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Successful boutique owners are very entrepreneurial-minded people who use a combination of great business savvy and a knowledge of the fashion industry to make profits. Owners must be able to attract investors to fund the initial opening and daily operations of the store. Here’s what  Grace Wang, Founder of Unsung Designers, has to say about running an online fashion boutique!
Now that Unsung Designers is a successful business, Grace offers some insight on what a typical day is like for her.
For Grace, the best part of being a Online Fashion Boutique Owner is being immersed in an industry she has a passion for. This entry was posted in Careers in Fashion and tagged fashion boutique, online shopping, unsung designers.
If you want to start a small business but you don’t have large cash flow, there are still many great opportunities available.
These jobs can be side businesses to start, but they may eventually replace your entire income. A small business on the side was once a novel idea, but it has become more mainstream with the help of the internet and social media. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that freelancers and self-employed individuals may make up 20% of the workforce by 2020. If you’re looking for ideas for your own side business, take a look at these 50 small business ideas that have the potential to turn a large profit.
If you love dogs and have a few extra hours to kill, you can easily start a side business walking dogs. Millions of Americans who own pets will go on a trip where they can’t take their fuzzy friend along for the ride. If you love kids and have plenty of time and space to play with them, you may be able to start an in-home daycare.
If you’re great in the kitchen and you love cooking for others, consider becoming a part-time or full-time personal chef.
Making meals in advance is a great way to save money and time, not only for yourself but for others.
Plenty of people are in need of someone to pick up dry cleaning for them or do basic errands that they don’t have time for. In the vein of a personal assistant, consider advertising your services to help the elderly with simple household tasks and errands. While some people need someone to run errands and complete household chores, others need someone to answer their email, organize task lists for them, update their calendars, and a host of other tasks that can be completed online. Events like large parties, family reunions, birthdays and weddings are full of busywork that people either feel overwhelmed about or don’t have time for. If you love flipping through bridal magazines and you dream about various wedding arrangements, you might be interested in planning weddings professionally. If you love to bake and have a little bit of an artistic touch, then you could learn how to decorate cakes for special events. If you don’t care for cakes, but cookies are your thing, consider making gourmet cookies on the side.
If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow in winter, consider purchasing a plow attachment for your pickup truck or SUV.
If you love to work outside and have a green thumb, consider hiring yourself out as a gardener. Thousands of businesses use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to relay information about their products and services.
If you know how to create a great resume that gets you the job you want, consider marketing your services as a resume writer.
If you have a knack for fixing computers, there’s always a great market for troubleshooting. Basic website design is a great tool to offer small businesses in the area who are looking to advertise online. The internet has created many opportunities for people who enjoy to sew and manufacture custom clothing. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can advertise your sewing and alteration services.
Scrapbooking is an art in itself and many people would love to have these creations for memories of trips, graduations, and weddings. If you’d rather create from scratch than repurpose antiques, you can learn to make furniture.
If you have a bit of space and you love to grow vegetables and fruit, you can earn a decent amount of money selling the excess to grocery stores and at farmer’s markets.
Gyms will often trade membership and a bit of cash for people willing and able to teach exercise classes.
Interior decorators are in demand for businesses, apartment buildings, and private residences. If you have strong grammar and English skills, you may have opportunities to work from home as a proofreader. Many events like memorials, birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings have slideshows of the people they are celebrating.

If you know how to play an instrument well and have patience to teach it to someone else, consider offering to show others how to play. If you majored in a subject like English, history or math, or if you did really well in high school, consider offering your services as a tutor. If you’re knowledgeable about the business world or you are able to encourage others in your own way, consider marketing your services as a business or life coach. Whether you are looking to start a small business that you run full time or a side business to earn extra cash, the trick is to pick something you are passionate or really good at and then market your services to build up a client roster. The Small Business Association estimated in February 2015 that there are about 28,443,856 small businesses in America.
Once you get a few clients, simply pick up their dogs and take them on walks that will help tire them out and keep them in shape. While there are options to send a pet to a local kennel while they go out of town, some pets are not okay with this — and neither are their owners. Your job would be to make cars clean inside and out using tools as big as a vacuum cleaner and as small as a q-tip to make sure all the grit and grime is gone. Many business and institutions need people to clean their offices and common areas outside of normal business hours.
There might also be a paid hosting opportunity in your community where you can host exchange students, visiting professors, or hospital patients receiving long-term treatment.
Many states allow people to start this type of small business with minimal licensing and paperwork. As a personal chef, you have the option of either preparing meals every day or going in and preparing meals once a week for an individual or family. Consider preparing several dozen breakfast burritos, then selling some of them for a profit while keeping the rest for your own consumption.
Thanks to sites like TaskRabbit, you can pick up a variety of side jobs that other people don’t have the time to do. If you have a great sound system and an ear for music, you have what you need to hire yourself out as a DJ for events and receptions. You can start your new small business by creating a website or blog on wedding planning, get to know people in the business, and promote your services at local wedding venues and shops in the community. It’s perfectly designed to reward people who plan well and it can often fit into weekends, since most events that require catering are on Saturday or Sunday.
Businesses and residents are willing to pay someone to plow their driveways, parking lots, and private roads so they can still have winter access to the town. There is a large demand for people who know their way around plants and flowers and people are often willing to hire help to start a vegetable or flower garden in their yard. If you’re willing to mow lawns and trim bushes and trees, then you can make a decent living offering these services to neighbors and other people nearby.
Let people around you know you’re free to help them with jobs like basic plumbing, repairs around the house, and other things. If you know these websites well and want to make some money, consider applying to help these companies manage their social media presence. Once you find a topic you are passionate about, start a website dedicated to covering that topic. Many online publications are looking for stories, product or service descriptions, and reports written by a freelance writer. Affiliate marketing works best if you have a blog or another base of people who follow you.
While most people have the knowledge to do a job, they may not know how to create a resume that promotes their skills well.
To start out, offer to create sites for local businesses, then maintain them for a small fee. Whether you are looking to sell to the cosplay community or simply someone who wants a custom birthday outfit for their baby, this could be the opportunity for you. These items can be made in your spare time and sold at local shops, on Etsy, or at local craft fairs. Some people collect glass from the beach or cool rocks from the mountains and make jewelry using them.
If you have an eye for it, you can take their ideas and materials and assemble a scrapbook for them. The job entails finding antique furniture and house wares, taking them home, and investing the time needed to make them look new again. This business requires a few tools and some extra work space to store wood and create your masterpieces.
If you can grow things inside during the winter you can do really well in a market that has demand but less local supply.
If you’re skilled in yoga, pilates, basic weight lifting and other exercise, consider offering services to your local gym. Many people are happy to hire someone to help decorate their home when they are either too busy to do so or they need a little help in the design area. Advertising this can be hard, but you can seek out people who might need this service and advertise directly to them.
With a computer and some easy software, you can turn these photos into a beautiful custom slideshow.

You can offer lessons in that instrument to others either receiving money or another good or service in exchange. With this small business you can use your passion and knowledge to give advice and suggest ways people can improve their professional and personal lives.
Boutique owners must be willing to do whatever it takes to get the business going, from planning their inventory, to ringing up customer sales and even cleaning up the store. Even if you aren’t in high school anymore, this job can help you earn some quick cash, and save up even more over time. If you love pets, consider either opening your home to these animals or offering to go to their home to take care of their pets. If you have time during the week, you can earn extra money starting a side business as a professional cleaner. If you’re willing to work nights and weekends, you could build a cleaning business for corporations.
If you know people in your neighborhood with animals, consider offering to clean up after their pets a couple times per week. Groomers perform these tasks for a decent fee, plus they get to hang out with different animals on a daily basis.
All you need to start is a safe room or two for children to play in, some toys and activities, and lots of patience. Thanks to the invention of the internet, it is easy to market your event planning services. It’s a great way to fill an afternoon or evening, as long as you have a large amount of music to keep guests entertained. You can sell the creations on Craigslist, a farmer’s market, or your neighborhood Facebook page. If you start by learning how to make unique and tasty gourmet cookies, then look for a way to package them in a new way, you can make lots of money. This business could be great if you are looking for something new outside of normal working hours. If you want to start small, build your side business by cleaning driveways and walkways with a shovel or snowblower. It’s a great side business for a fit adult and also an excellent way for a teenager to start their first small business. There are many simple things people are willing to pay others to help them with, especially around the house. Blog hosting can cost less than $12 per month, and if you do it right, there is a lot of opportunities to make decent money.
If you get enough businesses to employ your services, you can build a nice side business that doesn’t require a lot of time. Sales opportunities include Etsy, local gift shops, craft fairs, and farmer’s markets. Along with creating new items, you can also offer to repair existing wooden furniture or woodwork. If you love to help people decorate their homes, this could be a great small business for you. You’ll be surprised at the opportunities that follow if you are successful at conveying your ideas to others.
You can advertise services by seeking out parents or teachers and letting them know your qualifications. I take care of orders, customer service, reply to emails from designers, media, general inquiries.
Many designers begin by bootstrapping (self-funding or with loans from friends and family).
In many cases, people are willing to pay well for this service, since you are watching over not only their pets, but also their property.
Since you work for yourself, you can choose your own hours, clients, terms, and how much you will be paid for the service. While this is a great opportunity, you may need to put a lot of effort into searching for clients to get your side business off the ground. Consider this option if you’re looking for a fun way to earn money and have free time at night to run a small business. If you have the knowledge and time, it’s a great way to learn some extra money and build a good client base. In the 4 years that she’s been in business, Grace has stayed true to the designers the business is based on, “It was always about respect for the creative process and love for clothes.
It’s important to constantly talk to other people in the industry, especially when you work from home like I do”. I’ve done what I wanted to do and have close, trusting relationships with my designers”, stated Grace.

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