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Where are the non-performing SKUs?: Borrowing a term from retailing, profitable retailers must ensure that their square footage is returning the best margin possible, regularly discontinuing the bottom 10% of products to create space for higher-producing inventory.
Through honest & aggressive consideration of these four areas, associations can be well on their way to a sustainable future. Rules of the GameThis is our little corner of the internet, and thus, it makes sense to have some rules outlined for how we will be doing things in these here parts. I am so honored to have my drawings included in such a wonderful program that really empowers women and sisterhood, bringing the sacred back into our lives. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. To create a culture of identifying the tastiest sacred cows, turn to staff and volunteers, conducting a monthly or quarterly “What should we stop doing?” inquiry. In fact, besides the Internet, the growth of competition is the most significant challenge to association management I’ve seen in 20 years. She has helped me by promoting my coloring book and having her instructors each purchase a copy of The Blissful Belly Coloring Journal for use in their classes. Many associations already are seeing “the end of times,” whether they acknowledge it or not.
You first must commit to keeping the enterprise fed, even if that means eating bugs and chewing up the sacred cow. In these lean times, most are pushed beyond capacity fulfilling the programs (products) you’ve already got. Most are probably business people who have made difficult decisions of their own and they will understand.
Formerly supportive sponsor organizations launch their own programs and services to reach the membership base.

Sponsor neglect is rampant in associations, a recipe for disaster in a competitive environment.
Create an environment whose mission is to provide sustenance to the organization at any cost. Reconfigure now to create space for programs and services that will return a better margin, audience, or connection. Once collaborative trade magazines, in a scramble for revenue themselves, are launching online and print products that compete aggressively for a shrinking ad revenue stream. SALY breeds in places where too much workload & too few resources produces little incentive for the team to innovate.
This was a fun painting to do, I enjoyed capturing them on one of the happiest days of their lives. If you want to stay connected, follow below and receive email notifications of when I post.
These are opportunities for quiet contemplation — a private, sacred space amid larger, more public, observations of mourning.It was Frankie’s third encounter with the disease. This includes not only allowing but cultivating the “crazy ideas” – the 10% of ideas that may, at first glance, seem bizarre and unpalatable. In many cases, sponsors are more attuned to member needs than staff and can bring compelling ideas (and funding) to your table.
Do you have a “Chief Competition Officer,” someone whose job it is to know what these others are doing? She and I volunteered at the same meditation center, and it seemed a small thing to lend a hand, especially since I was just a few blocks from her in Williamsburg, Brooklyn: picking up groceries, doing a bit of laundry. I'm forever amazed by the song of the waves, the sand beneath my feet, the sky above, the grasses blowing in the salty breeze.
Frankie lived in a second-floor room of a brick house on the verge of ruin, run by the Addams family.Frankie was a painter who grew up in an intellectual Jewish family.

When I started helping her, Frankie was working on a series of stamp-sized watercolors because that was all she could manage. I made it very beautiful, I take care each and every aspect to make it more peaceful and beautiful.
When I admired the tiny paintings, she said I could have one.Frankie learned I was a writer and asked me to read to her from my book.
The site is fairly large and has a family buried there with my last name, but it is not my family. I carried gallons of lemon-lime Gatorade up the stairs; it was one of the few things that didn’t make her nauseous.
I learned that she was alone and had no money due to a series of bad decisions, which she continued to make. She would wake, greet me with pleasure, then slip away again as though under a tranquil sea.When she died, two of Frankie’s old friends came from New Mexico and, along with her health care proxy, cleared out the apartment, taking away her paintings and ashes for safekeeping. I had signed her out of the nursing home, and we sat on a park bench across the street, watching a multitude of dogs go by.
That way, in her mind, all things are possible, even in the face of the unimaginable.I’ve added my sacred space to the Asian American Arts Alliance’s Locating the Sacred Festival project.
What's yours?Andrea Louie is the author of a novel, Moon Cakes, and co-author of an anthology, Topography of War: Asian American Essays.

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