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WHY SELL DIGITAL PRODUCTS?Have you been looking for a way to start your own business buthave more talent than money to invest?
WHAT KINDS OF PRODUCTS CAN YOU SELL?Any item that can be downloaded on a computer can be soldonline. HOW TO GET STARTED SELLING YOUR OWNDIGITAL PRODUCTSThe first step to starting your online digital product business isdeciding what you will sell. Begin with a basic product line that you can supplement to meetconsumer demand.Once you’re satisfied with the amount of digital products youhave available to sell, you’re ready to go online and start makingmoney.
BEWARE OF COPYRIGHT HASSLESLaws are on the books against selling products created bysomeone else without receiving permission. Popular courses are repeated and new seminars are introduced to meet the demands and trends of an ever-changing industry. Following completion of a training module, attendees receive certificates as recognition of achievement. She has been an Etsy featured seller and is also on the Etsy Seller Advisory Board this year. Cath is also a mum to 2 kids, still works part-time as a social worker outside of her biz (because she loves her work), and is as down-to-earth as you can get – not to mention hilarious – we laugh a lot in this one!
Cath started her journey with her blog back in 2007 and loved the community feel that came with it.
When Cath’s daughter was born she started sewing as she had trouble finding really good quality clothing for girls. Cath decided that the new line of homewares needed a new name so she started a new brand: My Bearded Pigeon.
The above photo was one of hundreds and Cath knew it was the one to use to market her homewares. Within weeks of this photo being published it was featured on Apartment Therapy, which was a huge boost to her new business. Cath had an onslaught of orders following this and had hundreds of orders to fill, as well as custom orders for other maps. In 2011 the head stylist at Real Living Magazine contacted Cath and has been featured multiple times, including on the cover.
Cath has been approached regarding her price point but she held firm and made sure she let people know the benefits of buying quality handmade and ethical products. With magazines they will want you to work quickly so Cath learnt to jump on these as they came along. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to this evolution in order to truly embrace and understand the rewards of your business. It is so easy to get caught up in the every day challenges that we face as creative business owners that we forget to stand back and really check our progress. If you find yourself somewhere unexpected or unplanned it means you are forging a new and exciting track in your business.
Use your brain here to weigh up options instead of becoming a slave to the expectations of others.
Do not try and do everything at once – but know you have the freedom to work with all possibilities and you have the ability to create more along the way.
If you write a list of everything you need to do to succeed in your creative biz, and you ticked them off one by one until you got to the end would you have a perfect business? It may be more precise, it may be more thorough but it still won’t get you to the finish line. Jill started on Etsy in 2009, and today, she not only sells online, she also has her own store in downtown Kansas City. In this episode, we discuss the importance of being true to you in your business, and the way Jill’s business has naturally grown to where it is today. If you would like to hear a beautiful and peaceful approach to running a handmade business, don’t miss this one. Writing down the hundreds of ideas helps Jill to decide which ones to work on and which ones to put aside. Jill and her assistant work in the studio three days a week but her business it flows into her everyday. There is a shop-front at Jill’s studio which means some of her customers have the opportunity to interact with her products. Expressing herself creatively and personally through social media is one of her favourite marketing avenues. Jill is going to try and let go of some aspects and trust other people in their abilities to take her brand and run with it. While we may be experts in our craft, we are often still learning many of the aspects of running a business – especially customer service. As creatives we often think with our hearts first – but it is important to remember these 5 steps in order to keep your business mind ticking away when it comes to customer communication. Emails, sales, conversations, whatever has transpired between you and a customer needs to be kept or taken note of.
Action tip: After you have had a phone or face to face discussion regarding an order, a commission or a sale, send them an email outlining the details. Keep communication channels open at all times, build the relationship and enjoy the customer relationship. Action tip: Keep your customer in the know at all times, that way if they have a question they can askwhenever required. You don’t want to have to leave a bad taste with anyone when it comes to your business. This reactive loop stops you from getting proactive work done – and in order to run your creative business well you need to find balance between the two forms of work. In this episode, I take you through some important steps you need to consider in order to recognise reactive work so you can keep it under control, and make more time for the proactive aspect of your business. You need to schedule time offline to spend with your family or even just yourself – it is so important.
While you should try and respond within 24 hours, you should not feel pressure to respond immediately.

Example of proactive work: logging into your email to send planned emails, logging into social media to deliberately share or update, writing content, designing, photography, PR work, and planning.
Some reactive tasks are really important, however they can expand to fill all the time you allow them to. When we are caught in a reactive loop other aspects of our lives can suffer such as exercise or time with family and friends.
Both reactive and proactive work are important so you need to make sure you have the right balance.
If you want to turn your handmade hobby into a full-time business - to create AND thrive - you've found the right place to help you turn your dream into a reality!
There is a reason your wonderful creations sell well, they are the result of years of practice, lots of failed attempts, pick yourself ups and try agains, determination, love and, of course, talent. You are an expert at it AND you are also an expert and knowing all the little shortcuts, tricks, obstacles and solutions that turn an iffy first attempt into an inspirational success.
As a designer and techie geek I found it very hard to go back to the beginning and just remember what I struggled with to start with. I still find it hard to distil all the easy-to-me design expertise down to the very beginning of it, but when I do, this is the most simple and the most helpful, the most ground-breaking stuff for my crowd.
When I put together a new freebie, class or a course I focus on getting my crowd a very definite result. Most of my classes and courses are a mixture of the practical and creative and it is a wonderful feeling to hear that my crowd have designed something they love for the first time or produced a website that is now selling.
Create a survey, pose simple questions on social media and ask some of your customers – what would they LOVE to know, what would they love to be able to create? I release a survey every year for both existing and new peeps to make sure that the online classes and courses I offer are just the right level for my audience. To find out what your crowd need to know and where they are starting from you could choose a few easy peasy beginner’s projects and see which ones capture their imagination.
You can give them options to choose from or let them give their own answer, but make sure you leave at least one question open as that is often the most revealing. Once you’ve done this you will have a fantastic list of possibilities that your growing audience would LOVE you to share – perfect for building your list of potential customers, your social media likes and follows, creating popular online craft courses and becoming known as the place to go if you want to make beautiful things. 5 easy steps to creating an irresistible freebie to get more signupsDownload your FREE guide and easy to edit template and get your freebie working for you. What might start as an outlet for friends andfamily to share your music can grow to be a lucrative career. Everything is bought and sold overthe Internet, so your website is your warehouse and store.However, creating your own website and generating traffic to itcan be expensive and time-consuming. Some like to use credit cards while others feelmore comfortable using their PayPal account. Your family, friends and customers are all very important – but you need to remember you are doing this for yourself. If at any point you feel you cannot deliver as expected you need to be honest with yourself. You can choose which possibilities to make realities, which ones to discard, and which ones to hold on to for later.
Many of her customers originally found her through Etsy and it continues to be her biggest sales platform. Share photos of progress on social media (unless of course it is private), email photos to them, give them a call. Depending on what you make they can take hours, days or weeks so have some rules about how many you do a month, or even year. Don’t jump straight back into it without taking a moment to look at it from both points of view.
Checking emails, checking social media, checking blog comments, email newsletter stats and filling orders. Your super power is knowing your craft inside out and upside down – the sort of expertise you don’t find in books. Your support and knowledge is worth just as much as your beautiful creations, or even more as you can teach lots of people at once.
It’s hard to peel away the layers and layers of knowledge built up over the years and go back to the very start of things when you gained that first ah-ha moment.
I do remember as a lowly marketing assistant, back when I first started work, being tasked with creating an ad from scratch, myself and with no training. What was the first project that got you hooked (no pun intended for the crocheters out there)? So my Build a WordPress Website in 1 Hour tells them how to build a wordpress website, my irresistible freebie template demonstrates how to make their freebie irresistible and gives them the tools to do it, my free Christmasify your FB header took them through lots of Christmassy ideas and showed them how to create their own artwork. What would really impress them, teach them the basics of your craft and get them to produce something stunning first time? I am always surprised by the answers – their problems are ALWAYS a lot simpler than I think they are going to be. You’ll end up with a really helpful list of ideas for classes, audios, blogs, freebies and even courses that will form the basis for your online product plan.
Each product, each class and course should get a great result for your crowd and teach them the basics without them even knowing they are learning. Selling digital productsmight be a perfect opportunity for you.Digital products are anything that can be downloaded on acomputer. You cansell music, videos, software, art, eBooks, forms and any number ofdigital files over the Internet.
Withthe right marketing, you can establish a global following and be onyour way to becoming the next rock star sensation.MOVIES AND VIDEOSPerhaps your passion is making movies. To avoid problems, be sure to sell onlyproducts you’ve created or have permission to sell.Copyright law also protects images and photos used in yourproducts or online business. Having a secure paymentand delivery system that you and your customers can trust mightbe tricky. The huge market presence connects youwith customers who want to purchase your digital products.The PayLoadz Affiliate Program is a flexible way to increase youronline sales.

The downs are as important as the ups and the goals once reached will leave the space for more goals. Walk forward with confidence and trust the natural path your creative business leads you on.
Jill formulates all her perfumes, and even today, it’s just her and one assistant running the whole business.
Keep everything on file for a certain amount of time to ensure you have all information available to you if needed. What was it that sparked off your creative journey, what was it that sucked you into learning more and getting better and better at it and loving every moment of the adventure?
Find out how they feel about giving it a go themselves and ask what would stop them attempting the project on their own. Whether on your own orcollaborating with others, writing, producing, directing and actingcan be captured digitally and sold online.
You’re unlikely to besuccessful if you try to sell something you don’t know much aboutor don’t care about. Online shoppers are accustomed to a variety ofpayment options and want to make sure they get what they payfor.
This program promotes your products online andallows you to make money promoting the products of others.
I think I spent a whole half day just finding out how to place one image on top of another. What’s stopping you from using your talent andpassion to create your own business?SOFTWAREIf your expertise is developing computer software, an onlinebusiness might be right up your alley. To be on the safe side, useonly photos taken with your own camera or images you createyourself.Plagiarism is using or closely imitating the work of another authorwithout authorization and should be avoided.
You have some options here.If you don’t have the wherewithal to create your own websitewith a secure shopping cart, digital content delivery services canstreamline that process for you. E-checks, ACH transfers and existingaccount balances are other ways your customers can purchaseyour products. I googled it, but I didn’t know what terminology to use – what is a layer, a transparency, a jpg, a eps path or a tiff file anyway? You’re only limited by the time and energyyou put into it.The next step would be to start creating your products. Digital content delivery serviceshave everything in place to sell your digital products online forminimal cost. The best way to increase sales is by making it easyfor people to send you money.Having your products available worldwide is another advantage ofhaving an online business.
I asked around the office and eventually got help from somebody in the Engineering room who happened to like photography who started me off on the right track with an, ‘oh, you mean you want to give it a transparent background’. Whether your softwareis for business applications or personal use, it can be sold totargeted markets worldwide with a secure online system.
Photographs, graphic design orany art that’s created digitally can be downloaded and sold tocustomers worldwide.
Both youand your customers can rely on safe and secure transactions anddelivery.Having a good storage and delivery system in place makes onlineshopping a pleasant experience for your customers and promotesrepeat business. The amount of moneyyou earn is only limited by the amount of time and effort youhave to put into it.
You canreach an unlimited customer base and watch your sales soar.EBOOKSTalented writers often need an outlet for their books. Even paintings and drawings can bescanned into your computer to be reproduced digitally.MANUALSManuals can be bulky and expensive. You can start part-time and go from there.Because all your products will be stored digitally and sold online,you won’t have huge startup costs or inventory storage.
People who need instructionmanuals would be thrilled to buy them in a downloadable versiononline.
PayLoadz can even insert purchasebuttons on your Facebook and Twitter pages that work on alldevices and platforms. Yen, pesos, euros or anyother currency is automatically converted to your desiredcurrency in your account.
If you have the knowhow to produce manuals digitally,you can easily start your own online business right away.ANYTHING THAT CAN BE DOWNLOADEDThe items mentioned have merely scratched the surface ofpossibilities for starting your online business.
Anyone can safely purchase and getdelivery of your products from almost anywhere.Designed to promote and sell digital products, PayLoadz is aservice that will provide you with an online store that helps youmarket your products to customers worldwide who are lookingfor the items you have to sell.
What could be easier than that?PROMOTE AND SUCCEED!Starting your own digital products business is a big step, and yoursuccess depends on you.
Because all your business operations are handledelectronically on your computer, you can operate your businessfrom anywhere you have an online connection.You can sell digital products you make yourself or collaboratewith other friends and family members. EBooks can be easilydownloaded from your online business so you can spend moretime writing and less time trying to sell your work.MUSICITunes and other online music outlets have nearly put recordcompanies out of business. Articles, certificates,forms, files and anything else that can be downloaded on acomputer can be sold with a click of a mouse. Even if you already have a website,PayLoadz has the tools you need to boost your sales an average of1,000 percent.
A great digital goods sales and marketingplatform like PayLoadz gives you the tools you need to getstarted. You’re limited only by the time and effort you’re willingto put into it.Don’t hesitate to use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook,email contacts and Google+ to promote your new business andproducts. And if you are just starting out or you are still in this phase, you gotta know its normal and the most important thing you can do is do a lot of work.
Encourage friends to share with their family and friends.Now that you have the basics for starting your own online digitalproducts business, there’s nothing stopping you from gettingstarted right away. It is only by going through a volume of work that you will close that gap, and your work will be as good as your ambitions.

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