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February 11, 2014 By Panacea de la Montana 1 Comment This is part 2 of a 3-part series on the health benefits of Yoga, Travel, and Meditation. Is it possible that digging your toes in the sand can have a positive impact on your health? Yes, spending time away from home, in order to dig your toes in the sand, might have a positive impact on your physical and mental health. Going on vacation can help you to forget about the worries at home, and achieve better relaxation.
Traveling helps to stimulate brain activity and improve mental capabilities, especially for aging people.
Sitting at a desk all day is not good for physical health, and most people find themselves in front of the computer for hours and hours every week because of their job. Taking a vacation can sometimes result in over-indulging on food, but many people choose their vacation as an opportunity to focus on quality food instead of quantity of food. Here at Panacea de la Montana, we make sure to prepare healthy cuisine for every meal for our guests.
Subscribe to our newsletter, and we will send you a PDF ebook that makes your retreat easy to plan. How often have you gone on vacation, or to a retreat, and promised yourself that you would do things differently once you got back home?
Take a private cooking class with Deb and learn how to make your favorite vegetarian dishes. Please contact us for the specifics and all the other really cool activites that will be available to you in the area.
For making a retreat on one of the levels of our main Center, one needs bring only personal items and food for meals.

Our architecturally unique Rustic Hermitage has a quadruple cathedral ceiling, no interior walls, and rooms defined by differing floor levels.
This Amish-built one-room structure duplicates what many of our great-grandparents called home. The Hermitage Spiritual Retreat Center is a not-for-profit corporationgoverned by a Board of Directors of many Christian traditions,open to all persons seeking spiritual renewal. People come for many different reasons – rest, sleep, spiritual insight, guidance, journaling, etc. Retirement often results in less physical activity, which also means a decrease in brain activity.
Going on vacation is a good way to increase physical activity, because many people make it a point to enjoy the area while they are traveling. While you are traveling, you don’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning the kitchen, which means that you can have a healthy meal without worrying about the work associated with preparing the meal. Yet, as soon as you got home, the old patterns of behavior crept back into your life, causing you to become as stressed as you were before your vacation.
Come stay with us for a week and for two of those days explore the beauty of the Arenal Volcano area while continuing to receive the Panacea experience.
Without electricity or running water, light is provided by two oil-burning lamps, heat comes from a wood-burning stove, and water is carried in. Most certainly, each individual who leaves on Sunday is a different person than the one that arrived on Thursday. For purposes of a silent retreat, my experience is with the retreats provided by the Jesuits based on the spiritual exercises of St.
Traveling to a new location can help to stimulate mental capabilities, because it is a new environment with new things that you can learn.

Hiking, yoga, beach walking, skiing, and whitewater rafting are all examples of activities that you may enjoy on vacation. In fact, the same people who find themselves reaching for frozen dinners or fast food as a quick dinner solution at home, are more likely to sit down to a nicer meal while traveling. Whether you want adventure and excitement, to explore the beautiful nature of Guanacaste, or simply to relax and let go of accumulated stress, we can make it happen!
We will travel up as a group, continue morning yoga classes, have a continental breakfast, explore a natural hot spring, hike to La Fortuna waterfall, swim in the basin of the waterfall and enjoy a very different part of Costa Rica with us. The only compromises are a propane cooking burner and an environmentally friendly indoor toilet. Spending time in a new environment is a great way to continue learning and growing mentally. If you are selective about your food choices, you can have an improved diet while traveling.
While traveling, be proactive to learn about the culture and history of the area, and you will have better mental stimulation as a result. We will need to have at least 4 people double occupancy interested to move forward with these trips. Now, having gone annually since that time eight years ago, I thirst for the peace and recharging that comes with a silent retreat.

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