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MANILA, Philippines - Starting up a business could be challenging because there would be obstacles along the way. Having his own business himself, Cheng shares his insights on the advantages of being your own boss rather than being an employee. Working for someone else would not give you an opportunity to choose who to work with as opposed to having your own business. Working in an office would mean having a daily routine since you have the same tasks every day. By starting an online Philippine Business Community for Filipino entrepreneurs, Cheng was able to pursue his passion for web and industrial design. You get to interact with your clients first-hand as you are in charge of business transactions. Cheng is an active member of the Junior Chamber International Manila, an organization that hones leadership skills of young men. When asked about his advice to those who tried to start a business and failed, Cheng quoted business tycoon Henry Sy, “There is no such thing as overnight success or easy money. Starting your own business may seem difficult, especially for budding entrepreneurs who want to own and manage a business.
We are a team of professional franchise consultants offering you your great options to own a successful business – and make it big!
In the history of business, this happens to be an amazing time to start your own enterprise. If you answered yes to any of these questions, you just may be ready to get off the fence and START YOUR OWN BUSINESS. So, today I will give you a just few tips from my upcoming book The  99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before… Starting Their Own Business to get you moving. Don’t we all hurry most of the time, just to get discourage by the slow pace sometimes required for things to take off?
Many retirees find that the skills they have learned and accumulated throughout years of education, work, management and problem solving are perfect for starting a new business and managing its operations.
Given the last 5 years of economic turmoil and job losses, many highly skilled and experienced workers have lost their jobs well before considering retirement.
There are many web-based resources available that provide retirees with advice and checklists to get started on a new business, but those resources often lack the important face-to-face availability that the Boston Business Lawyers at The Jacobs Law LLC provide. The Jacobs Law LLC takes pride in providing high quality, cost-conscious business start-up legal services with a personal touch for retirees and those over 50.
A Business Lawyer at The Jacobs Law LLC can assist you in all aspects of your post-retirement business start-up.
Among the challenges of starting up your own business would be access to lending banks, increases in tax and interest rates, increasing costs, skills shortages, economic volatility and others.

The daily operations of the business are under your hands, “This leads to creating a culture, a brand and an organization,” said Cheng. Rather than working with strangers, being an entrepreneur would give you a chance to even work with your friends or family. The most fun is to work on a project for several years with your team, overcoming all of the obstacles, and then millions of people enjoy it around the world," shares Cheng. Being an entrepreneur would give you the chance to learn something new every day and improve yourself on you chosen career. Being in the online business, speed is important so as to get an advantage over competitors. Indeed – to start a business may take time, money and effort and may become difficult for someone who does not have any experiences yet when it comes to businesses and start-ups. We will provide you with the best franchise businesses, your needed information, and for any questions, feel free to contact us and we shall get back to you the soonest time we can. Do you have plans of buying that new iMac with the new ultra thin design and a faster OS X Mountain Lion for almost $2,000 popping dollars?!
Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. Working for yourself is stressful and challenging, yet the benefits are endless when working in the right industry.
And while this path may not be for everyone, I will tell you with great certainty, that each one of you, with the willpower and proper guidance, can do it! You should know that very few things in life will bring you more self confidence, more gratification, or more financial gain than being your own boss. Summer is a great time to grab a pen and paper, or your computer, get outside on a park bench, or head to Starbucks, and start mapping out your plan. I’ve been in finance for 14 years and feel I could offer many of my services to startup companies.
Often referred to as “Baby Boomers”, retirees and those over 50 have been one of the fastest growing groups of entrepreneurs in recent years.
These men and women are often just as motivated and determined to redefine themselves as entrepreneurs and start a new business. Contact a Boston Business Attorney at The Jacobs Law today to choose the most appropriate entity for your business given your post-retirement circumstances, formally register your business, and get assistance with federal, state and municipal licenses and permits.
The smaller your organization, the larger choice you have about who you work with,” said Cheng. You learn how to look like you are committed to new products, without actually financially committing to it until you have feedback and orders from your customers. We are here to offer you great franchising opportunities, which could turn your career path around (in a positive way) for good!

However, it is not the same case if you will choose a great, proven business and start franchising.
I have a suggestion… why not take your guaranteed chance of a lifetime in owning a successful business, then after just a month or two, own the new iMac and the latest MacBook Pro, thus, replace your whole set of Apple gadgets so easily, anytime you want to, without a pain in your budget? The Boston Business Lawyers at The Jacobs Law LLC provide a cost-conscious option to retirees interested in starting their own business after decades of experience.
These facts reveal that states like Massachusetts provide excellent opportunities for retired men and women to start a second career. Retirees and others over 50 often start a new business to fulfill a dream, stay busy, give back to their community, help fund their retirement, as well as a variety of other reasons. Success is not just good luck: it is a combination of hard work, good credit standing, opportunity, readiness and timing.
However, it is not always retirement that is the catalyst for people in this age group to start a new business.
And the large pool of highly educated talent in Massachusetts is perfect for business start-ups. The fact is, between technology, the Internet and global capitalism, this is the golden era of small business — a moment in time unmatched. But before you go quitting your day job, you can still plan the dream and move with caution. To start the next chapter of your working career tomorrow, Contact Us at The Jacobs Law LLC today!
So why waste your full investments on something which you are not sure if you will win back or not?
That starting your own business, be it a small home-based business or something larger, could be your calling, as it was mine. Unlike with franchising – choose the right business, and your investments will not go to waste. In 20 years?” I know that may be hard to imagine, but you have to envision yourself doing it day in and day out, for a very long time.
The earth is laid, the seed is planted, and with the right amount of light and water, slowly, you start to grow a big, beautiful plant.
With franchising, you are creating your own business, managing it (leaving your old job and your old boss) and making a living which will in time create a passive income for you and your family. Plant the seed, give it the love and attention it needs, and slowly you will watch it grow.

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