively, talk to your city officials about how to take classes and bring in a private inspector to make sure your kitchen is clean and hazard-free.

The days are completely interchangeable, so if you want to switch Monday’s breakfast with Wednesday’s, go ahead. Then figure out how you can serve that market by producing and selling something you're passionate about. There is a grocery list for each week with items that should be easy to find and reasonably priced at most grocery stores. You can find vegan and vegetarian cheese in most grocery stores; however watch the ingredients because many times these “veggie” cheeses actually contain lactose or whey which are not vegan.
Your best bet (especially in keeping with eating a clean diet) is to omit cheese altogether.
There is a vegan yogurt recipe included here that is easy and simple to make that can be used in any of the recipes calling for yogurt. Kinda goes without saying, but you would be surprised how many people don’t.Don’t shop when you are hungry. And if you have young kids, try to leave them at home if you will be persuaded to by junk food.A few tips on eating cleanBe prepared to do a lot of cooking.
Not an extraordinary amount, but your meal prep is going to take some time out of your schedule.
In our busy lives, it is sometimes hard to justify this time, however if you are going to eat clean, it is necessary. Anything that is refined, anything that has white flour or sugar in it, or even worse, artificial sweetener.Read labels.
If you feel like you can’t live without a Starbucks Frappuccino, plan for it and opt for the healthiest version you can find.Don’t be too easy on yourself either. Don’t tear yourself up over a little slip, but don’t make excuses to stay stuck in bad habits either.Eat your leftovers. It saves you time (you already have food prepared) and money (you have already paid for that food).
In our society of fast and convenience foods, it is not surprising that so many people just throw out their leftovers.
If you are not in the habit of eating leftovers, it might feel strange at first, but after time you will be glad that you switched from that takeout burger to last night’s healthy dinner!

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